Intent Ceremonies

In April of 2005 a group of female Ascended Masters decided to participate in an Intent Ceremony for all females, to combine our power and to dream our dream for the future, one of Peace, Unity and Oneness for all inhabitants of Mother Earth, our Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy and our entire Universe.  It soon became obvious that male Masters also wanted to be a part of this ceremony.
The following are weekly ceremonies held in 2005 and 2006.
Anyone may join these ceremonies above time and space at any time by your Intent to do so.

This meeting was held on September 14, 2005

Mary:  To all within the sound of my voice, I AM Mary, know as the Mother of Jesus and I invite all to join us above time and space for today's Intent Ceremony.
Today I would like to talk about love.
As you know, there are many types of love... love for self, love for friends, love for family, love for neighbors and especially love for a mate.  There are many more expressions of love.  Each experience is just a little bit different.
Love can solve a lot of the problems one faces in their everyday life.  It is lack of love that causes most of these problems.  Lack of love or even the perception that one is not loved creates anger, doubt and even fear in the one considered unlovable.  Then, of course, those negative emotions create unpleasant situations.  Love can cure or heal all of that.
"He is not or she is not or I am not lovable," one might say.  "I have hurt others or even killed,"  they might continue to tell me. Yet I say to you, you are human angels, helping each other to walk in many shoes, play many roles, all to learn more about duality and how it can help Soul learn more quickly.
On most other planets and in other dimensions negativity is not allowed to reach the state it has on Earth and therefore Soul's learning there is much, much slower.  Sometimes Soul needs a rest and will choose to take a life or two with few challenges so it can heal.  But once Soul feels strong again, It will usually choose to return to a more challenging life.
Now back to love.  When we help each other learn, there is great love there.  People don't come into your life by accident, at least not the major and minor players.  Occasionally a Master will appear in your life for a brief moment then disappear for the rest of your life IF you need something special that no one else is providing at the moment.  But you can bet your life that all of the major and most of the minor players in your life are family and individuals who love you.
Let us consider most families... an adult male, an adult female, their parents, siblings and any children they might have, their mates and children, aunts, uncles and cousins, plus their children, their children's mates and children.  That is a pretty good size group and one most people would call an average family.
Now families are where most of us get our major lessons.  We set it up that way.  Before we came into this life and this body, a group of mostly family members sat around and set forth a plan about how their lives would intertwine and influence one another.  One or more might agree to nurture you, so they came into life before you.  The mate or mates in your life decide who will go first and, with intent, ALL work together to set up conditions for learning more and more of life's lessons.
The goal, our goal, is Self Realization or the awareness that we are eternal beings living in these conditions by choice AND God Realization where one truly understands the Oneness of ALL life and that love is all there is.  Gratitude comes in as a close second, because gratitude recognizes the contributions of others to the Oneness.
We are, each and everyone, unique... the way you look, the way you smile, the way you eat or talk, work, play or even make love.  You may say, "But there are only so many faces or bodies or experiences to choose from."  Yet I say, these are more than stars in the sky and with new learning comes even more experiences and love is the ingredient that holds it all together.
There is a new movie out on Earth called THE MAN.  In it a hardened, streetwise undercover cop is thrown together with a loving dental supplies salesman and love wins out.  Love always wins when given even half a chance.  Always!  For we are creatures of love.  We exist because of love.  We would not exist if it were not for love.  We are even loved so much we are given free will to be just as good and loving or bad and hateful as we want to experience.  That's a whole "lotta" love.
So, what I would like for all of us to intend today is more love in this Universe, more love in the Multi-Universes, more love to each and every creation within these Universes but even more... more love for ourselves and all that we personally come in contact with.
Love can work magic.
Love can turn a horrible situation into a wonderful learning experience. 
Love teaches. 
Love heals.  
Love is All There Is.
You are love.
I AM love
And so is everything else.
I AM Mary.  I wish you love and I thank you for sharing your day with us.

Please feel free to distribute as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you. 
~Dhyana Markley~



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