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Spiritual Techniques

More On Help From Your Dreams

By Robert Shapiro
April 11, 2008
There's a place, not difficult to find, in the hearts of all human beings. I'm going to instruct you how to find it now.

Take your 3 long fingers of your left hand and place them, just the finger tips, over your heart. Then pressing the finger tip that's the lowest, then the next lowest, then the highest. Repeat that pattern 3 times - pressing slightly, then pressing the next one slightly and so on and do that pattern three times. This will activate that area in your heart.

What this does is to connect you as an individual to that portion of yourself that is beyond this realm. The advantage is that that portion of you will be able to communicate with you more directly now in your dreams.

So this is how to use that skill. Ask out loud, before you go to sleep, a question stated as simply as possible about your life. You must say it out loud. It would be best if no one else could hear you so you can whisper it if you like as long as the sound is audible. Then do that gesture one more time and then you may go to sleep or otherwise engage yourself before you go to sleep.

There is a good chance, at least one in three, that if you do this you will get an answer in your dream though I cannot guarantee you will recall it when you wake up.

It will as always come through symbolically in the dream state. So this is how you will know if it's accurate. If it is something benevolent - meaning positive - good for you and good for others - it is most likely the answer because that other portion of you can only give things that are benevolent - meaning good for you and good for others.

If it is harsh - harmful to you or harmful to others - it will not be from that source. And that is how you will know it is accurate.

I recommend you try this. I cannot guarantee it will work but for some of you it might be helpful.
Robert Shapiro


"Greetings, my name is Robert Shapiro. I have been a Professional Trance Channel, Mystic anRobert Shapirod Shaman for many many years now.

During this time I have been able to produce, either in whole or in part, over 30 books - most of which are published by Light Technology and most of which are still in print.

Now I would like to say a few things. For many years there has been a trend for just a few people to be noticed in New Age circles. I would like you to pause and make a 360 degree turn if you are able. Let your eyes fall on others, the trees, nature and so on.

It is important as always to pass on skills as I have been attempting to do on my blogs and other places so regardless of who I am, what I've done, where I've gone, etc. I want you all to look to yourselves for being not only those who will carry on but also for being those who will inspire, encourage and otherwise assist others on their pathway to a more benevolent world."
Robert Shapiro


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