Intent Ceremonies

In April of 2005 a group of female Ascended Masters decided to participate in an Intent Ceremony for all females, to combine our power and to dream our dream for the future, one of Peace, Unity and Oneness for all inhabitants of Mother Earth, our Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy and our entire Universe.  It soon became obvious that male Masters also wanted to be a part of this ceremony.
The following are weekly ceremonies held in 2005 and 2006.
Anyone may join these ceremonies above time and space at any time by your Intent to do so.

This meeting was held on July 20, 2005

Diana:  Spider Woman, would you like to do the invitation also?
Spider Woman:  Of course.  [I hear the music of native drumming.]  Follow the sound of the drums, one and all, to our Earthly Intent Ceremony.  Mitakuye oyasin... we are all related, Family.  Let Family now gather to dream our dreams and set forth our vision of our future. 
[I hear the screech of Eagle.]  Great Spirit calls us together.  Mitakuye oyasin.
I AM Spider Woman of the ancient ways.  I once gathered the purest of heart and together we escaped the chaos of Mother Earth shifting and purifying her body.  The peoples of Inner Earth took us in and fed us until we could provide for ourselves.  We stayed there a long time.  Then, when it was time to return to the surface world, we worked to accomplish our goals together, as a Family, as One.  We are all related.
Stories are told about how we helped to form our world, the societies of our world, our relationship with the Great Being, Mother Earth, Gaea.  Why are these stories told?  To remind us we are powerful Beings ourselves.  We decide our future unless we give our power away to others who then decide it for us.  This has happened to those of our Mother Earth, in this Now.  Peoples of all colors have been forced to work so hard just to survive that they have lost touch with everyone... themselves, their family, their neighbors, their communities, their world. 
And not only have they lost touch with the peoples of this world, but the Four Legs [animals], the Standing People [trees], the Winged Ones [birds], and the Creatures of the Waters.  In their madness, man has forgotten his connection with all others and, of course, with All That Is.
We are all one.  We are all connected whether you believe it or not or even like it or not.  Mitakuye oyasin. We are all relations.
When I was a young girl, I used to wander the desert regions near my home, looking for signs of life.  Life was abundant even in those harsh conditions.  I look around and see my Family still living in harsh conditions, but I know that under the visible barren desert flows a stream, sometimes even a river, of the purest, most wonderful, life-giving water.
So, as I look out upon the suffering peoples of Earth, suffering peoples everywhere, I know there is flowing a River of Abundant Life just beneath their feet, within reach if our awareness and desire for a better world is strong enough.
How do we find this better life?  We look inward and connect with our own Great Spirit, then we come together with Family and share our visions of the future, the way we want to experience it, not only as individuals but as Family.
I know what I want for myself and my Family.  I want peace... not only within my own heart but all over all worlds. 
I want love... love between me and everyone and everything I meet. 
I want to be grateful because to be grateful one must realize that s/he is not alone and that worldly manifestations take a world of peoples to manifest them. 
I want abundance so I will no longer be forced by Controllers to live as a slave and so I can lose all fear that this world, our creation, is not a safe place for me and all of my relations.
I want respect so I give respect.
 And perhaps most of all, in these times, I want females to be considered equal partners in all things with all males.
These are just a few of my dreams for our future.  I hope you share these dreams with me. 
[The drums start up again, reminding me of a giant's heartbeat.]
Please join me now... merge with me and together we will journey to the heart of the Great Spirit that is the Creator God of our Universe.
Creator God, Great Spirit, may we join you?
Creator God:  Of course.  All are welcome.
Spider Woman:  Then Now, merged as One, we join Great Spirit to bathe in the peace and love found there.
[There are several minutes of silence.]

And Now, my sweet brothers and sisters, please return to your original places.

I thank Great Spirit for sharing Itself with us and I thank you for sharing yourselves with me this day.  I AM Spider Woman.


Please feel free to distribute as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you. 
~Dhyana Markley~



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