These Intent Ceremonies, conducted by many different individuals, express proposed intentions for our combined future.  They encourage your participation in making these intentions your own and ask that you add your energies for these changes to the Group Consciousness.  This may be done anytime, since these ceremonies are conducted above time and space and you are "hooked up" the minute you start to read.
We thank you for your interest and participation.
~Dhyana Markley~

This meeting was held on December 14, 2005

Diana:  I call to all within the sound of my voice, above space and time to invite you to join us now, with an open heart, to share with us today's Intent Ceremony.  Today our guest speaker is the Tibetan Holy Man, Milarepa.  I now give you Milarepa.
Milarepa:  Thank you, Diana and thank you to all who have joined us in this here and now.  I greet you with my open heart.  Today I would like to speak about how we have managed to separate ourselves from All That Is and how we might heal that injury.
Separation in the far distant past of all of us, happened because of a greater purpose than is often realized.  During our life on the Other Side, which is in greater perfection, we decided that we wanted to aid Sugmad, the Creator Source of this Universe, in ITs experiment in duality.  We knew that the rules of the game were to fall into unconsciousness about who we truly are, so that we could truly experience the polarities of duality and therefore learn things that would be of great value to the overall knowledge of Sugmad and All That Is, for these things truly are shared.
Each one of us planned and organized almost every step of what our Earthly physical life would be, so that we would be forced to learn these lessons of duality.  We had loved ones who helped us on the Other Side too.  Some agreed to stay behind and help from "above" so to speak, while others agreed to also be born into a physical 3D body to work with us, and for us to work with them on their lessons of duality.
This has been a most successful experiment.  Much knowledge has been obtained from it, as well as wisdom gained.  But it is time for the experiment to end and all of our Milky Way Galaxy as well as our Universe, to share what we have learned with the six other super-universes in our creation... our All That Is.  This is what we have all been working on and now we have succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.  Congratulations to all of us, including me!
Now, as you know, many of the experiences of duality that you chose to experience for yourself have been very painful, heartbreaking and often filled you with despair.  This is what we now need to heal.  I am here to say that you can now give up your FEARs so that your heart can freely open again and remain open, filled with the love and peace of All That Is. 
Trust me when I say, it is all over but the scurrying of a few actors in the last scene before the curtain falls and the experiment is declared totally over.  Of course, the results of the experiment will be studied and shared with anyone interested, but it is over.  Sugmad has declared it so.  You can now relax your body, release the stress you have felt for lifetimes, it sometimes seems, and find joy in your KNOWING that it is over and you all have done a wonderful job.
What will come after all of this is finally realized by everyone on Earth?  Celebrations, my friends.  Many celebrations and weddings and joyful gatherings so that we can get reacquainted with our loved ones that we left behind for a while.
Dhyana sits here and smiles just thinking about it as she types this up.  You too will very soon be smiling and filled with joy and peace as she is at this moment.  Know it.  Own it.  Be it.  You have earned it.
I AM Milarepa and it has been my joy today to bring you this news.  Now go and share this news with all you meet. 
I thank you for sharing your time with me.

Please feel free to distribute as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you. 
~Dhyana Markley~



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