In 1995 or thereabouts, Spider Woman and I had a series of
seven conversations about the Seven Sacred Objects she
was holding for each of Seven Tribes:
These seven messages are now available at my website, 
In ten years of Moon Ceremonies I did with Spider Woman in
attendance, she rarely said a word, but when she did, everyone
listened closely.  It was amazing for me to have these more
intimate conversations with her.
Later it became obvious that her messages are not just
for the seven tribes mentioned, but for all  tribes and all peoples
of the world.  As I reread and retyped the messages, getting
them ready for my website,  I realized how timely they are now. 
No wonder she'd been nudging me lately to get them out
to a wider audience.
Both Spider Woman and I hope you will find this series of
service and an aid to the ascension of All That Is.
Dhyana Markley



Scribed by Dhyana Markley

Spider Woman is already seated and waiting
when I enter the room.

"That last row in front of you looks rather lonely," I tease,
hoping to get her to crack a smile.  She gifts me with one.

"It doesn't have to be.  There are still many things that are lost
to our brothers and sisters.  I could probably write a book,
with your help."

"Maybe later.  There are so many things demanding my attention
right now, that I don't want to commit to another book just yet. 
But when I have time, I'd love to.  I promised to work with the
Animal Master, Prajapati, over two years ago and haven't made
time yet.  Good thing we work above time and space.  I know
things will get done when they truly need to be."  I turn my head
and look at her still smiling face.  "Now, who is the seventh tribe?"

"It is the Ojibwa, also known by their French given name of Chippewa." 
She picks up the first object from the last line in front of her and cups
it in both hands.  She gently blows on it for a few moments, puts the
object into her right palm, then holds it out for me to see.  It appears
to be a very small bird, perhaps a Wren.  It flaps its wings then hops
around on her hand.  She nudges it with a finger and it takes flight. 
We both watch the bird until it finally lands on the back of
her right hand.

"It is a Wren."  Once again she has answered my thoughts. 
"This Wren is a symbol of the Air Creatures for the Ojibwa/Chippewa. 
I am not speaking just of Birds, but Clouds, Spirits and Air Elementals
as well.  I speak also of the Wind and Rain and even the Snow. 
All of these things are beings... Creatures of the Air.  There are
also creatures that ARE the Air.  Whenever any individual inhales,
millions of these minute creatures enter the body and mingle
with everything within.  Upon an exhale, millions of them leave
the body.  Yes, we are breathing living things."

She pauses a few moments to make sure I have grasped the
concept.  I think I have.  She continues.  "When we are aware
of life and consciousness at such a minute level, it helps us
to realize that our physical body is like an entire Universe to
something as small as an atom or cell.  Once we can realize
that, it is only a small step to understanding All That Is or that
which is known as GOD."

"But why did you choose a Wren?"

"It could have been any bird but I picked the Wren because it is
very small, to remind me of the small particles of conscious
beings that are found in the air."

I nod my head with understanding.  Spider Woman kisses
the Wren and it solidifies.  She then places it in a new line to
her right.  She turns back to the remaining line in front of her
and picks up the next item.  She giggles as she looks at it,
remembering.  Her giggles makes me smile.

She holds out the object in her right hand for me to see. 
It appears to be a Beaded Circle with mostly white beads. 
There are some black beads and some red ones.  The
center bead is black, surrounded by about one-quarter inch
of white beads, then a circle of single strand red beads. 
The red beads are encircled by white beads of about one
inch, then the outer edge is of black beads with a short
string of red beads at the top.

"What is it about this Beaded Circle that makes you laugh?"

"It reminds me of the Sacred White Buffalo, only in reverse. 
Instead of the White Buffalo in the center of the herd being
surrounded and protected by the brown or black buffalo,
it is just the opposite... Dark is surrounded by Light. 
I am often amused by things that are just the opposite
of what they seem.  I chose this symbol for the Ojibwa
because it reminds me of opposites.

"Too often an individual thinks that their way of doing things
is the best way... the ONLY way.  You can imagine how boring
that is.  Harmony is good but always experiencing like thinking
is very boring and does NOT stimulate spiritual growth.  It is
good to consider the opposite in all situations."

Spider Woman sets the Beaded Circle next to the Wren then
picks up another object from in front of her.  She holds it
between the thumb and first finger of her right hand
and looks closely at it.  It is difficult for me to see.

"What is it?"

"This is an object that is necessary for all individuals to
know about.  It is a sacred object to some and just a plain old
Spool to others.  See how most of the thread is gone.  Only a
short thread is left, clinging to it.  Imagine what might have
been sewn by this thread.  Maybe a child's dress or a man's
ceremonial shirt, perhaps a piece of clothing was repaired. 
It is such a simple thing, but such an important one.  Before
thread was used, the people used sinew.  Both are good
symbols for the creation of objects, those necessary to protect
and fulfill life.  This Spool is to remind the Ojibwa to create
their own necessary objects.  They may accomplish this in very
creative ways, sewing the fabric of their own lives and
becoming free in the process."

Spider Woman places the Spool next to the Beaded Circle then
picks up the next item.  It appears to be a Dream Catcher.

"Yes, It's a Dream Catcher.  This is to remind the Ojibwa to make
an effort to remember their dreams and to record them in some way. 
They might also want to share their dreams with their families
when they break their fast in the morning.

"Dreams may be many things but for the most part they are
glimpses into our other lives on other dimensions and on other worlds. 
They are as real and sometimes even more real than that which is
considered this life.  Both dreams and nightmares are important. 
Dreams often connect an individual with the Cosmic Consciousness
that can be difficult to experience in the awakened state. 
Nightmares teach about fear and the shadow side of the individual
and how to embrace the illusion of imperfection within and without."

She puts the Dream Catcher down next to the Spool then picks
up the next object from the Ojibwa line.  She sings to it for a few
minutes as I watch and listen.

When her song ends, a tear falls onto her cheek.  She wipes it
with the back of her hand.  "This object is sacred to me.  It may
or may not be to others."  She holds it out so I can see what
she is talking about.

"It is a Leaf from a Willow.  Not the brush Willow, but the
Weeping Willow tree,  It reminds me to tell the Ojibwa that
tears can be good.  Tears clean.  Tears relax and enable the
Spirit Force to fill the body and help the individual to get in touch
with their Higher Self... their knowing self... their creativity.  Too
long have the Ojibwa put on a brave face and not shed their tears. 
It is time.  They will not cry their tears forever, but it is necessary
so that they can forgive the pains of the past, forget and move on."

She gently places the Willow Leaf next to the Dream Catcher then
picks up the next to last object in the Ojibwa line.  As she holds it,
she sings another song.  Different from the one she sang earlier. 
When her song ends, she holds out her hand, the object in it,
for me to see.

Before my thought is even formed she says,
"It is a Twig from the Ancient Tree of Life."

I would never have guessed this. 
"It looks like a common, ordinary, old Twig to me."

"It may look common, but it isn't.  In any life there are only
a few things that are truly extraordinary.  Their energy is not
common to that time and place and their purpose for being
there is not common.  So it is with this little Twig.  It retains
all of the memories of its relatives and what it has been a part of. 
It is not obvious to the untrained, but it is there for anyone who
knows how to obtain the secrets of this wonderful little Twig. 
There is much that can be learned from this small piece of wood.

"It is a symbol for the Ojibwa/Chippewa because many of them
have forgotten to respect and honor the simplest of things.  There
is a need to be more humble, to dig deeper into the essence
of all things and to learn about them.  The psychic abilities of
many have been stifled or blocked and this is not of benefit
to the Ojibwa or any of humankind at this point in their unfoldment. 
For these abilities are natural and important for the further unfolding
into the Self-realized and God-realized states of consciousness. 
This is to remind everyone, especially the Ojibwa, to honor their
gut feelings and knowings and to take action on those feelings. 
Also, if they see a Spirit individual from another dimension or
vibration out of the corner of their eye, know that it is real and
possible and share the experience with someone else,
even though others may not have yet had that experience
for themselves."

Spider Woman lays the Twig from the Tree of Life next to the
Weeping Willow Leaf and grasps the final object in the Ojibwa
line.  She holds it up.

"This is a Star.  Oh, not a piece of an actual Star but it might be. 
This is to remind the Ojibwa of the Star Brothers and Star Sisters. 
Some remember them, but it is time for all to remember and
make this knowing a greater reality to them.  These Star Brothers
and Sisters are ready to make contact with the Ojibwa and all
must be made ready.  There is no reason to fear this contact. 
It is all a part of the plan for Oneness."

She lays the small, gold Star next to the Twig then clasps her hands
and drops them into the lap of her skirt.  "Well... we did it." 
She smiles from ear to ear.

"That we did," I reply.  I am grinning too. 
"I am looking forward to next time."

"Me too."  She blows me a kiss, then disappears.

"Thank you."  My voice calls after her.

"You are welcome," her fading voice responds. 
"And thank you."

Then there is silence.

This may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety and full credit
is given to Dhyana Markley and

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