Intent Ceremonies

These Intent Ceremonies, conducted by many different individuals, express proposed intentions for our combined future.  They encourage your participation in making these intentions your own and ask that you add your energies for these changes to the Group Consciousness.  This may be done anytime, since these ceremonies are conducted above time and space and you are "hooked up" the minute you start to read.
We thank you for your interest and participation

~Dhyana Markley~

This meeting was held on January 18, 2006

Diana:  I call to all within the sound of my voice, please join us above time and space, with joy in your heart, and share our Intent Ceremony.  Today our guest speaker is the Elohim of Love, the Third Ray, Lady Cassiopeia.  I now give you, Lady Cassiopeia.
Lady Cassiopeia:  Thank you, Diana.  Today I would like to talk about the Heart of All That is.
There is much confusion about the Heart of All That Is. Some think of it as a separate part of God, others think of it as the totality of God.  It is my experience that it is closer to the second concept... the totality of God.
With that concept in mind, then the natural conclusion to who we are, within this context, is that we, all of us, everything is a part of the Heart of God.
Therefore, another natural conclusion might be that we don't have to do anything or go anywhere to be in the Heart of God.  We are already there.  You are already there.
But what then happens to the quest to find God?  Are we questing for naught?
What happens to our churches if we are already residing within the Heart of God?  Do we need them any longer?  Do we need anyone to help us get to the realization that we are already a part of God?
I say this depends upon the individual and its circumstances.  If a specific Soul is a new Soul, perhaps it has not yet forgotten Its connection with the All That Is.  Or, if that Soul is a bit more experienced in the lower realms of duality and illusion, perhaps It has already forgotten who It is and where It came from.  That Soul might need some help.  
Then, a Soul that has been in the lower realms for a very long time, one might call an "Old Soul" may also be one who is still so wrapped up in the illusion that It can't remember, or It may be starting to remember who It is and where It calls "Home", or perhaps It is even in full memory.  Help is always available, if a Soul asks for it.
I am trying to wake up, to an ever greater degree, those of you who are drawn to read my words today.  Please reflect on my words:
You are already "Home".  If you look around, perhaps you won't see anything to validate my words, however, if you ask your Higher Self or even look deeply into your heart, you will find a peace there that passeth all understanding.  That is what it is like to always reside within the Heart of God... peace and joy.
Some might say, "What have I to be joyful about?"  And I say, go within and search for that peace and joy.  When you find it, live within that place and know that you truly are a spark of Creator God, whose home is within the Heart of the magnificent All That Is.
Others might say, "How can I find peace and joy?"  And I say, BE peace and joy.  Intend to find peace and joy in every situation, no matter how challenging and you will eventually find it in your Now.
So I close with these words.  INTEND to live in peace and joy in your Now, BEing those qualities of peace and joy in every situation and KNOW that you are a spark of God that lives always within the Heart of All That Is.
I AM Lady Cassiopeia and I thank you for sharing your time with me today.  I bid you a wonderful day, every day.

Please feel free to distribute as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you. 
~Dhyana Markley~



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