In 1995 or thereabouts, Spider Woman and I had a series of
seven conversations about the Seven Sacred Objects she
was holding for each of Seven Tribes:
These seven messages are now available at my website, 
In ten years of Moon Ceremonies I did with Spider Woman in
attendance, she rarely said a word, but when she did, everyone
listened closely.  It was amazing for me to have these more
intimate conversations with her.
Later it became obvious that her messages are not just
for the seven tribes mentioned, but for all  tribes and all peoples
of the world.  As I reread and retyped the messages, getting
them ready for my website,  I realized how timely they are now. 
No wonder she'd been nudging me lately to get them out
to a wider audience.
Both Spider Woman and I hope you will find this series of
service and an aid to the ascension of All That Is.
Dhyana Markley




Scribed by Dhyana Markley

My call went out to Spider Woman to continue our dialogue.  Before I could
 finish my invitation, I see that she is already seated before the six remaining
lines of sacred objects.  The Hopi line is still to her right side.

"Thank you for coming again,"  I say, for I am truly grateful for this
opportunity to learn and serve.

"You are welcome.  And I am grateful for your help in delivering my
messages to those who would hear.  Now..." as she picks up an object from the
second of the seven lines, this one is for the Arapahoe.  It is the Pit of a Peach."

After yesterday and the potato skin, I vowed nothing would surprise me
from now on.  Still, a peach pit?   I listen closely for her words.

"Surprised, eh?"  It is obvious she heard my thoughts.

"I am trying hard not to be, but a peach pit?"  My voice reveals my doubt.

"Everything has its purpose, even a peach pit.  The Arapahoe have for years
honored the peach and its pit.  They know how wonderful it tastes on
a hot summer day.  It is like the Nectar of the Gods."

She pauses.  I listen.

"Peaches are like people, one bad one can spoil several surrounding
ones in the basket, or at least some of them.  Also, some peaches are sweet,
some are sour but together, with or without a little sugar, they are a treat. 
People are a treat too.  With their diversity of likes and dislikes, appearances
and personalities, some forget that alone or together they are to be
appreciated for their contribution to the All That Is."

Spider Woman puts the Peach Pit down to her right, starting a new line of
sacred objects behind the Hopi line of objects.  She then turns back to the
lines in front of her and picks another item from the Arapahoe line.

She holds it up a moment for me to see.  What?  Another fruit! 
It looks like a dried up apricot.

"It is not an apricot," she answers my unspoken question.  "It is a seed of
another kind.  This is a Seed of Life... a seed of birth, of a new birth.  This is an Egg,
at least it is a symbol and reminder of the Egg of Life.  So many people think
they know what life is and when it starts.  Do you know when it starts? 
Don't answer that.  It's a rhetorical question.  My answer to that is that it
never ends, so it never really begins.  But I diverge.

"What I am really saying is that life is precious... a very precious thing.  .
Although it is an individual Soul's choice, and all choices are all right in
the larger scheme of things, it is a waste to commit suicide and lose
this precious gift.  So, this Seed or Egg is a reminder to the Arapahoe that as an
individual and as a tribe, it would be good to give troubled tribal members some
attention and healing.  This is very necessary at this time, for many are considering
taking their own lives and leaving this life experience."

"Wow!  This is heavy,"  I think to myself then realize, once again,
she can hear everything I am thinking.

"Yes, it is heavy... a heavy burden to those individuals and to the tribe as a
whole.  More kindness and compassion is needed for these troubled ones."

I nod my head in agreement, as she places the object in the Arapahoe line
to her right.  She then picks up another item from the dwindling line in front of her.

"This is a Tree Stump.  Not the whole stump, of course, but part of one...
the symbol of the tree stump.

I wait patiently for her to explain.

"This Tree Stump is the symbol for all of the forests, our brothers and sisters
of the Standing People race.  They remind us that even though they are rooted
in just one place, usually for their entire life, they are important to the overall
scheme of things... the overall plan.  Just by BEing they contribute to
The Great Plan.  Everyone and everything contributes to The Great Plan,
which some call The Divine Plan. 

"Do you think you are here for no reason?  Don't answer that.  Rhetorical
again.  But my answer is NO!  Everyone and everything is important...
of value... to be respected and deserves to be loved... even the lowest of the low
and the creepiest of crawlers.  Everyone!"

She seems  very emphatic about what she is saying.  I agree but she is
trying to emphasize this important point even more.

"Too many people think they are of no value, that they do not contribute
enough to life.  You don't have to work like a dog... just an expression...
to be of value.  There are those who exist in your world who think that
many people are just 'useless eaters' and are of no value... who are
dispensable human beings, no better than cattle... no offense meant
to cattle.  Still, you get my point. 

"The sorcerers do not want the people to wake up and take back their
power.  For then the people will see what the sorcerers do not want them
to see... the truth... and those awakened ones will stop all of the Black
Magic that has been going on, that manipulates, frightens and controls
the more gentle and meek of the tribes.

"This dark illusion can be tolerated no longer.  Get together as a tribe and
banish the black magicians and sorcerers.  The only power they have ever
had over you is your fear or belief that they are more powerful than you are. 
They are not and never have been! You are equal in power, not greater or less. 

"It is time to be like the Standing People.  Know your worth to the tribe, contribute
with love and support if you are too old or weak to tend your garden.  Babysit
the youngsters of a parent who must work... everyone can find a place to
contribute in some way to the tribe.  Be creative.  As you know, Guardians of
Sacred Objects often work hard in the invisible realms, but may not appear
to do much at all in their daily physical life.  But enough about Tree Stumps."

Her talk of black magicians and sorcerers reminds me of some lawyers,
priests, politicians and corporate executives.

Spider Woman places the small Tree Stump to her right then picks up
another item from the Arapahoe line in front of her.  She holds it up
in her right hand.  It is round and black and about one to one and a half
inches in diameter.

"This is the Great Void... the unknown... the place where dreams
and ideas are born.  This void is pregnant with possibilities, with
opportunities, with hope.  This is where you must go to find true peace
within, to realize your dreams and to find whatever it is that you are looking
for.  Many are frightened of the Great Void, for once there, everything that is
or was familiar is gone.  There is nothing.  There is no up or down and
you have nothing to hang onto, unless you create it.

"But that's the idea, of course.  To create what it is that you need and realize
that it is you who creates it.  Then you will start to realize that you truly are
a Creator and that you were made in the Original Creator's image. 
With this knowing, this awareness, an individual becomes Self-Realized
and truly understands his or her place in this Universe."

Spider Woman places the Black Ball, symbol of the Great Void, next to
the Tree Stump and picks up another item from the Arapahoe line in
front of her.  When she holds it up for me to see, I recognize a tiny
Bow and even smaller Arrow.  They are about the size that a
small doll would hold.

She continues, "Normally one would think of a Bow and Arrow as strictly
for protection but this is symbolic of much, much more.  In ancient times
a child was taught from a very early age to use a Bow and Arrow. 
Usually it was the male child but often the female children would learn too. 
Not everyone was as agile or accurate as the most athletic of the tribe,
but everyone could use the Bow and Arrow to his advantage to protect
himself, kill game or even fish in a stream.  What was more subtle was
that as the child learned this skill, she gained confidence and pride
that she could be a contributing member of the tribe.  This gave her a
wonderful sense of self-worth.  Needless to say, self-worth is missing
in many tribes, but this symbol is much needed for the Arapahoe."

Spider Woman puts the tiny Bow and Arrow set next to the Black Ball,
then picks up the sixth sacred item from the Arapahoe line.  She holds
it up so I can see.  It looks like a Blue, Green and White Marble.

"This is Mother Earth.  It is small to remind us that she is only a small
planet in this vast Universe.  She is more powerful than most humans
know, but also more fragile than many would like to believe.  She is alive. 
She breathes, is conscious and loves greatly.  She is in everything
and truly is our Mother.  And how do we treat our Mother Earth?  Each
treats her differently, of course, but what I'm trying to say is that although
some tribal members have heard that she is alive and may even
believe this is so, most do nothing to help her.

"How many actively recycle?  How many throw cigarettes or beer cans
on the ground, even at Sun Dances, instead of helping to keep
Mother Earth clean and beautiful?"

As Spider Woman places the small Marble in the Arapahoe line to
her right, she continues, "Something to think about, eh?"
She picks up the last item in the Arapahoe line then holds it in both
palms for me to see.  It appears to be a square piece of Sod,
healthy, green grass growing in some dirt.

She is amused that I seem astonished once again.  "This represents the
lushness of life on this planet that has been lost.  Deserts now stand where
once there were lush valleys and fruit-filled plains... where animals
abound and water was pure.

"This is not about recycling but about dreaming.  This is to remind us
that we are Keepers of the Earth.  We are keepers not only as I mentioned
with the Blue, Green and White Marble that is a symbol of Mother Earth,
but more in the way of tilling, reproducing, nurturing and growing things
that will feed everyone.  This is more a symbol of planting.  Planting
not only seeds everywhere, but ideas and concepts and visualizations of not
only how it was, but how it can be again... beautiful and green, lush and fertile.
 Remember, visualize it, know it, work toward it and it will be so."

Spider Woman creates a wonderful picture in my mind.  I know I would like
to live on a planet like that... a planet where every building, road and
literally everything is in harmony with Mother Earth.

"Can you work longer today?" she asks.

"Not today.  I am very tired now and the muscles of my shoulder
hurt.  Let's try for tomorrow."

She nods her acceptance of my choice, blows me a kiss goodbye
then disappears.
This may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety and full credit
is given to Dhyana Markley and

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