In 1995 or thereabouts, Spider Woman and I had a series of
seven conversations about the Seven Sacred Objects she
was holding for each of Seven Tribes:
These seven messages are now available at my website, 
In ten years of Moon Ceremonies I did with Spider Woman in
attendance, she rarely said a word, but when she did, everyone
listened closely.  It was amazing for me to have these more
intimate conversations with her.
Later it became obvious that her messages are not just
for the seven tribes mentioned, but for all  tribes and all peoples
of the world.  As I reread and retyped the messages, getting
them ready for my website,  I realized how timely they are now. 
No wonder she'd been nudging me lately to get them out
to a wider audience.
Both Spider Woman and I hope you will find this series of
service and an aid to the ascension of All That Is.
Dhyana Markley



Scribed by Dhyana Markley

"Spider Woman, please join me at your convenience to continue our
work on the Seven Sacred Objects."  My voice calls to her beyond space
and time.  I know we will meet in the Now.  I turn my head and see
her seated on a rug in my bedroom as before, but now with only three
lines of objects in front of her and four lines to her right side.

"Tonight we will work with the Osage objects," she says as she picks
up the first item.  She holds it in both hands about a foot from
her face, studies it a moment, then holds it out for me to see. 
It is a little, leather Drum, round, about two inches in diameter and
two inches high. There is one leather-wrapped drum stick attached
to a side string on the Drum.  There are also some painted symbols
on its sides, but I see none on the top or bottom skins.

"This Drum is to remind the Osage that communication through
 the heart center is desired for them at this time.  A Drum which sings
deeply can vibrate the rib cage and all organs within.  This vibration can
harmonize all of the organs in that area of the body and communication
can be made on a more primitive or basic level.  Still, the heart should
be the focus, for unconditional love is the attitude or intent that is
best to send the thoughts and feelings to be communicated, whether
to an individual or to the masses.  The Osage need to communicate
with their hearts."

Spider Woman places the Drum to her right, starting a new line, then
picks up another object from in front of her.  She holds it up to her nose
and sniffs it.  It appears to me to be a dried yellow flower, like a daisy.

She holds it up and I see it turn into a white puff ball, like the
seeds from a dandelion.  She blows and scatters the seeds.
"It is a Dandelion.  See how its seeds are sent out into
the world by a small breath and then the wind takes over,
scattering and transporting them to their destiny."

I nod my head in response.

"The Osage are to become more like the Dandelion Seeds.  They
have become too sedentary in their movements and need to scatter
more and plant themselves in new surroundings so that they can
learn new things and share the gifts of their lives with others. 
It is time for them to relearn Oneness, not just among themselves,
but with the world.  Old attitudes have kept them separate from
so called "outsiders" and they have held this separateness as an
honor and a blessing.  This is no longer a useful attitude for them to
carry, for it is time to bring all brothers and sisters into their households
and share everything.  If they do not hoard their gifts from Great Spirit,
they will be pleasantly surprised with the results."

Spider Woman lays the Dandelion next to the little Drum, then picks
up the next sacred object.  She holds up a little, black thing with
dangling legs for me to see.  It looks like a stink bug.

"This is our friend the Insect.  It doesn't matter exactly which species
he is, for he is but a representative of all Insects."  She moves the
little bug to the palm of her left hand, and looks at it as she continues. 
"Many people see nothing good in bugs.  They see them as destructive
and of no value... but nothing could be further from the truth.  What is
needed is to live in greater harmony with all life, especially the Insect. 

"It is true that many Insects eat crops, but it is good to remember
that they are low on the food chain and are food themselves for many
others.  Bats and birds eat them.  In Africa and Australia the aborigine
often eat ants and beetles.  They are very high in protein and other food
nutrients.  This Insect is to remind the Osage that it is necessary to
research all forms of life and to learn to live in harmony with them. 
If a predator is necessary to keep the Insect population low, then
knowledge about them will produce the best natural predator to help out
in a specific situation.  This goes for many other situations in life also."

She places the little Insect next to the Dandelion, then picks up the
next object from the Osage line.  It appears to be a yellow Butterfly. 
She tosses it up into the air and it begins to fly about, darting here and there. 
We both watch it for several minutes.  Finally she puts her hand up, her
index finger out for a perch.  The Butterfly lands then transforms back
into an inanimate object.

"The Butterfly is a symbol for the Osage because it represents an
individual that goes from a caterpillar to a beautiful Butterfly.  It represents
transformation.  It represents going from limitations to a more unlimited
state of freedom.  It gives hope to the many who believe themselves to be
only a lowly caterpillar.  In truth, we are all Butterflies... beautiful and free. 
But it is difficult to always remember when the trials and tribulations of
life are overwhelming."

"That's a great symbol for many people."

"Indeed."  She places the Butterfly next to the black Insect.  She pauses for
a moment or two and studies the remaining three in the Osage line. 
Finally she picks up the next one.

I can not see what she now holds.  She blows on it then sings to it. 
I still can not see the object.  I wait, knowing she will explain.

When she looks up, she smiles at me.  "This is a precious little thing." 
She reaches out her right hand to me and in her palm I see a living,
tiny blue bird, a Hummingbird.  "They are such joy filled creatures. 
They shiver and shake with joy as they flit from flower to flower, always
happy to share the pollen they pick up from one flower with another. 
Up, down, backwards, forwards, all directions are the same to them. 
They just fly from one beautiful creation to another and the song the
Hummingbird sings is to remind Osage that there is joy in life and
they can find beauty in all of creation.  It also reminds them that what
they learn from one individual, they can share with others, thereby
helping them to grow and reproduce in joy."

Spider Woman smiles at the little Hummingbird, as if remembering
all of its attributes even more fully and truly, the gently places it beside
the Butterfly.  She next picks up the sixth Osage item.

I rub my eyes.  They are beginning to blur, to tire. 
"What is that object?  I'm having a little trouble seeing it."

"It is Birch Bark."  She holds it out for me to see.  It appears to be an
elongated piece of dried bark, about one inch wide by three inches long.

"Birch Bark is a symbol for the shields the Osage feel they must
carry against those who would attack them.  It was used in the past
to make shields and those shields were very necessary when used in
battle and as Dream Shields or Shields of Valor and accomplishment...
but today it is important that all of these shields be always carried
"within" the individual rather than on the outside.  Knowing that you are
one with Great Spirit and that you are always protected may be done
more effectively with "intent" than with a physical shield.  Also, knowing
that which you are and that which you have accomplished might also be
better reflected from within than from without.  Self-confidence is conveyed
by the body in the way one walks and communicates.  It is no longer
necessary or desirable to display material things to impress upon others
that one is worthy or successful."

Spider Woman sits the Birch Bark next to the Hummingbird, then
picks up the final Osage object.

I stretch for a few moments before looking over to see what it is.
I yawn a couple of time, then look closer to see what she is holding. 
It appears to be a small toy Rifle.

"It is a Rifle, but it's not what you would think it is for... it is not
for killing or protection."

I am confused.  "What else could a Rifle be for if not for killing
game, killing people during wars or protection?"

"It is a reminder of the past... a painful past, I must admit, but
the past.  Most often I recommend that one always live in the Now,
not the past or the future.  However, this time I think it is appropriate
for the Osage to contemplate for awhile on the past and how it has
influenced their Now.  Remember, no one is truly a victim.  We all are
participants in the creation of our futures whether you think this is true
or not.  This is to remind them to look back and see what attitudes
and choices were made that have manifested in their current reality
and learn from them.  For the attitudes and choices they make today
will greatly influence their tomorrows."

I am satisfied with her answer.  "Anything else?  That was number
seven, you know."

She smiles at me as she gets up from her place on the floor. 
"That will do for today.  I'll see you tomorrow."

"Tomorrow then,"  I respond and call it a day.

This may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety and full credit
is given to Dhyana Markley and

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