Moon Ceremonies


The following article is an example of how I conduct my Moon Ceremonies and is only a guideline for creating your own.  The narrating voice is mine.  Any benign method used to create ceremony is valid, as long as it gets you into a higher state of consciousness where spiritually transforming experiences can happen.
~ Dhyana ~

Summer Solstice Ceremony

Conducted by Dhyana Markley

June 21, 2003


Shaking cymbals shatter the stillness with their sharp sound.
"Please join us, all who would be a part of this Sacred Summer Solstice Ceremony.  Let us join above space and time in the everlasting NOW."
Buffalo Horn and Talking Stick lay in our center next to Three Fires.  Fan sings its song as those who will attend, enter.
I see the Eagle Eye Adepts in the Southeast next to the Four Lakota Medicine Women.  White Crow sits cross-legged in the South, Spider Woman and her niece next to him in the Southwest.  Standing Bear, Bear, Porpoise and Whale are in the West.  Saint Germain, Hilarion, Fubbi Quantz, Lai Tsi, Rebazar Tarzs and Peddar Zaskq stand in the Northwest next to Eeon and a contingent from Inner Earth.
Sheldan Nidle and a small group from Sirius stand next to me in the North/Northwest.  I believe this is the first time I've seen Sheldan or the Sirians at one of our ceremonies.
In the East is the Great Purifier, his Son, Wolf, Man Who Walks With Wolves, Turtle, Coyote, Rabbit and Snake.  In the North, standing behind me, is Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo and my five Horse Friends.  At my feet are Chipmunk and Squirrel.  Owl flies in with Crow to stand at my left in the Northeast.  I hear Hawk cry then flutter in to take his place near the Three Fires.
When it seems everyone who is coming is settled, I speak:  "Thank you very much for coming.  This is a very powerful time upon our beloved Mother Earth.  Awareness of what is happening appears to be increasing many fold each day.  This is a joyous time to be alive and in these bodies.  Although many wish that the announcement we all have been awaiting in this physical might already have been done, WE KNOW it is done.  And I know I speak for everyone here when I say, we are grateful. Would anyone like to speak to us tonight?"  I take a deep breath to relax me so that I might better see and hear what will be said.
Sheldan Nidle steps forward and picks up the Talking Stick.  "Thank you for inviting us to your ceremony, your celebration.  The people of Sirius and the Galactic Federation have asked me to express our gratitude for all that you of this group have done to help forward our common goal of the upliftment of consciousness of Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.  We are grateful to all of you.  Thank you, from all of us."
White Crow's voice sings my mind's words, "Many thanks to you from all of us, Sheldan and all members of the Galactic Federation, for your love, compassion, wisdom and efforts.  Without all of you we would have only reflected a small part of the massive effort that has gone into all of this, the most important event to ever happen to and upon Gaia, Mother Earth."
"Aho"  "Aho"  "Aho" is heard all around.
White Crow continues, "We realize that no matter how great or how small our contribution may seem to others, that we are each an important piece of the whole.  The outcome would not have been as it is without the efforts and intent of each and everyone of us."
Another round of "Aho"s.
Sheldan places the Talking Stick back in our center.  His Sirian family smile their quiet approval.
I ask, "Would anyone else like to address our group tonight?"
Everyone looks around until Saint Germain steps boldly forward and picks up the Talking Stick.  He slaps it on the palm of his left hand several times then walks counter-clockwise around our center fire.  He stops in front of me and looks directly in my face.  I am surprised at his confrontation.
"Yes?"  I respond.
He just smiles a broad smile and walks on.  He appears to wink at Spider Woman.
"Are you two commenting about the Brown Recluse Spider I sent into the other worlds today?"
Saint Germain looks at me and smiles.  Spider Woman covers her mouth with her hand so I can't see her full expression.
"I'm still working on being harmless to absolutely everyone," I say in my defense.
"We know," giggles Spider Woman.  "We know."
Feeling properly but kindly chastised, I snort then return my full attention to Saint Germain.
"The moment is almost here that we have all been waiting for.  Most of the major banks are already in safe hands and the rest will be soon.  What I want to talk about tonight is slavery."  He pauses a moment to read the faces of many of us.  Most of us wonder what he will say.
"Slavery is what almost all Earthlings have been living for thousands of years.  Even the minions of the Annunaki have in actuality been their slaves.  They sometimes carried the illusion of power along with their financial wealth but it was only an illusion.  Among the Annunaki even their representatives were considered ignorant, inferior slaves.
"I am reminding you of this at this time because others, many others, will look to you for help and guidance.  Since our current purpose or intent is to bring others into a place of love and forgiveness, it will help them to know that the 'favored servants' of the Annunaki were really only slaves too, for all but the last 10-12 years.
"Slaves are considered property by many species but no longer will this be acceptable upon this beautiful planet!  No longer is it acceptable in this Galaxy or even in the Universe!  Slavery is ended!  All that is yet to be is the full healing of those who still perceive themselves as slaves, as victims to forces over which they believe they have no control.
"I am here to remind them that we DO have free will and each and every individual has been given, by Creator, sovereignty once again over their lives.  People will soon breathe the deep breath of true freedom.  Let us all feel great joy in Stage One being a job WELL DONE!  Then, on to Stage Two."
"It's going to be so much fun!"  Turtle blurts out my words before I can.  What is it with others voicing my words tonight or are we just reflecting our Oneness in a more obvious way?
Saint Germain continues, "Please share the concept that ALL have been slaves here on Earth and that now ALL are truly free for the first time in thousands of years."
We all shout, "Aho!"
"Thank you,"  Saint Germain responds as he replaces the Talking Stick in the center of our circle.
"Would anyone else like to speak to us?"  The whir of the fan comforts as we all wait.
Rabbit hops forward and momentarily places her nose on the Talking Stick.  She then hops a few more steps to stand before Saint Germain.  She looks directly into his face, "You are the one who created all of the money to make this happen. How did you do that?"
Rabbit asked a question many of us had on our mind but felt perhaps was none of our business.  Sort of a 'God works in mysterious ways' kind of thing.
Saint Germain smiles.  We, at least Rabbit and I, are glad he is not offended by the question.
"First of all, I am not the only one who has been creating wealth for this historical event.  Wealthy Visionaries and Ascended Masters have also used their skills and expert knowledge to help create the massive funds needed to accomplish this great change on Earth.
"As a young man, in this lifetime, I was taught the way of money.  From the time I was a child I followed my father around and he taught me much about business.  I came to understand how to create abundance.

Then, a couple of hundred plus years back, when I was nearing my Ascension, I received a "concept" if you will, from Creator and the conscious place of all knowing and being.  The group consciousness, made up of all who had ever lived upon or within Mother Earth, wanted me to create a monetary loan system where all investments would be repaid in full with a monetary gift given from the individual or group, to the trust that loaned it out in the first place.  The concept worked totally within the Laws of Abundance and Gratitude. 

A fee was never charged but a gift was gratefully given and received most times.  If the user of the money was able to increase his or her wealth greatly, their financial gifts were great. 

However, what was unusual about this, at least at that point in time, was that the gift was given FIRST and the loan or investment monies came after or sometimes, not at all.  It had to do with TRUE KNOWINGNESS THAT ABUNDANCE IS EVERYWHERE FOR EVERYONE.  Why do you think so many of the Illuminati gave so much to various charities? 

Of course, that eventually got distorted and was eventually colored by ulterior motives but the concept as it was originally presented, is a very valid one.  The lenders were taught how to spot a sincere gifting from a person who truly understood how to create or manifest what they needed and wanted.  Of course, true gratitude was a big part of it too.
Eventually the concept was distorted and although it was always called a gift, huge fees were charged for the use of the money.  All of my Trusts kept growing for Light workers and this time in Earth's history.  Basically I just used the Laws of Abundance and Gratitude."
It seems for a moment that all listening to his words were slack jaw with gaping mouths.  It was all so simple really.  We all understood the Laws of Abundance and Gratitude but I, for one, had never thought to use it in such and immense, grand way.
"That's amazing," said Rabbit.  "Thank you for sharing this valuable information."
"You are quite welcome," Saint Germain responds, then "Are there any more questions or comments?"
When there are none he responds, "Then I must go.
With that I thank everyone for coming.  Then, after the last individual leaves, I blow out the candles and head for bed.

This article may be shared as proper credit is given.  Thank you.
~ Dhyana Markley long as it remains in its entirety and



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