Moon Ceremonies


The following article is an example of how I conduct my Moon Ceremonies and is only a guideline for creating your own.  The narrating voice is mine.  Any benign method used to create ceremony is valid, as long as it gets you into a higher state of consciousness where spiritually transforming experiences can happen.
~ Dhyana ~

Full Moon Ceremony At Deer Hill

Conducted by Dhyana Markley

April 15, 2003

It is 11:00 p.m CST and midnight in D.C.  N.E.S.A.R.A. (the National Economic Security and Reformation Act) was not announced today but we, here in the farmlands of America, are getting much needed rain.  I am grateful...we are grateful!  I KNOW the announcement is done in the higher dimensions and will soon reflect into the physical.  So Be It.

Green Candle, Buffalo Horn and Eagle Feather chose to sit in the center tonight.  Turtle Drum and Tambourine are beside me.  Several other candles softly light the room.

With a Sage smudge stick, I smoke and bless the various rooms of the one hundred year old house, the furniture, tools, plants, clothes....in fact, the whole house Within, Without, Above, Below and in the Four Directions, North, East, South and West.

I ring the Large Bell and invite all who would like to join us in this Ceremony of Gratitude...for the rain and for the announcement of N.E.S.A.R.A.

I soften my vision to see who has joined us.  I see Owl fly in front of me. Standing Bear sits in his place in the West, Bear stands behind him.  Spider Woman and her niece sit in their regular place in the Southwest.  White Crow (Chief Many Feathers) sits in the South.  Man Who Walks With Wolves sits in the East with Wolf beside him.  The Four Lakota Medicine Women sit in the Southeast near the Nine Silent Ones and The Eagle Eye Adepts.  Coyote sits near Wolf.  Turtle sits in front of Man Who Walks With Wolves.  My five Horse Friends, Elska, Blaer, Spirit, Mayja and Prince stand behind me in the North. 

Little Dog is here, checking things out.  She stops to stare at me a few moments before returning to her duties.  Also present is another dimensional me, Yrani, standing in the Northwest next to Eeon and several other beings from Inner Earth.  Saint Germain is here.  I believe it is his first visit to one of my ceremonies.  I also see Hilarion and Jesus/Sananda.  Other Masters here are WahZ, Rebazar, Peddar Zaskq, Yaubl Scabi, Lai Tsi and Gopal Das.

"Wow, how wonderful all of you are here!  Thank you for coming!"

I take a deep breath and am overwhelmed by their love.  Tears swell up in my eyes as a physical expression of what I am feeling. "Thank You."

I scratch my forehead to activate my third eye and to open it more. "My reason for having this ceremony tonight is to honor Mother Earth, to thank her for the rain and to thank Great Spirit for N.E.S.A.R.A...the announcement of N.E.S.A.R.A. in the NOW."

I see that Whale and Porpoise have now joined us and are floating in the West above and slightly to the North of Bear and Standing Bear.  I send them a telepathic "Welcome."

I rub my eyes so I can better see their light bodies then ask, "Would anyone like to speak to the group tonight?"

Saint Germain steps boldly forward and picks up an inter-dimensional replica of my physical Talking Stick.  "This is a time of great celebration. It is done!  We, as One, have changed this world and given hope to its inhabitants, hope to this Galaxy, this Solar System, this Creator God.  Mankind has surpassed all hopes and expectations.  Although we can rejoice in the road traveled so far, we best remind ourselves not to get lost or blinded to what yet must be done.  But unlike the trials and tribulations we have all endured to reach this point, our collective future is bright and we may walk forward with great joy and expectation for a joyous and abundant future rebuilding this beautiful world in a more healthy, balanced and aware way.  That is all."

Saint Germain returns the Talking Stick to our center for the next speaker then returns to his place in the Northwest.

"Thank you, Saint Germain,"  I said.

Cat now sits on the West arm of the couch, purring and talking. "Thank you,"  I say to her as she looks me in the face.  All of my furry friends are such a comfort to me and have taught me much over the years.
"Would anyone else like to speak?"

Spider Woman rises and walks to the center of our group.  She raises her arms and turns slowly to her right then slowly back to her left, then once again to her right then left.  Her skirt flares a bit as she turns.  When we realize she is dancing, her niece and others join her to dance in quiet joy around the fire.  I dance too.  With arms up I dance until I have encircled the fire, then once again to take my seat in the North.  It is like a parade as each participant in our ceremony, follows Spider Woman's lead and dances around the fire.

When everyone is finally resettled, Porpoise and Whale jump high into the air and create a huge splash when they come down that splatters their blessings on everyone!  We all laugh loudly and joyously at their play.  By this time I have smiled so long that the muscles of my face are starting to hurt.

Little Dog comes to tell me that she wants to go outside.  "Not yet,"  I say then continue my notes."We all know what has been accomplished.  It is done.  Its reflection into our seemingly physical world will appear in phases, in stages that seem in the future but it is all done NOW.  We have more than accomplished what we set out to do and we are grateful.  Thank you, Mother Earth.  Thank you, One and All."

Tears once again fill my eyes as I hear the sound of a Tibetan Gong.  Its music seems to permeate all worlds, bringing us together, reminding us once again that we are all One.

As the sound of the gong fades, those who joined in this Ceremony of Gratitude start to leave. White Crow is the last. He smiles and gives me a wink as he walks through the door.

"Thank you for coming,"  my voice follows them into all dimensions.

I blow out the candles and smile.  It was a good ceremony.

This article may be shared as proper credit is given.  Thank you.
~ Dhyana Markley long as it remains in its entirety and



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