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Dhyana/Diana Markley, author of three manuscripts, A Sacred Path To Oneness ~ Conversations with White Buffalo Calf Woman, Spider Woman and OthersTwo Masters In Training, and a novel, The Ankh of Thoth, has been telepathically in touch and worked with various Ascended and physically manifested Masters since 1970.  She also has the ability to consciously travel multi-dimensionally at will.

In her 20s and 30s, Diana traveled the world as a night club singer, once appearing on the Merv Griffin Show.  As a model, she also appeared in the major magazines Reader's Digest and Redbook.  Because of this work, she has been able to travel over half of the world and has visited many Sacred Power Spots.

In 1985 Dhyana was told by two physical Masters that there is an ancient tunnel that leads from Sedona, Arizona to Kauai, Hawaii.  This set her on a decade long search for entrances to this tunnel and others that span the entire planet.  She personally found entrances in Arizona, Hawaii and Colorado.  She gives lectures about her adventures whenever time and financial support allow.

Copies of her Inner Earth maps, a CD of a talk on Inner Earth for the 1996 Denver UFO Society and manuscript copies of her books may be purchased at:      http://theisleoflight.com/Catalog/Catalog.htm

For years Dhyana has scribed hundreds of  Ascension Lessons From Lady Masters, Intent Ceremonies and Moon Ceremonies attended by various male and female Masters, as well as animals and beings from other worlds. These messages and more are available on this website.

An Elementary Substitute School Teacher, Dhyana has also been trained in E.F.T., Hypnotherapy, Shiatsu Massage, Radiological Technology and other healing arts, Dhyana currently lives in Salina, Kansas and paints whenever she has time.
She may be reached at:   whitebuffaloenterprises@yahoo.com


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