Intent Ceremonies

These Intent Ceremonies, conducted by many different individuals, express proposed intentions for our combined future.  They encourage your participation in making these intentions your own and ask that you add your energies for these changes to the Group Consciousness.  This may be done anytime, since these ceremonies are conducted above time and space and you are "hooked up" the minute you start to read.
We thank you for your interest and participation

~Dhyana Markley~

This meeting was held on January 4, 2006

Diana:  I now call to you now with great joy in my heart, to join us above space and time, with an open heart, to share our Intent Ceremony.  Today our guest speaker is Lady Nada of the Karmic Board.  I give you Lady Nada.
Lady Nada:  Thank you, Diana.  Today I would like to talk to you about the meaning of life.
What is life and what does it mean to you?  Is it just a challenge that seems to never get any better or do you see it as an opportunity to experience many interesting things and to challenge yourself and your abilities to conquer adversity?  As you can see from my previous questions, a lot of life has to do with attitude.
Therefore, what attitude do you want to present to give more meaning to your life?  There is no right or wrong answer.  Whatever you choose will be all right, will be an appropriate choice, for you and only you know what you chose to write into your life plan before you were even born into this lifetime.  Whatever you choose will have others affected by your actions, be they cheerful and charming or dreary and dross. 
You have heard it before and I will say it again, we are all One.  What I do to you, I do in truth to myself.  What you do to me, you do also to yourself.  We are intricately connected on many, many levels.  It is only ignorance of all of the sciences and Sacred Laws of God that causes us to think otherwise.
As I stand before you today I am reminded of how far I have come in understanding of the meaning of life and the Sacred Laws of God in my quest for higher understanding of the worlds of Creator God. 
So, know that I too have walked in your shoes and gone from gentle sleep into a fully awakened state.  It is possible for everyone.  Intent is the key.  One of the reasons that we first came up with the idea for these Intent Ceremonies is because we all recognized the importance of using intent with the true desire to benefit the All That Is in a recognizable way.
Each of us aligned with this project, feels that it is very important that we convey to all of you who are reading this, that when one states an intention and fills that intention with the desire to benefit all, that they are truly standing in their power and understanding themselves as a co-creator of this world, this Universe, with Creator God. This is a true meaning of life.
Especially females will relate to standing in their power, because for much too long have we stood back and allowed males to dominate and create a patriarchal society to the detriment of females.  This has kept us all at war with each other.  It is time for a change and the time is NOW!
So, may I suggest that today we all intend to stand in our power, intend the life that we want to lead and the world we want to live in, fill those intents with our desire to have these things in our lives and set forth to make things happen, expect things to happen and KNOW that it will happen IF it is benevolent and for the good of the whole.
I thank you for sharing your day with me.  I AM Lady Nada and I bid you a wonderful day.

Please feel free to distribute as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you. 
~Dhyana Markley~



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