In 1995 or thereabouts, Spider Woman and I had a series of
seven conversations about the Seven Sacred Objects she
was holding for each of Seven Tribes:
These seven messages are now available at my website, 
In ten years of Moon Ceremonies I did with Spider Woman in
attendance, she rarely said a word, but when she did, everyone
listened closely.  It was amazing for me to have these more
intimate conversations with her.
Later it became obvious that her messages are not just
for the seven tribes mentioned, but for all  tribes and all peoples
of the world.  As I reread and retyped the messages, getting
them ready for my website,  I realized how timely they are now. 
No wonder she'd been nudging me lately to get them out
to a wider audience.
Both Spider Woman and I hope you will find this series of
service and an aid to the ascension of All That Is.
Dhyana Markley



Scribed by Dhyana Markley

Spider Woman is already seated and waiting for me when
I finally sit down to take these notes.

"I'm ready when your are," she greets me, smiling from ear to ear.

I had just come back from hiking and was still a little breathless.
 "One moment, please."  I hurry to get my computer started up
and the program activated.  A few minutes later,
"Okay, I'm finally ready.  Who do we do today?"

"I would like to do the Cherokee sacred objects next.  I would also
like to remind all who are reading this in your book that these
objects before me are not the actual lost sacred objects but my
own personal symbols that refresh my memory and remind me
of what I want to tell them at this time... in this Now."

Spider Woman picks up the first  object  from one of the
two remaining lines in front of her.  She turns it over, looks at it,
then rolls it in both palms as if it is a ball.  I cannot see the object. 
Finally she holds it out for me to bet a better look.  It is round and
clay colored.  Just as I think those words, she squeezes and
flattens it into an irregular pancake shape.

"This is a Bit of Clay.  See how I can make it into any shape." 
With those words she shapes it into a whooping crane, then into
a turtle, then into a shark.  She works quickly and is very adept.

"This is to remind the Cherokee that they too must be malleable,
adaptable and quick to take on many shapes and many roles
whenever need be.  What I mean is for them to always be in the
moment, or the Now, doing the best that they can in every situation. 
Not to feel that they must be everything to everyone or have skills
or talent at everything... just be more flexible."

She shakes a finger at me as if to emphasize her point. 
"I know that each and everyone has talents and skills, some
skills perceived better than others.  Everyone should work and
play at that which makes them happiest.  Usually they can make
a good living at it too.  But now is the time for the Cherokee to
become even more flexible in their thoughts, words and actions. 
Old tears have no place in the Now or even in the Future Now. 
It is time to forgive or forget and get on with it.

"Speaking of getting on with it...."  She places the Clay to her right,
starting a new line of objects already explained.  She then picks
up the next object in the Cherokee line.  It looks to me like a round,
rubber mallet with a metal extension so that when the handle
part of the mallet is moved, the ball part hits the metal and makes
a slight clanging sound.  It reminds me of a child's toy I saw fifty
years ago... a Clapper.

"This next item is a reminder to always live in the Now.  Seems a
reoccurring theme for the Cherokee.  See how the sound reverberates
when the head of the mallet hits the metal.  The sound flows out in
all directions, but mostly backward and forward, like linear time. 
Too many Cherokee live in the past and lose out on the Now. 
Then, of course, when they lose out on their Now, where all things
are created, they are not creating the future that they want.  So,
this message to the Cherokee is to always live in the Now, not the
past and not the future.  If the Now is lived fully and happily, the past
will not matter and the future will take care of itself in a wonderful way."

Spider Woman places the Toy Clapper next to the Clay in the line 
to her right, then picks up the third item in the Cherokee line. 
She holds it up so that it dangles between her thumb and
two of her fingers.  It looks like something beaded, an
earring perhaps.

"Yes, it is a Beaded Earring and a beautiful one at that.  See how
blue the blue beads are and how vibrantly red the red beads are?" 
She studies the Earring for a few moments, thinking.

"This is to remind the Cherokee to hear with more beauty what
is said to them.  Many misunderstandings and hard feelings
have been created because the people have not listened with beauty. 
They have heard what was said with hard ears and think they
already know all of the answers.  No one knows ALL of the answers,
not even me!" 

Spider Woman laughs aloud.  She truly understands that some
people expect her to know everything.  I smile from ear to ear. 
I love it when she laughs.

"This would be a good reminder for every people.  Too often one
hears words in an unkind way, even when the speaker did not
mean the words in that way.  A person's old attitudes and
memories often color words with the wrong color.  It would
be good for the receiver of the words to ask,
'Would you explain that further or clarify what you just said?'
rather than to misunderstand what the speaker is trying to say."

I nod my head in agreement as she places the Beaded Earring
next to the Toy Clapper.  She picks up another item from the
Cherokee line.

"What is that one?"

Spider Woman holds out her right hand toward me.  The object
lays in the center of her palm.  I look closer.  The gray object
looks flat on top, about a two inch square.  She does not
move it, so I can't see the bottom.

"Still don't know what it is."

"It is a tiny Ancient Computer."

"An Ancient Computer?"  I am astounded.  It looks nothing
like a Computer.  At least not like one I have ever seen.

"Yes, an Ancient Computer."  She smiles at my disbelief. 
"As you have noticed, this is not like the Computers of the 1990s. 
This is an Ancient Computer based on the number twelve
instead of the number ten.  Have you ever wondered why there
are twelve months in a year or twelve inches in a foot or twelve
astrological signs?  Or that many of the most powerful numbers
are divisible by 12, like 60 or 144?  To me it is not surprising
 that the Americans rebelled against using the metric system,
because it is not based on the number 12.  Did you know
that the equation known as Pi is not correct either?"

I shake my head 'No'.  I am rather surprised that she would
know these things, yet I don't know why I am surprised.  I know
she has direct contact with that which many know as Cosmic
Consciousness. All knowledge is available to her as it is to everyone.

"This Computer is to remind the Cherokee that things are not
always what they seem.  It is also a reminder to go back to the
ancient cycles of twelve.  For it is within the number twelve
that many important answers will be found."

Spider Woman places the Ancient Computer next to the Bead
Earring, then picks up the next item from the Cherokee line in
front of her.  As she holds it up, I can see that it looks like a thin,
copper or gold wire looped together like a rope lariat.  There is
a small loop at one end of the wire and the wire feeds through
 the loop, leaving a tail of sorts that one could grab onto.

"I could have done this with rope or string but I thought it more
properly made with gold so that it would carry more meaning. 
The Golden Rope is to remind the Cherokee to rope and gather
things to themselves with a higher purpose and in a more
spiritual way.  Not to gather just to be gathering or hoarding
because of a feeling of want or need, but to gather that
which is truly valuable unto them and yet hold those things
not with a tight Rope but loosely, so that if it must leave them,
it will have the freedom to do so."

I nod my head with understanding, then sort of quote an old
saying:  "If you love someone, set them free.  If they love you,
they will return someday.  If they do not return, they weren't
destined to be anything more in your life in the first place."

"Sort of like that.  It is good not to hold onto things too tightly." 
Spider Woman lays the small Golden Rope next to the Ancient
Computer then picks up the sixth object from the Cherokee line.

I sigh then yawn.  Today it is difficult for me to stay in an
altered state without falling asleep.

She studies the next object for a moment then holds it out for
me to see.  It appears to be a Fishhook with some very small
feathers on the top of the hook where the line is usually tied. 
The feathers are tied to the hook with a red string.

"This is a Fishhook.  It is to remind me to tell the Cherokee
it is time to grow and gather their own food from Mother Nature
and rely less on government handouts.  When a tribe can grow
or hunt or fish for food, then they will become more self-confident
and be less intimidated by others who are trying to manipulate
them.  And, if the job of gathering food is shared, as well as the
food shared by all, then no one can be made to do anything
degrading to their Soul just to survive.  This is also a reminder
that by working together everyone can survive and prosper
in a more balanced and harmonious way."

She places the Feathered Fishhook next to the  Golden Rope
and picks up the final object in the Cherokee line.

"And what is number seven?"

She holds it up for me to see.  It appears to be a small Wreath
made of Evergreen branches.  There is a cluster of red berries
tied with a red string at the top.  On the left side of the Wreath
is a cluster of blue berries.  On its right side, a cluster of green
berries.  There are no berries on the bottom of the Wreath.

"This Evergreen Wreath symbolizes the everlasting Soul
of the people and Its Circle of Life.  Look closely." 
I move closer so that I can see the Wreath in greater detail. 
"See how the branches are tied together at their cut ends, then
each goes its own way to form the outer portion of the Wreath? 
Individuals are like that.  It is good to be tied to the family,
the tribe or community.  It adds strength and security to the
whole village.  Yet, the Wreath becomes even more beautiful
when the branches are allowed to spring from this tied place
and form an irregular outline for its presentation."

Spider Woman touches one of the red berries.  "These berries
are to remind the Cherokee that the different clans can not
only work together within the clans but come together at times
to make a wonderful Wreath.  It is very important that there be
harmony between the clans.  Very, very important! 
For if they can be divided by petty thoughts and jealousies,
they can be conquered by outside forces.  This would not be
beneficial for any of the clans or the tribe as a whole.

"There are three clusters of berries to remind them that
they are family... father, mother and child.  As individuals,
 father is strong and able, mother is strong and able, and
child is strong and able. When father and mother work
together, they become much greater than the two
individuals working separately and can create miracles. 
When a child is added and works in harmony with the
father and mother, many, many great miracles can happen. 
This is also a reminder of the power of three."

I wait for several moments to see if she wants to add
anything more.  Finally she puts the Evergreen Wreath
down on her right, to complete the Cherokee objects.

"That will do for today," she answers my unspoken question.

"See you tomorrow," I call after her as she disappears.

This may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety and full credit
is given to Dhyana Markley and

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