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Spiritual Techniques



By Dhyana Markley

I have been using this technique for years and it is one of the most successful ones I have ever shared.  Others often give me feedback as to how easy it works and successful the outcomes.

Please do not be concerned if you do not see or hear everything that is said and done.  Just keep imagining it in your mind's eye.  What is important are your "intentions" and the "feelings" you get during and after the meeting between you.  You will KNOW when the situation is resolved or at least improved by the way that you feel and their response to you the next time you speak with them.

The technique is as follows:

It is essential that this technique be done at night or a time when you are SURE the person you have conflict with, is asleep.  If they are awake their lower self will probably block or prevent success because the distractions in their daily life will make it difficult for their Higher Self to meet with you on a higher level of consciousness.

Ask a Master that you love and respect to join you and stand by during this ceremony, so you don't accidentally try to force your will upon the other person.  Forcing your will upon any other individual is a form of black magic and an action that creates karma for you that must be resolved in some way.  Having a Master nearby during this ceremony usually lessens the possibility of you misusing your power and influence on another while they are asleep.

Next "INVITE" that person to join you and the Master on the "HIGHEST PLANE OF MUTUAL CONSCIOUSNESS".  It doesn't matter which plane or dimension this is.   It IS important that you both be above the emotional energy level that created or worsened your conflict in the first place.

Tell them they can invite their favorite Master or Guide to the meeting as well.  This is so they will feel "safe" being with you.

Once both of you (or all three or more of you) are there, explain that you would like to resolve your conflict with them in a most peaceful and benevolent way.

In as loving a manner as you can muster, explain how YOU feel about the situation; what you have perceived from how they have acted toward you; and how that has made you feel.

 Then ask them how THEY feel about the situation.
LISTEN carefully to them and the exact words they use.
Please don't try to put your words or thoughts into their mouth.  They will often say something totally unexpected that will explain many reasons for the conflict, of which you were not previously aware.

Ask for clarification from them if something is not crystal clear to you or you feel they are holding back.

Please don't interrupt or talk until they are finished explaining their side of the story. 

When they are through speaking, ask them how THEY think the two of you can harmoniously resolve the issue(s) between you.

If necessary you can invite another individual who is involved in this problem to join you upon this Highest Plane of Mutual Consciousness.**

Almost always everyone involved comes to some kind of harmonious resolution.  Humans truly are peace loving individuals and added chaos in their life is rarely desired, so everyone is motivated to resolve differences and conflict.

Personally I like to hug and kiss everyone when I say goodbye and thank them for coming.  Perhaps you will do this too or maybe, shake hands or bow to them as a sign of respect.

**If more than one person is involved and appears to be making the situation even more difficult for everyone involved, do this same technique with them, each in a separate session, unless you feel strongly that a "group" session would be better.  Follow your own inner guidance in this, as in all things.

A Special Personal Note

I did this technique one Friday night with a boss who was sharp with me earlier that day.  Monday morning  he brought me flowers saying that he didn't like the way he left things between us the following Friday.  I happened to mention to a co-worker the technique I had used, since everybody heard him yelling at me the previous Friday and now saw a dozen roses on my desk.  My boss heard enough of our conversation to come out and ask me what we were talking about.  I explained it all to him.  He just shrugged and said that he didn't want any conflict between us.

This technique works for me EVERY TIME.

Permission is given to freely to share this as long as it remains in its entirety and proper credit is given, including this statement.  Thank you.
~Dhyana Markley~



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