Intent Ceremonies

In April of 2005 a group of female Ascended Masters decided to participate in an Intent Ceremony for all females, to combine our power and to dream our dream for the future, one of Peace, Unity and Oneness for all inhabitants of Mother Earth, our Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy and our entire Universe.  It soon became obvious that male Masters also wanted to be a part of this ceremony.
The following are weekly ceremonies held in 2005 and 2006.
Anyone may join these ceremonies above time and space at any time by your Intent to do so.

This meeting was held on August 17, 2005

Diana:  I invite all within the sound of my voice to join us in this Now for today's Intent Ceremony.  Please gather with us above space and time and welcome as our guest speaker, the Chinese Goddess and Ascended Master, Lady Quan (Kwan) Yin.  I give you Lady Quan Yin.
Quan Yin:  Thank you, Diana and welcome to all who join us.  I am very grateful.
Today I would like to talk about trust.  Trust is often the glue that holds us together.  It holds together people as well as their dreams.  Without trust relationships and dreams fall apart.
So, how do we know if there is trust enough in our relationship or dream?  Our body tells us.  If one is happy, content and at peace with life, their body will be relaxed and healthy. They will find joy and ease in everything they do, everything they dream and everything they are.  Like one with the Midas Touch, everything will seem to turn to gold around them.
After that description, it is now obvious to most individuals that they do not have full trust in their lives.  So, how does one create more trust?  I suggest that each individual go back mentally through their life and search for incidents where ones trust in life was lost, where trust in an individual or group of individuals was lost.  When you find a situation, look at it now with your more adult, wiser eyes.
Hurt and disillusionment come from our expectations about how things "should be"...how people "should act", not on the reality of who they are and how they choose to act in a given moment.
Do you always act the way others expect you to act?  Not if you are being true to yourself in every moment you don't.  Don't you think that has disappointed someone around you at times?  Perhaps they no longer trust you.
So, how do we all heal and get past these old hurts that caused us to lose trust?  We heal the past by changing our old attitudes in the Now.
As an enlightened adult, you know that it is essential that everyone be true to themselves.  You know that we are all equally important to this creation and add a uniqueness that is essential to the whole.  Therefore, if an individual chooses not to support us in some way, they must have a reason, even if it is only a gut feeling.
Our choice can be to go with the flow, possibly by finding another individual who shares our dream to join us, or to perhaps drop our idea for now.  Its reason for existing may have been to just get us started dreaming so something else can come forth.
Trust in close relationships seems even harder to get right.  You think you know a person and will know how they are going to act in a given situation so you don't talk it out and "boom" they don't do what you expect and you are disappointed and lose trust.  But did you lose trust in them or in yourself and your ability to correctly read a situation?  Perhaps both.
How do you get trust back?   Trust the process.
You know that as a child there was much you didn't know, (at least until you were a teenager when you knew you knew it all) but as adults we learn once again that we don't know it all.  We trust that our teachers know more about a specific subject than we do because they have more knowledge and experience in it than we do, at least for the moment.  So, an adult learns once again to trust.  One is not expected to know all of the answers or even the questions when one is starting out, so one "trusts the process" established to educate.
The goal I would like to express to you is to extend that concept to EVERYTHING in your life, especially when things become challenging because you find yourself in new situations, perhaps situations you never imagined for yourself.  That is when you will find that mentally, emotionally and perhaps even spiritually you will find it desirable to "go with the flow" and "trust the process".
I am NOT saying to give your personal power away or to be untrue to your own inner guidance.  I AM saying to relax, realize that no one, NO ONE but our Creator Source always knows the best way for all of our lives to come together and accomplish the Divine Plan.
It is important that we be ready to jump in at any given moment to contribute our talents, but it is NOT important for us to know the entire whys and hows in which it will be done.
So, I say again, trust the process.  Enjoy your life and don't take things so seriously or personally.  Be loving and harmless to all.   Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
That is all for today.  I thank you for joining us.

I AM Quan Yin.

Please feel free to distribute as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you. 
~Dhyana Markley~



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