Moon Ceremonies


The following article is an example of how I conduct my Moon Ceremonies and is only a guideline for creating your own.  The narrating voice is mine.  Any benign method used to create ceremony is valid, as long as it gets you into a higher state of consciousness where spiritually transforming experiences can happen.
~ Dhyana ~

Full Moon Ceremony at Deer Hill
Conducted by Dhyana Markley
December 8, 2003

Big Bell sings her invitation.  My voice echoes hers. "Come one. Come all.  Please join us in our Full Moon Ceremony.  Bring your joyful hearts, for once again we gather as family... as One!"
Green Oneness Flame sits in our center tonight with Two Eagle Feathers and Talking Stick.  A Kachina Child sits next to Green Oneness Flame. 
I breathe deeply and adjust my vision to the higher vibrations of my guests.  My hearing is no longer challenged by the vibrational differences in our worlds.  The worlds are coming closer and closer each day. 
I watch as White Crow takes his seat in the South.  Spider Woman and her Niece sit next to him in the Southeast.   At their feet are Rabbit, Porcupine and Bluebird (a newcomer).   In the West are Standing Bear, Bear, Porpoise and Whale.  Badger, Crow and Owl sit at their feet. 
In the Northwest are 25 ECK Masters, including Dap Ren, Fubbi Quantz, Rebazar Tarzs, Jalal uddin Rumi, Lai Tsi, Kata Daki, Rami Nuri, Milarepa and Gopal Das. Also in the Northwest, are Prajapati The Animal Master, Mona The Lady Master of All Sea Creatures and most of the Ascended Masters including Kuthumi, Mary, King Artemus and Queen Arissa of Aghartha, The Divine Director and Manu of the  Seventh Root Race...Saithrhu, Lady Portolaina, Himalaya The Ancient of Ancient Ones,  Lady Herlaina, Djwhal Kuhl, Quan Yin, Hilarion, Lady Cassiopeia, Arcturus, Lady Portia, Ashtar, Athena, Melchizedek, Lady Lydia, and the Manu of the First Root Race and his wife.  Eeon is here as usual with his small group from the Inner Earth city 400 miles under Denver, Colorado.
I sit in the North, as usual with Saint Germain to my right.  Jesus/Sananda Kumara and Lady Nada are to my left in the Northeast.  Behind us are the Five Horses and Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo.  At our feet are RattleSnake, Chipmunk and Lizard. In the East sits the Great Purifier, his Son, One Who Walks With Wolves, Wolf and Coyote. In back of them are Moose, Elk and Deer.  At their feet are Rooster, Peacock and Ermine.  In the Southeast are the six Eagle Eye Adepts and the Four Lakota Medicine Women.
Just as we get ready to start, Owl flies from the West and sits herself on my left shoulder.  I hear Hawk and Golden Eagle screech as they join us.  Golden Eagle sits on a limb near the Oneness Flame and Hawk flies to sit on Saint Germain's right shoulder.  Cat now sits at his right elbow.
"Thank you very much for coming and welcome to our December Full Moon Ceremony.  I, for one, find it hard to believe that another year has passed so quickly.  Thanksgiving is over but may I suggest that the Spirit of Thanksgiving is never over.  The Spirit of the Christmas and New Year's Season has begun.  Holiday music fills the airwaves and people are busy buying gifts for those they love.  Children are excited and families are looking forward to this annual gathering.  It is a wonderful time indeed!"
"May I say something here?"  Sananda desires to interject a word.
"Of course, Sananda.  You have the floor."
Sananda rises from his seat and grabs the Talking Stick.  He plays with it a few moments, twirling it like a baton.  "I love sticks!  They are wonderful toys!  They can be anything... a fishing pole (he acts as if he is casting a fishing line)...a baton (he twirls it around again)...  a flag pole (he waves it as if it is the American flag)... a fetch stick (he pretends to toss it to a dog)... add a leaf and you have a sailboat (we can see in our mind's eye the stick sailboat)... or even a Talking Stick (he holds it up to his ear)."
Still holding the stick up to his ear, "Did you all hear that?"
Everyone either answers 'NO.' or shakes their head.
"Well, this stick just told me that it is imagining itself as a Peace Symbol... the natural next step for a Talking Stick.  We are all like this Talking Stick in that we too dream of our next natural evolutionary step.  All of mankind, in fact all of the inhabitants of Mother Earth and Gaia herself, are evolving into their next natural step of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution.  I'm excited!"
Several participants giggle.
"I see several of you are excited too!  And why not?  This is the season that love and compassion for your fellow man and woman springs forth in our lives and opens our hearts greater than perhaps they have ever been before and much of it is due to me!  Why the powers that be decided on a December birthday for me, I will never know... but they did and it has become a wonderful, joyous time of the year and I am grateful!  I personally want only one gift for my birthday this year and that is PEACE ON EARTH, FORGIVENESS AND GOODWILL TO ALL.  I thank you."
Everyone claps and many shout their "Ahos".  The Birthday Boy takes a bow then replaces the Talking Stick in its usual place.

"Thank you, Sananda, and when did you say your real birthday is?"  I ask.

"August but I love this one in December too.  That way I get two birthday presents and two parties."

This brings laughter from our group.

"Well, thank you for your holiday cheer.  Now, would anyone else like to speak tonight?"

I watch as one of the Eagle Eyes stands and walks to the center.  He takes the Talking Stick then steps back to address us from there.

"Time flows like a river along many countries, many environments, many seasons... through many changes.  At times it is a raging torrent and at others a quiet babbling brook.  Still it is always water... always flowing, always changing... never the same from one moment to the next.

"Soul is like that.  It flows from one life to another, one environment to another, yet it is always Soul... learning, growing, expanding in consciousness as it remembers who it truly is, a powerful creator and co-worker with the Almighty Creator God. 

"Soon the veils of forgetfulness will have been totally swept away from the eyes of all who seek to truly awaken.  There have always been some who walked here fully awake but they were always few.  Now that is no longer the way of this world.  The few awakened many, whose consciousness now tips the scales in such a way that they bring forth the blessings of Almighty Creator God and spill forth abundance in all things.  One need only to open their eyes, hearts and minds and receive this abundance in humble gratitude.

"We Eagle Eyes work within and upon many, many, many worlds and find this situation on this small planet, sitting third from the Sun, to be unique.  The peoples of this planet have raised themselves up from the status of a slave living under massive tyranny to now stand in ever awakening awareness of who they truly are, free and sovereign beings who are also Creator Gods.

"We can remember no other planet on which this rapid spiritual evolution has happened.  But they did not do it alone.  I stand here as representative for all Eagle Eye Adepts to thank and honor all of you here.  We know what a valuable role each of you has played in the outcome Mother Earth and her inhabitants are now enjoying.  True, there is still much work to do but I am here to thank you for all you have done."  He bows to all directions and returns the Talking Stick to its place in our center.

There is a gradual building of applause as he returns to his seat.  Then everyone seems to decide that we are congratulating each other and everyone joins in.

"Aho!"   "Aho!"   "Aho!"

Even the animals join in with hoots, whinnies, howls, snorts and yips...each in their own language, each in their own voice.

When all settles down again, "Thank you for your words, Ancient One."  I look around as I once again ask, "Would anyone else like to speak tonight?"

Finally I see Spider Woman get up from the Southwest.  She dances a few steps toward our center then stands very still, her head bows as if in prayer.  She is still for what seems like several minutes.  We all patiently wait and watch.  Finally she raises her head and speaks... something she rarely does.

"Tonight is blessed of all nights for upon Earth walks a spiritual giant among the giants known here.  This individual has come from the Central Sun to aid with her power and wisdom to help remove the last of the darkness that has oppressed the Souls of this planet for thousands upon thousands of years.  She is known as the Daughter of Ra and the power of her voice transforms all who hear it.  I invite her to join us so we may honor her and give her our gratitude for her help." 

Spider Woman raises her arms into the air as if praying to the Heavens. 

"Daughter of Ra, known as Mother Sekhmet, please join us."  She then sings in her native tongue an ancient song of welcome and gratitude.





As her voice fades, the air is still.  All wait as if holding their breath.

Then, in the East, between Coyote and the six Eagle Eye Adepts, a shower of diamonds sparkle like fireflies on a summer's night, cluster then form a majestic female body about eight feet tall with the head of a lioness and a fullness of golden hair.  This is Mother Sekhmet.  Her voice seems to me to be a combination purr and soft growl.

"You have beaconed me.  The one known as Mother Sekhmet stands before you."  She looks around.  "I see I am among an esteemed congregation.  Thank you for your invitation.  How may I serve you?"

Spider woman speaks, "Beloved Mother Sekhmet, Daughter of Ra, we are grateful that you chose to join us and as far as I know, ask nothing of you.  I... we wish to honor you and thank you for your help in uplifting the consciousness upon and within this small planet and your efforts in dispelling the darkness and transforming it into Light.  Thank you!"

Spider Woman places her hands together as if in prayer, then bows her head low to Mother Sekhmet.  The rest of us take our cue from Spider Woman and rise, face our guest then bow our respects also.

"Thank you for your generous gratitude.  When I heard what was happening here on this small planet in this solar system far from the Central Sun, I wanted to see for myself... to see if there was anyway I could help.  Everyone wants to help this sweet planet and her inhabitants and I mean EVERYONE!  But none have done more work for longer than this esteemed group.  I am pleased and honored to be among you.  Thank you for inviting me."

"Do you have some words you would like to share with us?"  Spider Woman asks.

Mother Sekhmet is quiet for a few moments, then, "Yes.  I would like to say a few words.  Even though some consider me a fearsome character....

(Several giggle.)

"I am Soul, just as all of you, just as everything and everyone is.  Our only difference is the degree of remembrance of who we truly are.  I come to dispel darkness.  Any darkness that still remains upon or within this planet... in fact, in this entire solar system.  I sing a song and shine a Light that is so powerful that the old, ridged ways and those who live those ways, cannot stand the power of my voice and either must change and be reborn or leave this physical manifestation to be reborn within a vibration that is compatible.  That is why some fear me so.  They fear change.  The old is comfortable for them but the old can no longer live in this place.  Nor can darkness reside here any longer.  It was decided long ago and now I am here to confirm this is so.

"From the great I AM I come and soon to the great I AM I will return.  I thank you for inviting me to share these precious few minutes with you and now I must go.  May the blessings be."

With those words she disappears and for a moment fireflies seem to hang in the air where she stood until finally they too are gone.  Spider Woman bows to each direction then returns to her seat.

"Thank you, Spider Woman, for inviting such an exciting guest.  Now, does anyone else have something they would like to say?"  I say. 

I look around but no one moves to get up.  "Then I want to thank you all for coming and I'll see you next time.

Moments later I am blowing out candles and head to bed.

This article may be shared as proper credit is given.  Thank you.
~ Dhyana Markley long as it remains in its entirety and



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