Intent Ceremonies

In April of 2005 a group of female Ascended Masters decided to participate in an Intent Ceremony for all females, to combine our power and to dream our dream for the future, one of Peace, Unity and Oneness for all inhabitants of Mother Earth, our Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy and our entire Universe.  It soon became obvious that male Masters also wanted to be a part of this ceremony.
The following are weekly ceremonies held in 2005 and 2006.
Anyone may join these ceremonies above time and space at any time by your Intent to do so.

This meeting was held on July 6, 2005

Mary Magdalene:   I invite all to join us for our Intent Ceremony.  I AM Mary Magdalene and today I would like to talk about forgiveness.  So, please breathe deeply, release all that is not beneficial to you in this moment and join us above space and time in that which is known as the NOW.
Throughout the weeks and months that we have been doing these ceremonies, we have accomplished great strides forward in creating a more benevolent future for not only all beings of Earth and Gaea herself, but for all within our creation, within All That Is.  It has been wonderful to watch and experience.
But today I would like to encourage everyone to start working on forming a list, whether written down or remembered, for yourselves.  What do you want in your personal life so that you will feel happier and more fulfilled?  Is it more time alone... or more time with friends?  Less work and more play?  Less stress in your life or more challenges because you are bored?  Do you want freedom from oppression?  More respect?  Equality in all things?
That brings me to one of the main reasons I have come back amongst you during this time.  And I am not alone.  Many great spiritual teachers in female form are returning en masse with me to return the balance between males and females.  This is our intent and has been for a very long time.
Much was learned by all in the experiences of Matriarchal and Patriarchal societies but now it is time for those experiments... and, yes, they were experiments... it is time for those to be over.  It is time to return to Oneness.  It is time for all to be lifted up into higher vibratory planes of existence and to leave all separation, and the wars separation creates, behind.
It is time to heal and to heal our own hearts we must forgive.
It's funny, but most people think that when they don't forgive someone that they are actually punishing that person for not being or doing what they think the other person should be or do.  How silly.  We are all perfect.  We are all BEing and DOing what we signed on to do... even if it was to murder someone. Yes, I know, that is hard to see, to understand, but we all have played every role we have ever wanted to experience. 
How boring to play the innocent virgin each and every life.  It's fun playing a Hero but every story must have an antagonist as well as a protagonist.  So, how can anyone judge another person's actions when, in truth, we have already walked a mile in their shoes?  The answer is.... one can't.
"But why do I feel so angry and hurt by the actions of so and so?"  you ask.  It is because their actions remind you of when you did those same things and you are ashamed and feel guilty for the hurt you caused others.  You can't exactly remember why, but your feelings are strong and you KNOW those actions are not healthy or benevolent.
No one truly dies.  All of these experiences are illusion... for educational purposes only.
This is why I wanted to talk about forgiveness.  Intend forgiveness today and every day until joy returns to your heart, to your entire being.  And the individual you most want to forgive is yourself.  You have not dishonored yourself by participating in this play and playing the role of a protagonist OR antagonist.  You, we all have been and continue always to contribute to the great All That Is.
Each and everyone of us is unique because of our choices and we ALL contribute equally to the All That Is.  So, forgive yourself and intend to forgive all others.  When you do this your heart will lighten and finally sing your own song.
And now, for all of you willing, let us intend to merge together as One and with their permission....
Creator Gods:  You have it.
Mary Magdalene:  ....visit the hearts of the Creator Gods of our multi-universes and experience the unconditional love and peace that is found there.

(For the next several minutes we each experience this in our own way.)
When you are ready to return to the normal, please do so.
I felt that a few were frustrated with their seeming inability to fully experience the love and peace to be found there in the Hearts of the Creator Gods.  Please do not worry about this.  Perhaps there was something else you were to experience there.  Perhaps your expectations were so great and your desire so strong that you pushed the experience as it might have been, away from yourself.
There is no need to quest for the peace and love to be found in the Hearts of a Creator God.  It is always there.  One need only ASK PERMISSION to visit, KNOW that you are worthy of this experience because we are, in truth, one with Creator God anyway... so we are just visiting home.
I also suggest that we each express our gratitude to the Creator Gods and All That Is for this gift of sharing, of healing that has been given. This I do now. 
I love you Creator Gods and honor you and am very grateful for your gifts to us this day.  Thank you.

And now I would like to thank each and everyone of you for sharing this time with me.  I AM Mary Magdalene and I bid you a wonderful day.


Please feel free to distribute as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you. 
~Dhyana Markley~



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