Intent Ceremonies

In April of 2005 a group of female Ascended Masters decided to participate in an Intent Ceremony for all females, to combine our power and to dream our dream for the future, one of Peace, Unity and Oneness for all inhabitants of Mother Earth, our Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy and our entire Universe.  It soon became obvious that male Masters also wanted to be a part of this ceremony.
The following are weekly ceremonies held in 2005 and 2006.
Anyone may join these ceremonies above time and space at any time by your Intent to do so.

This meeting was held on August 24, 2005

Diana:   Come one, come all to today's Intent Ceremony.  I AM Dhyana and I welcome all to join us above space and time to set forth our intent to unfold into ever greater consciousness as One.  Today our guest speaker is Jalal ad Din Rumi, poet mystic of Persia and Ascended Vairagi Master.  I give you Jalal ad Din Rumi.
Rumi:  Thank you, Diana, and welcome one and all.  Today I would like to talk about gratitude.  Others have also spoken of this but I feel that gratitude is one of the most magical feelings we can have.
When the sun breaks on a cold morning and warms you body and soul,
It is easy to be grateful.
When a child is born free of disease and defects,
It is easy to be grateful.
When the pangs of hunger slap one's stomach like an errant wave
Then is relieved by some honey soaked gruel,
It is easy to be grateful.
When storm clouds cover the warm rising sun...
When your newborn child dies suddenly...
When there is no gruel for the hungry...
That is when it is a challenge to be grateful. 
Yet I tell you, that is when gratitude is most needed...
Gratitude and understanding. 
There is much that we don't know or understand
About why our lives are challenged in certain ways.
Perhaps the storm clouds that covered the sunrise will bring rain or snow
To an area in need of that moisture.
Perhaps the child that died did so
That another infant might have a working heart or kidney or liver
And live a wonderful, productive life.
Perhaps there was no gruel in one area
And that the hungry was forced to travel
To another region where a better situation was waiting for him.
You see, we do not have all of the answers. 
We must trust that their higher self knows what is best for them
to learn their lessons
As each of us truly knows what is best for us.
There is an old saying that one must walk a distance in someone's moccasins before one can even start to understand another.
So, can the sky be grateful for all of its stars? 
Can the oceans be grateful for the pull of the moon? 
Can a sick person be grateful for death? 
Can you be grateful even though you don't understand the situation in which you find yourself?
Gratitude will take you far. 
Beyond the heavens with their stars.
Beyond beyond
For there is no stopping to rest
Until one lies on the breast
Of sweet Creator Source.
Gratitude is like a fresh breeze in Spring
Which kisses the roses and lifts the butterfly.
It is like a storm cloud that washes away the dust of the day
And sinks deep into the brown earth
To quench the thirst of all it touches.
Gratitude is like a heavenly choir of angels
Whose song fills the heart with such love and joy
That you think it might burst.
Consider that gift that you can easily hand
To everything and everyone in your life
And the joy, respect and esteem that is sent along with it. 
For gratitude truly given, is a precious gift. 
Accept it graciously when it is given to you,
For to refuse it is to negate the honor given to you.
If you find you cannot accept gratitude freely and honestly given by others, you might want to search your heart and mind and ask: 
Do you feel unworthy? 
Do you feel that what you shared was too small or worthless to deserve gratitude? 
Have you ever realized that one man's trash is another man's treasure?
Perhaps that one small thing that was shared
Was the final piece to an important puzzle
That will change that person's life for the better.
Or perhaps they were only being kind and gracious,
Recognizing you as a brother or sister in the Oneness of life. 
Would it not be kind and gracious of you to accept their words of gratitude
Instead of negating or belittling them?
We must learn to be kind to each other
If we are to live together as One.
So, today, let us intend together to be grateful...
Grateful, honest, kind and thoughtful. 
Place this intended upon your heart and within your mind
Then release it all to Spirit. 
Most of us will find that we have not instantly become a kinder, more grateful individual, However the seed has been planted in rich, fertile soil
And if it is nurtured by you on a daily basis,
It will grow.
With that thought I leave you,
With much gratitude to you
For sharing this time with me.
I AM Rumi.

Please feel free to distribute as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you. 
~Dhyana Markley~



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