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The following article is an example of how I conduct my Moon Ceremonies and is only a guideline for creating your own.  The narrating voice is mine.  Any benign method used to create ceremony is valid, as long as it gets you into a higher state of consciousness where spiritually transforming experiences can happen.
~ Dhyana ~

Wesak Full Moon Ceremony At Deer Hill

Conducted by Dhyana Markley
May 16, 2003

Small Bell sings, her voice reaches all Be-ings in all dimensions.  My voice joins hers, inviting all who would come, to our Wesak Full Moon Ceremony.
I light Sage and smudge the room, blessing the Four Directions then the Within, Without, Above and Below. 
I strike Frog Drum eight times.  "I am grateful for our rains.  Thank you."
I take several deep breaths then sing "HUUUUUUUU, HUUUUUUU", a sacred name of All That Is, as the other participants arrive. 

I see White Crow in his splendid white aura of Eagle Feathers, Spider Woman and her niece, Standing Bear with Bear standing behind him, Porpoise and Whale above them slightly to the North.
Several Masters stand in the Northwest with Saint Germain, Hilarion, Eeon and others of Inner Earth.  Behind and beside me are Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo, and my five Horse Friends.  In the East is the Great Purifier and his Son, Wolf sits next to them.  Walks with Wolves sits behind them and Turtle sits in front.
Three Eagle Eye Adepts and the Four Lakota Medicine Women are here too, all sitting in the Southeast.  I see Owl, Hawk, Opossum, Badger, Rabbit, Squirrel, Canary, Sparrow, Cobra and several other new friends.
Cobra rises before me, spreads his neck fan and hisses, "Thank you for inviting me."
"Thank you for coming,"  I respond, then nod to all.  "Thank you all for coming."
Yellow Butterfly flicks by, then lands on a nearby red flower.
"Today, tonight, is Wesak and a very powerful Full Moon.  It is my understanding that the celebration of the Golden Buddha's birth is always celebrated at this time of the year.  How wonderful for the world to have such a great consciousness help to awaken those who are ready."
I see smiles and nods of agreement.
"Now, would anyone like to speak to us tonight?"
Saint Germain steps forward and picks up the Talking Stick,  "Aho, Aho. We are here again... once again to celebrate that which we KNOW is true.  But that is not really why I am here tonight.  I am here to share what I know to be true and that is that all of mankind, all of nature, all Be-ings everywhere in this Universe are ready and waiting to be ASKED to share in this momentous experience.  We... they... all want to be involved, have been involved to the extent we were able, being asked by only a few, for the Good of the Whole.
"But now they... we ALL want to do more.  Ask for our help!  Ask for what you need of us.  We can't do it for you, but we can help you in ways not even imagined.
"Do you need a space vehicle to transport goods or volunteers?  Ask us.  We are ready and willing to help.  New inventions for free energy and the like?  Just ask.  Our scientists perfected many such devices thousands upon thousands of years ago.  Clean up your air, water and land?  We have ways that will rapidly transform your world.  Just ask!

For we can do nothing but watch your struggles if you will not ask."
"What can you do for turtles?"  Turtle asked.
"Many things," Saint Germain responds.  "The first things I can think of that will aid all species living here is better air, water and healthier land.  All food grown under these improved circumstances will most certainly benefit Turtle."
"Anything else?"  Turtle asks.
"My question in response would be, 'What does your tribe feel it needs that we can provide, which will improve the lives of all Turtles?'  For who knows better what your needs are than you yourselves?"
"Better pathways would be nice, with no big boulders in our way that we must travel around to get to our destinations,"  Turtle suggests.
"I'm sure we can help you with that,"  Saint Germain says.
"Sometimes it's hard to walk in thick grass,"  Turtle continues.
"I'm sure we can figure out something if we all put our heads together."
"Thank you,"  Turtle says then resumes his silent observations.
Saint Germain slaps his left hand with the Talking Stick and asks, "Does anyone else have a question for me?"
Elska, one of my Horse Friends standing in the North, whinnies to get his attention.  Saint Germain turns to face her, "Yes?"
"What about animals who are hurting, who are in pain like I am.  Can you help us?"  she asks.  [Elska has foundered again this Spring.  She is having trouble digesting the rich pasture grasses we now have, due to all of the rain.]
"Yes, Elska, Sweet Love, we have many healers who can work with your species, in fact, healers for all species.  Once a few basic things are done that must be done first, healing centers will be set up all over the planet to help bring all species back to the fullness of health."
Indoor Cat sits nearby demanding my attention.  Little Dog stands at my feet staring at me a few moments then moves away when she understands I am busy.  Little Dog wants to go outside so she will be ready for bed.  Cat just wants attention but doesn't seem to mind too much when I send her a look of love but keep on writing.
I find I am tearing and my nose has become stuffed up, so I pause to wipe my eyes and blow my nose.  I am so grateful for what Saint Germain has said tonight. These were concerns of mine also. 
Saint Germain looks around, "Anymore questions?"
White Crow rises in the South and bows a respectful greeting to Saint Germain.  "We are so grateful that so many of you have come to help us during this time."
"Aho"  "Aho"  "Aho"  is sung out in agreement throughout our gathering.
White Crow continues, "For some of us, perhaps even many of us, we will not know what you can do or are willing to do unless you tell us.  Can you give us words that we might use that would open up this opportunity for us all?"
Saint Germain replies, "Yes, I can.  Say: 
With those or similar words you would be asking for our help but not locked into taking advantage of it."
I notice many are nodding their heads at his answer.
"Are there any other questions for me?"  Saint Germain asks.
No one moves to respond so he places the Talking Stick near the center of our circle and steps back to his previous position.
"Does anyone else have anything they'd like to say tonight?" I ask.
Once again no one moves to respond.
"Then, if there is nothing more for us to discuss, I want to thank you all for coming and I hope to see you next time."
When everyone is gone, I whisper to Great Spirit, "Thank you again for the rain."
Dhyana Markley

This article may be shared as long as it remains in its entirety and

proper credit is given.  Thank you.
~ Dhyana Markley ~


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