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The following article is an example of how I conduct my Moon Ceremonies and is only a guideline for creating your own.  The narrating voice is mine.  Any benign method used to create ceremony is valid, as long as it gets you into a higher state of consciousness where spiritually transforming experiences can happen.
~ Dhyana ~

Twin Flame/Male-Female Unity Ceremony at Deer Hill
Conducted by Dhyana Markley
November 14, 2003

Big Bell sings her invitation above time and space to all men and women of power, throughout all universes.
"Come one. Come all.  Please join us in ceremony for the bonding, the reunion of all males and females upon this planet."  My voice echoes Big Bell's invitation.
Two Eagle Feathers lie together next to Three Flames in the center of our group.  Talking Stick sits below. 
I hear Golden Eagle and Hawk screech as they join us and also invite all dedicated to the Spirit of Oneness, the All That Is.
"Tonight we celebrate the reunion of the Male and Female, balanced and in harmony within and without, with their counterpart.  Tonight, as all nights, LOVE is the cry!  LOVE is the blessing!  LOVE is the answer to all questions!  Just LOVE!"
As the participants gather, I breathe deeply and adjust my sight and hearing to the other worlds, the other dimensions.  It is getting easier all the time to see and hear those of higher vibrations.  The veil is lifting and I AM glad!
All of our regulars are here.  As usual, White Crow sits in the South with Spider Woman beside him in the Southeast.  Her Niece sits beside her there.  Standing Bear, Bear, Porpoise and Whale are in their regular places in the West.  Owl sits on Standing Bear's right shoulder and hoots at me, or rather at anyone who is listening.  At their feet are Crow,  Badger and Snake.
In the Northwest are 24 ECK Masters, including Fubbi Quantz, Rebazar Tarzs, Jalal din un Rumi, Lai Tsi, Kata Daki, Rami Nuri, Milerepa and Gopal Das. Also in the Northwest, are Prajapati The Animal Master, Mona The Lady Master of All Sea Creatures, Kuthumi, Mary, King Artemus and Queen Arissa of Aghartha, Melchizedek, Lady Lydia, The Divine Director and Manu of the Seventh Root Race Saithrhu, Lady Portolaina, Himalaya The Ancient of Ancient Ones,  Lady Herlaina, Djwhal Kuhl, Quan Yin, Hilarion, Lady Cassiopeia, Arcturus, Lady Portia, Ashtar and Athena.  Eeon is here again with his small group from the Inner Earth city 400 miles under Denver, Colorado.
In the North to my right sits Saint Germain.  To my left in the Northeast is Jesus/Sananda Kumara and Lady Nada.  Behind us are the Five Horses and Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo, who nudges my left ear then gives me a big lick on my left cheek.  I turn quickly and kiss her on the nose.
"Gotcha!"  I say.  We often see who can kiss who without getting kissed back.
At our feet in the North are Opossum, Turtle and Mouse.  Raccoon walks by to sit himself in front of those gathered in the East.  Tonight, as usual it is the Great Purifier, his Son, One Who Walks With Wolves, Wolf, Coyote.  Also there are Black Panther, Mountain Lion, Dog, Peacock, Pheasant and Skunk.  Behind all of them are Moose, Elk and Deer. In the Southeast are the three Eagle Eye Adepts and the Four Lakota Medicine Women.
Owl flies from Standing Bear's shoulder to the center of all gathered.  She hoots a few times then I can suddenly understand clearly what she is saying.
"Gather my fine feathered friends, for are we not all like birds that flock together for a common goal... be it safety or companionship, entertainment or survival?"
Cat purrs loudly in my right ear as Owl continues.
"People fear Owl magic as they fear the night.  Their eyes are unaccustomed to the dark, the shadows of life.  But I hoot tonight to call forth everyone's Light to shine forth and continue to shine forth into all darkness that still remains upon and within this planet so that the dark may remember that from which it came and can return to... the loving heart of Creator God.
"Please hoot with me to shatter the illusion of darkness upon and within Mother Gaia.  Shatter the lies that have for so long held all in bondage to only a few.  The Golden Age has begun.  We need only to know it is true and start living that truth."
"Aho!"   "Aho!"   "Aho!" 
"Now hoot with me with the intent to shatter the illusions of darkness!"
"Hoot!"   "Hoot!"   "Hoot!"   "Hoot!"   "Hoot!"  "Hoot!"  "Hoot!"   "Hoot!"   "Hoot!"  
"Hoot!"   "Hoot!"   "Hoot!"   "Hoot!"   "Hoot!"  "Hoot!"  "Hoot!"   "Hoot!"   "Hoot!"  
Everyone's voice is heard hooting.  I think I hear sounds like glass shattering all around the world.  I hoot even more, encouraged by our success.
"Hoot!"   "Hoot!"   "Hoot!"  "Hoot!"   "Hoot!"   "Hoot!"  "Hoot!"   "Hoot!"   "Hoot!"  
After awhile I say, "I hear no more sounds of glass castles as they fall.  Shattered are the dreams of world domination and continued slavery of the masses.  Tyranny is dead!"
"Aho!"   "Aho!"   "Aho!"
Owl rocks back and forth, dancing on her legs.  "That is all I have to say."
"Thank you, Owl, for your powerful words of intent and ceremony,"
All I hear from Owl, once again, is "Hoot, Hoot, Hoot."
"Because the Male and Female Reunion is so dear to Kuthumi's heart, I am hoping to persuade him to speak to us tonight about its significance and what we can expect in the future."
Saint Germain grabs the Talking Stick, which is much closer to him, and hands it to Kuthumi.  Others in our group applaud to encourage him.
"Thank you.  Thank you."  Kuthumi says.  "Tonight I see more couples here than I have ever seen at Dhyana's Ceremonies.  This is not an accident.  This is not a mistake, for this is the time of the coming together, the bonding necessary to take us into the next phase of our male/female relationships.  That next phase is the actual physical coming together of mates and loved ones after the coming together in the higher realms has already occurred.  Heed me not and try to stay with your old relationships in the old way and you will be amazed to find your loved one or mate has changed.  Perhaps they have even changed so much that you feel you don't know them anymore.  This will not be the case in all relationships but for those of you who cling to the past and refuse to change, be aware that you might be forced to change whether you like it or not.  A Soul who is ready to take a spiritual leap will rarely wait on one who would hold them back from attaining their heart's desire.
"So, what I am saying here is that some relationships will pass away in the dawning of a new day and alliances will be formed with those whose dreams beat closer to your own heart beat.  You will be rejoining your true families.  This is nothing to fear or feel guilty about.  If you must leave an old relationship, bless it, love it, express gratitude for the gifts of wisdom and knowledge it has given you, then quietly walk away.  No guilt... no regrets... just love and gratitude and walk away.  In this way you are leaving a void that Spirit will refill in a way that is more harmonious with the Now.
"All grow, all change and all eventually outgrow the experiences a specific mate can give them.  This is not a bad thing.  Change is the essence of life.  Accept it with love in your heart, a smile on your face and open arms and into your arms will fly true love.  For as the families regather after sometimes eons apart, you will find it very easy to love the ones now coming into your life.  Why?  Because you have loved them a hundred, nay a thousand times before.  Their smile will warm you, their touch will thrill you and you will feel at home at last in their arms.
"Rejoice at this union... this re-union, for the love energy that will be manifest will wave out from its center like the toll of a bell, reaching into the hearts and bodies of everyone and everything. 
"Love is what the Golden Age is all about.  It's as simple as that.  So Be It!  So It Is!"

"Aho!"   "Aho!"   "Aho!"

There is also applause.  Kuthumi steps back after handing the Talking Stick back to Saint Germain.  Since he holds it for a long moment I ask, "Would you like to speak, Saint Germain?"

"Yes, I would,"  he answers.  "I too would like to reemphasize the importance of love, harmony, balance, respect and equality in all things, in all relationships... not just the male and female ones.

"Time and history have shown us, time after time, that civilizations rise when there is peace, love and respect for your fellow man and fallen when there are wars, not only between individuals but countries as well.  It is not something that will be tolerated in the new vibrations, many of which play upon this planet even now as I speak.  Solar flares have bombarded every cell of every living thing, stimulating it to throw off the old ways and step confident, loving and trusting into the new.  Just as the dark illusion was shattered with the hooted intent of those of us here tonight, so also are the old ways which will no longer vibrate at the level of our new world.  They will drop away and finally be no more.

"To clarify, not all that is old is out of date and worthless.  Those of us standing here many would consider very old and perhaps dress a bit out of date, but all that is old is not worthless!"

There is much laughter at his words.

"Search your hearts and minds and see if there is wisdom in the old that will smoothly move into the new.  For truth, sacred truth, is timeless and has always been taught.  However, much of it has been lost or purposefully hidden to keep the masses enslaved.  So, discern all choices and take that of the old which speaks of love and will serve you and leave behind that which will not.  That is all I have to say on that!"

"Aho!"   "Aho!"   "Aho!"

"Thank you, Saint Germain, for your great words of wisdom!"  I look around.  "Would anyone else like to speak to us tonight?"

I see Sananda stir then rise to take the Talking Stick which Saint Germain has returned to the center.

"Love is what the Christ Consciousness, the I AM is all about.  Love changes us all on a molecular level and heals us all.  Release your pain, one and all.  Release your fears, for where love dwells fear cannot live and vice versa.  Time will tell us that we have made the right choice by opening our hearts and trusting that Spirit, Creator God and all of the Lighted Realms love you unconditionally and will help you achieve your ultimate goal of God-Realization in this lifetime.  Never before in all of this creation has an individual had such an opportunity for a great spiritual leap into full consciousness as there is now.  Let us take the leap together.  Let us become as children once again and quickly forget our hurts as we start playing a new game... a game called The Golden Age.  Live it Now!  Be it Now!  Love all Now!

"Aho!"   "Aho!"   "Aho!"

Sananda then replaces the Talking Stick and sits back down beside Lady Nada.

"Thank you, Sananda, for your words of encouragement."  Once again I look around.  "Would anyone else like to speak?"

All are quiet.

"So, since no one has any further comments, I would like to thank all of you for coming and I look forward to seeing you at our next ceremony.  Good night!"

A few moments later, I blow out the candles and head for bed.

This article may be shared as proper credit is given.  Thank you.
~ Dhyana Markley long as it remains in its entirety and



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