Intent Ceremonies

These Intent Ceremonies, conducted by many different individuals, express proposed intentions for our combined future.  They encourage your participation in making these intentions your own and ask that you add your energies for these changes to the Group Consciousness.  This may be done anytime, since these ceremonies are conducted above time and space and you are "hooked up" the minute you start to read.
We thank you for your interest and participation

~Dhyana Markley~

This meeting was held on February 8, 2006

Diana:  I call to all within the sound of my voice, please join us above time and space, with joy in your heart, and share our Intent Ceremony.  Today our guest speaker is Ascended Master Saint Germain.  I give you Saint Germain.
Saint Germain:  Thank you, Diana, and welcome to all to today's Intent Ceremony.  Today I would like to speak to you about truth.
Truth is often understood to be relative to ones state of consciousness within the various planes and dimensions one dwells upon in various bodies or travels to in one of those bodies.  However, there is Sacred Truth that is non-changing, ever the same, regardless of the plane or body, dimension or level of consciousness one is in.  Sacred Truths come directly from the heart of God and affect all the same.  No one is above or below these laws.  All are treated alike, regardless of their station or position in life.
Therefore, what I am proposing to you today is that you trust in the fact that you are allowed to function within these laws, as is everyone and everything else, and that you truly are equal to all and within All That Is.
Trust in these Sacred Laws is absolute from a Soul level, for without these laws, the Universe would be nothing but chaos.  There would be no patterns or grids or methods to such madness which could bring order to the Universe and stimulate the true growth and continuous unfoldment of All That Is.  So, these laws are very necessary.  However, knowledge of and trust in these laws from the lower levels of consciousness may be obscure.  Fear not!  It is not necessary for the mind to know of these Sacred Laws.  Your Soul not only knows them, but strives to follow them to the letter.
So, why do I mention this to you today?  So that you will "intend" that your mind allow your Higher Self or Soul to make all important decisions regarding your movement along the spiritual path of your unfoldment.
This is a time of ascension.  Your mind has never gone through this experience before so it truly doesn't know what to do.  It will try to use old programming instead of listening to its Higher Self unless it is instructed to by use of "intent".
Therefore, I suggest that you might want to say something like the following:
"I AM in my I AM Presence and do hereby invoke the powers of my Soul, of my Higher Self to guide all of the thoughts, words, actions and feelings of my lower bodies, always within the Sacred Laws of God, and I intend and do declare that all of my thoughts, words and actions be done in the name of Creator God and the All That Is, Sugmad (Soog mahd).  So be it."
Using these words at least once a day, can help quicken you upon your road to ascension.
I AM Saint Germain, and a bid you a most wonderful day.

Please feel free to distribute as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you. 
~Dhyana Markley~



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