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Spiritual Techniques



By Dhyana Markley

June 10, 2008

This technique, requested by Thoth, will work alone or in conjunction with his Ascended Masters Speak discourse, "Following the Path of Knowing" dated June 9, 2008.

One of the most important things to remember when you are attempting to get in touch with your Higher Self or make contact with any individual of any other realm is that YOU MUST ALWAYS BE AWARE OF HOW YOU FEEL.

A feeling of discomfort of any kind is NOT a "go ahead signal" to continue in your current direction or with the information you are receiving.  This is your Higher Self telling you to "watch out", you are getting some bad information or that you are not balanced, open or loving enough to receive accurately.

It is key for anyone attempting any spiritual technique to make contact in the higher worlds, to first BE at a point of total relaxation, with an open heart filled with love or at least good will, and a clear mind. 

It is essential that you feel in a state of peace and joy or perhaps detached joy or happiness.

It is essential that you completely surround yourself with a Diamond Shield, usually shaped like an egg, for protection from unwanted influences and WILL that it always be there.

It is also desirable to do any other cleansing, clearing or balancing techniques that you feel might be necessary, before you continue.

It is essential that you fill yourself with Golden-White Light by "breathing" and "imagining" this Liquid Light flowing into the top of your head at your Crown Chakra; filling your entire body; then flowing out from your Universal Heart.  There should be a continuous flow of Golden-White Liquid Light in, out and about you during the entire ceremony you are conducting.

In my experience, it is essential to sing or chant, inwardly or outwardly, one of the highest names of GOD:  either SUGMAD (pronounced SOOG MAHD) or HU (pronounced HUUU or HUGH).  Other words do not have the vibratory power to raise you high enough to connect with your Higher Self.

Once you are totally relaxed, peaceful and in joy: 
FORM THE INTENT mentally to meet with your Higher Self and
ASK It to meet with you upon a plane or within a dimension where you can remain conscious enough to remember what you learn and to perhaps write it down for later reference.

In the beginning especially, it is important to keep notes or a journal about what you are receiving and the specific technique(s) you used to accomplish your goals.  Although mental, this will greatly aid you in discovering what works best for you so that later you can use it most of the time in all of the ceremonies that make up your life.


~Were you feeling good or tired or sick when you tried this technique?
~What name of GOD did you use?
~Does one name of GOD seem to work better than another?
~What emotions did you feel?
~What did you see on the screen of your mind or within your imagination?
~What words did you hear, if any?
~What words did you think you might have heard in one way or another?
~What symbols did you see (i.e. animals, people, places)?
~What colors did you see?
~How did the colors, symbols, words, etc. make you feel?
~Do you feel it was a successful ceremony?
~What do you feel is the main thing you learned?

(Add any additional questions that you think or feel will be helpful.)

A "feeling" will tell you if your Higher Self is in agreement to a meeting at this time. 

If the answer is NO, you will get an uncomfortable feeling.  If this is the case, perhaps you aren't as relaxed, peaceful and loving as you think you are.  Maybe you are sick or too tired. 

Be aware of any negative thoughts or preconceived ideas about what you are going to hear if or when you make contact.  Many people have egos in such control that they are ripe and ready for the picking by dark individuals and are easily lied to.  This is especially true when you feel angry, demanding, unhappy, powerless or unworthy. 

It is also true that the more aware you are, the more tempting it becomes for the dark to try to influence you.  Part of your education is to recognize the dark within yourself and with love "choose" not to abide by it.  Dark influences will also be unable to penetrate your Diamond egg-shaped Shield around you, unless you allow it. (i.e., you let your guard down; take drugs, chocolates, caffeine, alcoholic drinks, etc.)

If the answer from your Higher Self is "YES, I will meet with you," a warm feeling of love will flow over you.  It is usually a gentle, comfortable knowingness that enables you totally feel relaxed and "at Home"... with YOU, because it IS you... the best you... the wisest you... the highest you... that is hooked into all knowledge, All That Is.  You will suddenly have a vision or knowingness that all of you within and upon all planes and dimensions are hooked up together and functioning in perfect harmony.

But even if you are truly hooked into your Higher Self, It can only tell you things that you are somewhat aware of already.  If you have been given a glimpse of a Truth, then you will often be able to grasp it in a larger, greater context if aided by your Higher Self.

If you are told something by your Higher Self, or even a Master for that matter, and it is totally outside of the range of your experience, you will probably utterly disregard it or think it a lie until you take this information in open-minded contemplation and seek to understand what has been imparted to you.  If you seek within with a true openness to Truth, you will be gentle with yourself and others as each of you learn more and more about Truth yourselves.

Remember, most of us have been programmed with lies since the moment we were born.  Everything from the necessity for circumcision and baptism to one color race is better than another, to anything that bites is bad, to.... well, you get what I mean.  Even people who loved us dearly have lied to us for their convenience or because they too had been lied to and were just perpetuating that lie. 

So, give yourself a break when you hear a Truth from a loving source that sets you back a bit.  Maybe it is a test, and a lie, but maybe, just maybe, it is a Higher Truth.

Your Higher Self will often say things that crack open the box that you have placed yourself into... a box which limits your ability to recognize who you truly are.

Your Higher Self WANTS to connect with you in the best possible way; the most accurate, truthful, benevolent and loving way.

The final key for today... KNOW that one day you will be fully integrated with your Higher Self and will stand powerfully in that awareness.

Feel free to use this technique anytime.

Permission is given to freely to share this as long as it remains in its entirety and proper credit is given, including this statement.  Thank you.
~Dhyana Markley~



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