Ascended Masters Speak - Intent Ceremonies - December 21, 2005 - Sehaji Master Lady Kata Daki


These Intent Ceremonies, conducted by many different individuals, express proposed intentions for our combined future.  They encourage your participation in making these intentions your own and ask that you add your energies for these changes to the Group Consciousness.  This may be done anytime, since these ceremonies are conducted above time and space and you are "hooked up" the minute you start to read.
We thank you for your interest and participation.
~Dhyana Markley~

This meeting was held on December 21, 2005

Diana:  Today, on this day of the Winter Solstice, I call to all within the sound of my voice, above space and time to invite you to join us now, with joy and an open heart, to share with us our Intent Ceremony.  Today our guest speaker is the Sehaji Master, Lady Kata Daki.  I give you Lady Kata Daki.
Lady Kata Daki:  Thank you, Diana.  I am delighted to be here to greet all of you on this very special day of the year.  Winter Solstice is the ceremony of fire and light.  It is the shortest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere and the longest day in the Southern hemisphere.  It is a time of change.  A time of looking forward to the days ahead with eager anticipation of those changes.
Today, I would like to speak with you about changes to come in 2006 and beyond. 
For many, when the words 'changes are coming' are said or read, it stimulates adverse reactions because many fear change. Many are comfortable in the little nitch they have made for themselves and don't want to change.
But, Dear Friends, change is why you came here to Earth, for change and to learn more about polarity and duality.
In the worlds of higher vibrations, beings there are so happy that there is not much change.  Because of this, the spiritual growth of an individual often is not very swift.  For some of you, it might take a thousand years in the higher worlds, to learn what you can learn in one lifetime here on Earth.  For this courage, all of you are viewed with a great deal of love and respect by your family members in these higher vibratory worlds.
However, I have wonderful news and that is that you are ascending, even as I speak, and within the next 15 years much that causes suffering today will be eliminated.  You will be living in a greatly ascended state of consciousness and will be back with your beloved family.
So, the intent that I am encouraging all to form today, is to desire to experience this ascension in the most benevolent, happiest, easiest and most graceful and loving way possible.  Ascension does not have to be difficult and painful.  Change does not have to be difficult and painful. 
Attitude is everything! 
If you decide that your day is going to be filled with joy, love and light, it will be.  If you decide that it won't be, then it won't.  You are responsible for your life in every aspect.  I know for some that is rather difficult to believe, but you wrote your life plan in great detail before you were born and you are just going along with the program.  You can gripe about how you didn't realize it was going to be this hard, or you can smile and relax and go with the flow.  It is your choice.  It is your life and you've done this more than a thousand times.
But life doesn't have to be hard.  Ascension doesn't have to be difficult and painful.
Everyone must work to survive.  Everyone has debts and must earn their way. Everyone has lost a loved one and everyone has experienced sickness, whether their own or someone else's.  Everyone has starved and died in this life or another.  Color does not matter.  Race does not matter.  Social status does not matter.  The only thing that matters is love.
So let us, on this Winter Solstice, remember who we are and why we are here.  All are awakening and soon Spring will burst forth with new life, new love and new hope.  Let us intend to welcome the changes coming forth at this time, knowing that they will benefit the All That Is.  We are One and we are part of All That Is, therefore It has no choice but to benefit us all.  We can do it the easy way or the hard way.  Which do you choose?
I AM Kata Daki and I bid you a wonderful day.  Thank you for sharing your time with me.


Please feel free to distribute as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you. 
~Dhyana Markley~


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