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Through Suzan Caroll
November 12
, 2003

Welcome again to the Alycone. 
I am Mytria here to guide you.

We of the Pleiades wish you love. With our love, we can assist you in meeting your daily challenges. We can also assist you in finding your Path. Your old world is dying and is being replaced with a new one. Within this new world there will be changes that many from the old world will not be able to accept. There is to be an opening of
the veil of illusion that will allow those who dare, to see truths that have long been hidden. Since your planet is one of free will, these truths could only be hidden if the majority of the society did not want to see them. The majority is diminishing through old age, and through fear. 

Because of their fear, they will not allow themselves to see what is coming.  Therefore, their Souls are pulling them out. From their higher bodies they can be of service by possibly assisting in awakening some of the many who still slumber in the "ignorant bliss" of illusion. Illusion has created a reality that is familiar, and the familiarity feels safe. In the midst of the many changes that will escalate logarithmically, these people will cling to the old. However, the old is dying and if they cling to it, they will feel as though they are dying as well.

Many of you, however, are tired of the old and could never embrace it in the first place. It always felt like a lie to you, like the illusions it was. You may have realized that your old, familiar life is leaving.  Be not attached to it, for attachment retards change. ALL of you shall be among those who will openly embrace this change, and therefore, you shall be among the leaders in the new reality that is being created. It is in the TRUTH that you will blossom.

Now, dear ones, allow yourselves to re-visit your home on the Pleiades.  As you think of your home, set your intention on visiting it, and as soon as you remember how it feels, you are instantly standing before it. You see that it appears to be small from the outside. However, when you move through the door-we say move through the door because there does not appear to be a door-but once you desire to enter the dome, a door appears and you walk through it. Once you have entered your dome, you find that it is much larger than it appears from the outside. This is because we are a fifth dimensional society. Therefore, we are not bound by any constraints of space. You realize as you wander around your beautiful home that anything you desire instantly manifests.

This instant manifestation of whatever you need is one of the main reasons why our societies are so different.  We do not have to "work hard" to survive, or even to gain beautiful items.  We have no theft, for an item if lost can be instantly replaced.  We have no money or system of barter, as we can freely create everything that is ours to have.  Therefore, we have no greed, no thievery, no stress, and in fact, we have no illness.  We are all Lightbodies, which never age or "break down."  So what do we do with ourselves, your human self asks?  We serve.  We serve lower dimensional aspects of our self who are in need, we serve worlds that are developing and evolving, but most important, we serve the Source.  We also visit our Violet Temple regularly, for we are evolving in the light as well, and we visit higher dimensions, just as you are about to do.

Are you ready now to visit our Violet Temple?  Once there, you will be able to enter the Violet Fire of Transmutation. I am one of the Guardians of The Sacred Violet Fire.  Even though I am a guardian of the Sacred Flame, there is no need to guard The Flame from danger as no one here would damage it.  Beings of the fifth dimension all know that whatever we do to anyone, or anything, we do to ourselves as well.  Therefore, I do not exactly guard the Flame. It would be more correct to say that I assist those who wish to enter it. 

The Sacred Fire is a porthole through which anyone in fifth dimensional form or consciousness can enter and travel anywhere in the universe.  When fifth dimensional beings feel that they have completed the reality that they are experiencing, they transmute their body back into its higher dimensional form.  On the other hand, if they wish to travel to another dimension or location, but they wish to return to their present reality at the end of their journey, they project the essence of their consciousness into The Sacred Fire.  Their fifth dimensional body will be cared for while their consciousness is traveling.  I, Mytria, am one of those who oversee that process.  Therefore, I guess it would be better to say that I guard the body of the traveler rather than the Flame.  However, my title is, Keeper of the Flame.

Because of the great transition taking place on Earth, we are offering the Flame to humans for a different purpose; this purpose is the transmutation and purification of your third and fourth dimensional consciousness.  When you go the Mystery Schools of our Temple, you will be instructed in grounding your new consciousness in your physical form.  Once your new consciousness is grounded in earth vessel, you will be much more receptive to meeting, communicating with, and downloading your fifth dimensional selves.  It is the integration of your fifth dimensional SELF into your lower bodies that will initiate your ascension process.  The main challenge during this integration process is the care and maintenance of your physical form that is being barraged with higher vibrations.  However, when your consciousness is cleansed of old fears, it will greatly facilitate the transmutation of your physical vessel.

Feel in your mind whether it is time for you to enter the Violet Fire. It is by entering this Flame that you will begin the process of awakening your Lightbody lying latent within your physical form.  Come, I KNOW that you are ready, and the chime for the Violet Temple summons us to enter. 

Focus your heart and mind upon the Temple, and you will
find yourself there in a flash.

Take a long moment to allow your eyes to calibrate to
the vision of the great Violet Temple.

How do you perceive the Violet Temple?

You could calibrate your attention to your personal perception, or you could calibrate your attention to the group perception, such as you are doing now.

Take a moment and see your personal perception of the

Now re-align your perception to see the group's

The group's perception of the Violet Temple is that it
resembles a huge amethyst geode with many high towers.

You may choose to participate in the group perception.
Or, you may choose to calibrate your attention to your
personal perception.

With either scenario, there appears to be no door until you desire to enter the Temple. At the moment of that desire, huge golden doors

See before you the Golden Doors...
How big are these doors?
Place yourself directly in front of the doors...

Can you feel the heat of this higher vibration as it emanates from the doors? Can you hear the buzz of the higher frequencies, like a million fireflies?

Are you ready to enter the doors?
Are you ready to remove the veils of illusion that have clouded your vision of the Truth?

When you are ready, step towards the doors. As you step towards them, they seem to move closer to you. Feel the call in your heart to step through these doors. With your mind, step across the threshold. Feel this transition in your body.

You are glowing now.

You are covered with, and made of, the same golden light as the doors.

Take a long moment to adjust to this new way of being.
Feel that you are lighter than air and buoyant as a feather...

Your physical body is perfectly still, as your movement is in your consciousness.

Patiently await your personal Guide.

As you enter the Violet Temple, you find yourself in a main entryway.  Take a moment to perceive your personal experience of this main entryway.

The group experience is that it is enormous, with seven sparking pillars and a stairway built of amethyst that leads up, up, up to the higher levels of the Temple. 

There are also seven hallways that move out in a circular fashion from the central foyer.  As you stand in the foyer, see your personal guide coming down the stairway to greet you, and take you to the room of the Violet Flame. Take a moment to determine your personal perception of your guide. Feel a moment of connection with your guide.

Follow your guide up the stairway, step by step, slowly and rhythmically.

Along the stairway there are many floors, with a mezzanine on each floor offering a walkway to many doors. Your guide will take you to your floor and to your door, the door that is perfect for your vibration, for your resonance, as is the floor to which your guide has led you.

As you enter the door, there is an ante-chamber. When you enter this ante-chamber your guide gives you a robe and exits through a door at the opposite end of the small room.

Take a long moment and see your robe. What is the color?
How do YOU feel when you touch it?
How does the robe feel when you touch it?

Now shed all that you have worn before, and put on this robe.  How do you feel when you wear this robe? The high vibration of your robe will alter your consciousness if you attune to it.  appear that open in a welcoming fashion.

When you are ready, follow your guide into the other room where your guide has been awaiting you. There are benches lining the opposite sides of this small room. Sit down across from your guide in preparation of your entry into
the Violet Flame...

Take a long moment now, and listen.  What are the words that your guide speaks to you? Confer with your guide to determine the "intention" to carry into the Flame that will best assist your transmutation... Set that intention in your heart and mind so that you will remember it while in the Flame.

When you are ready, your guide will lead you through the door at the other end of this room, which opens into a huge circular room that is many stories high.  On each floor there is a mezzanine, much like the other mezzanines, except that this mezzanine faces an enormous Violet Flame.  This Sacred Flame is grounded many stories beneath you and blazes upward many stories above you. The vision of this Flame is almost overwhelming, but it radiates such pure love and acceptance that any fear is comforted.

Although the Flame burns violet, it radiates many other colors as well.  Some of these colors you have never seen, as they can only be perceived in the higher frequencies.  All the colors shimmer and vibrate to a symphony of Light.  Each colored light emanates a different tone, which harmonizes with all the other tones.  Within this Flame you can see stars, planets and galaxies that are being born, prospering and dying.   

Take a long moment to feel your emotions. Remember the intention you have set. When you are ready, your guide will gently touch you on the shoulder. At the count of three, you will jump into the Flame-without doubt, without fear.

Are you ready?
Are you ready to let go?
Are you ready to take the leap, the leap of faith?

Your guide touches your shoulder and One, two, three,
take the leap, take the leap NOW.

Multidimensional News by,

Permission is given to freely to share this as long as it remains in its entirety and proper credit is given, including this statement.  Thank you.
~Dhyana Markley~



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