In 1995 or thereabouts, Spider Woman and I had a series of
seven conversations about the Seven Sacred Objects she
was holding for each of Seven Tribes:
These seven messages are now available at my website, 
In ten years of Moon Ceremonies I did with Spider Woman in
attendance, she rarely said a word, but when she did, everyone
listened closely.  It was amazing for me to have these more
intimate conversations with her.
Later it became obvious that her messages are not just
for the seven tribes mentioned, but for all  tribes and all peoples
of the world.  As I reread and retyped the messages, getting
them ready for my website,  I realized how timely they are now. 
No wonder she'd been nudging me lately to get them out
to a wider audience.
Both Spider Woman and I hope you will find this series of
service and an aid to the ascension of All That Is.
Dhyana Markley



Scribed by Dhyana Markley

"Spider Woman, is this a good time to meet?"  My voice sings through
 the ethers, above space and time, to the ears of my friend.

"Yes, this is a good time," she replies.  Within an instant she stands beside me.

"The Great Purifier asked me to ask you some questions."

"He could ask me himself," she responds.  She takes a seat near me.

"He does not yet believe you are who we know you are. 
He has given me some questions to ask you and if you answer
them correctly, he will then believe you are who I say you are."

"It is good not to be gullible and always believe whatever you are told,
but I do not have to prove who I am to anyone.  If that were so,
I would be having to prove myself every second of every day and,
since I have more important work to do, I choose not to do this most
of the time."  Spider woman moves a large, leather pouch previously
on her lap, onto the floor to her left.

"What's in the pouch?"

"You'll see."  She then pulls on the drawstrings to open it. 
She gently lifts the closed end of the pouch with her left hand and
slowly, as each item emerges, picks it up and places it in one of
several rows in front of her.

I watch, wondering.  Are they the items the Great Purifier asked about
or just ones that she wants to show me for some reason?

When the final item is drawn from her pouch and placed in one of
the seven rows before her, she looks up at me and says,
"I am ready."

"Okay.  The Great Purifier... and he says not to use the word 'Great'... anyway,
he says that there are seven tribes who each lost seven sacred objects
and the finding of these items will help to eventually reunite all of the tribes. 
It has something to do with a time sequence people have been waiting for."

She looks me directly in the eyes.  "This is true.  Although what was lost
was not only the sacred objects but the memory of why the objects
were considered sacred in the first place.  A sacred object is often only a symbol
or reflection of that which is to be remembered by the keeping of it.  Yet, in the
truest sense of the word, nothing is ever really lost."

I nod my agreement as she continues.

"These objects before me are to remind me what has been misplaced
by the seven tribes.  They are not the actual sacred objects that were lost."  
She leans over and picks up one of the objects in front of her. 
"This is from the Hopi.  It is a doll, a very small Kachina.  This is the Kachina of
Harvest.  Because this doll was not properly cared for in the Past and because
the Hopi have not remembered the sacred ways of working in harmony with
Mother Earth, they have had to endure many hardships that would not have been
necessary had they remembered and honored their old ways."

She places the small Kachina on her right then picks up
another object from the same line of items.

"This is a Bear.  Bear is the symbol for introspection.  The Hopi have forgotten
to look within for the answers to their daily problems.  They have forgotten the
ways of Maasauu and no longer ask anyone's permission before they take action. 
This is agreeable when your actions affect only yourself but when your actions
affect others, it is necessary to consider what effect your actions will have on them."
She then puts the small Bear next to the Kachina on her right.

The next item she picks up is a plain, Golden Ring.  She holds it up so that I
can see it clearly.  "This ring is a symbol for the continuity of life... how golden
it is... how never ending... how complete.  See how it shines when the light
hits it, like a golden Sun.  It is also a reminder of the preciousness of things
of Mother Earth.  This precious metal is an important part of her body.  It helps
keep her balanced and healthy and when it is removed without her permission,
especially in great quantities, it is very damaging to her." 
Spider Woman places the Golden Ring next to the Bear in the Hopi line to her right.

She next picks up an item and holds it close to her heart for several
moments.  "This one is dear to me."  Finally she opens both palms,
face up, and upon her palms lay a small feather. 
"This is the Feather of a Turkey."

"I thought you were going to say Eagle."

"Not this one."  She smiles.  "There are times when Turkey is more
important than Eagle.  Although it is always good to remember Eagle
as our connection to Great Spirit, it is equally important, and at this time
even more important, to remember the sharing that Turkey represents. 
Too long have people lived selfish lives, hoarding what little they have
and believing that there will never be enough.  Of course, you and I know
that is a fatal concept.  There is enough in the Universe for everyone.
 The Universe hates a Void, therefore always rushes to fill it.  You and I
both know that whatever we give away will always return to us if
we need it and if we don't, then why not give it away."
"I can see why you say Turkey is important at this time.  There is so much
need around the world today, what with the wars and natural disasters."

Spider Woman nods her head then picks up another object from the Hopi line
in front of her.  This time it is a little Bell, like a child would play with, on a strip of
leather.  Where the leather is tied together I see a red strip and a blue strip
of fabric tied into the knot.  She holds up the Bell by the leather and rings it
for several moments.  It makes me smile.

"It makes everyone smile, because Bells stimulate recall or happy
memories in everyone.  We remember the innocence and purity of our
childhood... animals playing with toys with Bells... Christmas time... being
called to dinner by a Bell... Sleigh Bells and even the sounds of Bells on
the Inner Planes which some churches use to stimulate buried memories. 
This Bell is to help remind us of all of these things and it does." 
She places the Bell next to the Turkey Feather on her right.

She pauses a moment to look at the next object in the Hopi line in front of her,
as if trying to remember something.  She then lifts up the object sixth in line,
leaving a space between the fifth and seventh objects. 
"This one was out of order, at least for the way I want to explain them."
She holds the sacred object up for me to see.  It looks like a wrinkled rock.
"This is a Dried Potato Skin."

I am astounded.  "But of what importance could such a
common thing be to the Hopi?"

"A Potato may appear common, but look closer." 
She hands the Dried Potato Skin to me. 

I turn it over in my hands to get a closer look.  It still looks like a wrinkled rock
to me but then, like most things in Nature, it starts to resemble a familiar form.
 What was it?  I can see what looks like roots coming out of certain places
in the skin... like the ones that grow on a green potato that you've stored
too long.  I am reluctant to mention the roots, so I hand it back to her.

"Everything and nothing is common, you know."
Spider Woman holds the Dried Potato Skin in her cupped hands. 
She pauses for several moments and just looks at the object.

"Why just the Skin of the Potato?  Why not a whole little Potato?"

"Remember, I told you that most of these objects were not sacred because of
what they are or their value to the Peoples, but what they represent.  The Potato
represents the new life that springs from that which has already been used,
 already served a purpose yet goes on giving.  From the Eyes of the Potato Skin,
new potatoes may be grown.  New life could spring forth from that which many
 would discard as waste.  Yet we both know there is no waste.  Some insect or
animal would have eaten it but then it would be gone.  True, it would serve
as food and help build and sustain the body, but it would no longer
reproduce, only fertilize.

Now, if one would cut the growing eyes along with some of the meat from
the Potato before cooking and eating the remaining potato, then those eyes
would grow new potatoes that you could cut the sprouting eyes from to grow
even more new potatoes.  Of course, another way would be to leave a
few potatoes from each crop planted in the ground to guarantee future
harvests.  But now, do you see how Nature will take care of us if we are
just a little more diligent and careful with what She shares?"

"That seems to be a good description of recycling."

Spider Woman smiles.  "You could put it that way.  I prefer to just remember its
message as one of honoring every little thing and of taking the time and interest
to dig deeper into the nature of things to discover all of its gifts."  She looks once
more at the Dried Potato Skin, then places it next to the Bell in the Hopi line to her
right.   I look at the two remaining objects, wondering which she will pick up next.

She gazes at the sacred objects for a few moments then reaches to pick up
the one that was previously fifth in line and is now sixth.  She holds it in
such a way that I have difficulty seeing it.

"What is that one?"

Spider Woman stretches out her hand, holding it so I can see the object better. 
It looks like a Dragonfly lure that was made by a fisherman to catch fish.

"Is it a Dragonfly?"

"It is," she responds.  "Dragonfly reminds us of times long ago when
Dragons roamed the hills and life was a truly magical experience.  There is
a story about a powerful and magical Dragon who got tricked into becoming
a small and weak insect so that the sorcerer who tricked him then had power
over him and made him stay that way."

For the next few moments, Spider Woman plays with the Dragonfly object. 
She puts it on the back of her hand, as if to do so would encourage it to fly away. 
Suddenly, to my surprise, it does!  It flits and flies around her head for about a minute
 then returns to he back of her hand and once again becomes an inanimate object.

"Dragonfly is to remind us that we are powerful beings, like Dragon, that have been
tricked into believing we are nothing more than weak insects.  You and I know
that no one really tricks any of us into living this life.  We all chose our individual
and collective paths.  But, it is true that most have forgotten they are truly powerful
because the sorcerers of this world, who would use their power, don't want them
to remember.  Dragonfly reminds us that it is time to wake up and shake off the
illusion of smallness and weakness and remember our power."
Spider Woman then takes the Dragonfly from the back of her left hand and
places it beside the Dried Potato Skin on her right.  She turns back and looks
at the final sacred object in the Hopi line in front of her. 

After a moment she reaches down and picks it up.  It is a Kernel of Yellow Corn. 
She holds it up as if it was a torch and she was the Statue of Liberty.  We both
laugh at her gesture.  It is such a small kernel that one can barely see it.

"Why a dried kernel of corn?"  I ask.  "It isn't even blue corn."

"No, it isn't blue corn. That would not be the correct symbol for that which
has been lost to the Hopi.  This Kernel of Yellow Corn represents the lost
people of the tribe.  Alone it has value, for with luck and plenty of good rain it
might produce a fine stalk alone and away from the cornfield.  But just think
how much better its chances would be if it were within the cornfield
being cared for by the farmer who planted the field.

"Now, think of these Kernels of Corn as the Children of the Tribe.  If one is
 planted in a good environment, nurtured and given plenty of warm sunlight,
healthy food, unconditional love and attention, then the odds that the
child will stay with the tribe and live to a ripe old age while contributing
to the tribe is perhaps, 50/50.  But if many are planted and nurtured,
the odds of some of them growing into fullness and contributing to the
tribe is greatly increased."

"That is a wonderful analogy.  But why yellow instead of blue corn?"

She answers, "Yellow is the color of the Sun, of warmth, of nurturing. 
It is the color of the Harvest and reminds us of the fruitful harvests to come
if we take good care of that which is given to our care."

I nod with understanding.

"Tomorrow I shall explain the sacred objects of the next tribe. 
Do you mind if I leave the objects where they are?"

"No, of course not,"  I reply.  "See you tomorrow."

Spider Woman disappears and I ready myself for bed.

*      *      *
NOTE:  After Spider Woman was gone, I reread and counted the sacred items that she mentioned.  I found there were eight instead of seven.  The next day when I ask her why there were eight instead of Seven Sacred Objects, she explained that she added the Harvest Kachina because I expected something more impressive, more Hopi than a Bell or Dried Potato Skin.  She used the Kachina to get me into the flow of her stories.  The Kachina is not really one of the Seven Sacred Objects, although its message is still an important one.  Please excuse the confusion.   ~Dhyana
This may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety and full credit
is given to Dhyana Markley and

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