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The following article is an example of how I conduct my Moon Ceremonies and is only a guideline for creating your own.  The narrating voice is mine.  Any benign method used to create ceremony is valid, as long as it gets you into a higher state of consciousness where spiritually transforming experiences can happen.
~ Dhyana ~

New Moon Ceremony at Deer Hill

Conducted by Dhyana Markley
May 2, 2003

I spray Lavender around the room which is bathed in the glow of six candles.  Green One is before me in the center of the room representing the central campfire.  Eagle Feather and Buffalo Horn sit beside it.
I ring the Large Bell, her sound goes forth into all dimensions in a counter clockwise direction. I invite all who would like to join us, "Please come, one and all.  Join us in our great joy and open hearts for this New Moon Celebration."
As attendees gather, I play my pipe/flute.  I call it a pipe/flute because it replaced the pipe that I used to smoke at ceremonies.  Because of the misuse of tobacco in the past one hundred years, I no longer use it for ceremony.

Although there are smiles, no one says anything about my music.  It has become a running joke over the years that my flute technique is not improving and I wonder that a friend of mine picked up the same Native Flute, while visiting me on vacation, and having never played a flute in this lifetime, played mine and made beautiful music.  It is wonderful to be so in touch with All That Is that playing an instrument comes easily.  I think the pipe/flute is really hers and will probably give it to her the next time I see her.  I am much better at singing.
I take a deep breath then see White Crow sitting in the South.   He is wearing his multi-layered Eagle Feather Headdress that falls all the way to the ground when he is standing.  He only wears this headdress on very special occasions.
Spider Woman and her niece sit in the Southwest. Standing Bear, Bear, Porpoise and Whale are in the West. 
Eeon of Inner Earth, several others from Inner Earth, a Future me, Saint Germain and Hilarion stand in the Northwest. 
I sit in the North.  My five Horse Friends and Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo, stand behind me.
In the East sits the Great Purifier and his Son.  Man Who Walks With Wolves, Wolf and Coyote are behind them.  Turtle is in front of all of them. 
In the Southeast are three Eagle Eye Adepts, sitting next to the Four Lakota Medicine Women.
I now see Yaubl Scabi, Fubbi Quantz, Lai Tsi, WahZ and Rebazar Tarzs also standing in the Northwest.
"Welcome everyone and thank you very much for coming.  Today... tonight is not only my birthday and a new cycle for me but it is also a New Moon... a time to start new things, dream new dreams and plant the seeds for our futures.
"Tonight I would also like to extend great gratitude to our Cetacean friends, for without their help over these many eons, humanity would have been, I must say, MUCH slower in its spiritual growth.  Mother Earth, in fact all of us, are much better off having them here.  Thank you." 
I smile at Porpoise and Whale as many heads nod in agreement and much love flows to them as representatives for their species.  Both bow their heads, accepting our love and gratitude.
"Now, would anyone like to speak to the group tonight?"  I ask.
Saint Germain steps boldly forward, picks up the Talking Stick, twirls it a moment, then with great purpose, walks around the campfire in a counter clockwise direction.  He slaps his left hand with Talking Stick and it appears to break into two pieces with a cracking sound.  Saint Germain takes a piece in each hand and holds them up for all to see. "See these two pieces?  They were once one and they will be again."
He then touches the pieces together where they had broken, smiles and lovingly gazes at the seam, slides both hands, one after the other, over the seam then shows us all a "healed" or repaired Talking Stick. "This is our next heal those that are split, are broken apart, so that one day soon ALL may once again become 'The One'.  That is all I have to say."
Saint Germain places the Talking Stick next to the campfire then steps back to stand again in the Northwest.
"Thank you, Saint Germain,"  I say. "Would anyone else like to speak?"
White Crow rises slowly from his seat in the South.  When he reaches full height, he is a vision to behold.  The multiple layers of Eagle Feathers are now three and hang to the floor like a huge white aura all around him.  He steps slightly forward and touches his palms to his heart.  Then, in a gesture of giving his heart and great love, he bows his head and brings the palms of his hands together in greeting. 
"I am so grateful to be in the presence of such esteemed company."  White Crow  looks to all but mainly to those standing in the Northwest.  "This gathering is a dream come true for me.  Although I realize most of the same individuals are here that were here for our most recent Full Moon Ceremony of Gratitude, tonight is special in that a new cycle is starting. 
"I have recently returned from some world travels in the physical and during these travels I spoke with many peoples of many lands.  Some were rich, some poor but all were ready for PEACE and a new way of doing things.  It is now obvious to them that the old ways no longer work.  New ways must be found and I, for one, although I know I speak for all of the regulars to Dhyana's ceremonies, that we are all ready and willing to help in any way that we can."
I look around and see all of the "regulars" nod their heads in agreement as they look toward Saint Germain and Hilarion.
Saint Germain responds, "I and all of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy gratefully accept your offer.  Thank you."
"What would you have us do first?"  White Crow asks.
"Gather your people who wish to help.  When you each have 12, we will have a meeting of everyone to discuss our next steps."
All gathered nod their heads in understanding.  The Great Purifier raises his right arm to get Saint Germain's attention.  When Saint Germain responds, The Great Purifier asks, "How is this going to affect the purification process of Mother Earth?"
"If we do our work well enough, earth changes will be lessened or be delayed for quite awhile," Saint Germain replies. "There will still be minor pockets of unpleasantness but that is only because those beings living in those areas need more motivation to change, to return or to come back to love.  Those who already have love and peace in their hearts won't need this kind of motivation."
"Looks like I might be out of a job,"  The Great Purifier responds.
"I wouldn't say 'out of a job' but we certainly hope you won't have to work so hard."
There are many smiles and a few giggles among us, then it is so quiet for a few moments that I can hear the campfire pop.  My eyes search the crowd to see if anyone moves to speak.  White Crow has sat back down, his legs once again folded in front of him.
"Would anyone else like to speak?"  As I look around again I see Turtle move but not to touch the Talking Stick and speak to the group. 
"I'm ready to go home," Turtle says.
It is obvious he speaks for all.  "Then, if there is nothing more to say, I bid you all good night and thank you very much for coming."
My spiritual friends quickly fade into other dimensions. 
I blow out the candles and head for bed.
Dhyana Markley

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~ Dhyana Markley ~

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