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This excerpt from Michael Edward Owens' latest book -
Discovery of Self: Answers to Inquiries of the God Seeker

Chapter Five

The Spiritual Streams of Reality

Why the meaning and nature of reality is an important subject to address

Reality exists on a multitude of levels, far beyond the physical realm that eyes can see and mind can comprehend. The social consciousness knows but a small slice of reality. Religions point to a greater reality, but cannot fully explain it. Reality is what exists, in form or potentiality. Its subtle essence and potential extend from the grossest levels of creation to finer psychic levels to the spiritual realms and into the Ocean of Sugmad and beyond. It is important to know of reality’s multiple facets, so that souls can begin to know their true nature and potential and take steps to reach beyond their preconceived limits, grasp the core of truth, and then manifest their dreams, not only for themselves, but for the collective good.


How true surrender to Sugmad's Will carries the God seeker into the pure God Worlds

Surrender to Sugmad’s will takes the God seeker into the Inner realms of pure love and Light and Sound, far beyond the mundane physical reality of the
common man. Surrender to Sugmad’s will means letting go of the mental
apparatus and modus operandi going beyond the needs and desires of the
individual ego, and moving beyond the teachings of the greatest philosophers, prophets, saviors, and savants. True surrender is a mainline into the very Heart and Soul of Sugmad, a linking of a part to the whole, like a cell is linked to a human.


Why understanding physical reality is necessary to understand spiritual reality

Physical reality is a springboard for nderstanding spiritual reality due to its coarse and obvious nature. No soul living on Earth can deny what the majority can clearly see, hear, taste, smell, and feel. Maturity provides awareness that perceptions of physical realities can vary according to the individual. Due to the evolution of thought and language, incarnated souls can discuss, identify, and create subtle realities, and can share in abstractions, which only some of their kind can understand. As the consciousness becomes refined and experiences of a finer nature awaken soul’s faculties of perception, soul begins to know itself as distinct from its accoutrements, the robes or sheaths it uses to perceive various levels within God’s multileveled kingdom. Souls begin to awaken to their true natures and the nature of the greater realities beyond themselves.

Why events in the physical world are reflections of the “higher” spiritual worlds

Sugmad is the first cause. Sugmad creates souls in the realms of pure consciousness, without form, with only Sound and then Light. At one time, these high spiritual waters were all that existed, until coarser levels sprang forth, first by the will and thoughts of Sugmad and then by the will and thoughts of individual souls and groups of like-minded souls. All manifested life and forms spring from higher spiritual waters, the pure Inner planes, down through the dual planes and into the physical. Variance, more interesting and challenging, begins when one splits into two, and then continues to divide and differentiate. As souls in the Inner Worlds separate and clash, their vibrations go forth, manifesting outwardly into grosser material form. Thus charged, conflict may perpetuate along predetermined lines of trajectory, engaging more souls of similar vibration. Since Sugmad created each soul with a unique signature, purpose and vibration, countless lines of motion and emotion pour forth, some harmonizing, some cacophonous, some expanding, some contracting, some creating, some destroying. Minor skirmishes may evolve over time and intensify into major partitions, battles, and even war. Each soul’s individual environment is a compilation of individual responses and choices, made over eons of time; in other words, soul’s karma is born and carried aloft on its movement through Light and Sound and time and space, and intensifies
in the absence of love.

Why it is necessary for soul to take a physical shell

Souls were placed in physical shells to break down the chains of reality to know themselves in all forms, in all ways, in all variations of themselves, to come from wholeness into separateness into waves of change, into a multitude of variations to learn to love not only themselves, but also all life in totality. To love is to mend the brokenness, to return from bondage to freedom, with responsibility and caring for more than just one's self, to love and listen without separation.

Why the illusions of the lower worlds are necessary for soul

Soul generally learns though direct experience with a thing itself, its values and purposes, and by its opposite. How well does soul know love except by the absence of love, light without darkness, cold without heat, hardness without softness, male without female, and life without death? Souls learn more fully of their own essence as creators and children of Sugmad by illusions that strip them of their true glory - beings created of and surrounded by immense love, even the presence of Sugmad. Part of the grand illusion is that souls are separated, rejected, or lost. This is how souls move through the universes and gain wisdom, freedom, and joy. Does this seem paradoxical to you? Remember that although the human embodiment of soul incorporates the mental, causal, and emotional bodies, these are not the realms of Sugmad, nor the home of Sugmad, but the tools Sugmad uses for training souls to fully know their capacities and have them return willingly from their experiences in every direction with full surrender to Its greater ways and love and service to Its lesser ways. Without illusion, souls would not take their lessons seriously, would not focus, would not create, would become complacent and nonproductive, and the lower worlds with all its life forms would cease to exist. The game of life would cease, along with its rich experiences. Illusion is only painful when souls deem it so.

How fear blocks the true reality of Sugmad

Fear is the antithesis of love. It is a watchdog of the Astral (emotional) Plane, a mechanism set in place for survival of the physical body to protect that body from physical harm. Fear’s face is ever turned toward darkness and reflects the dark side in all its attributes. A clear vision of reality comes when soul faces the Light and Sound of God in the totally opposite direction. Fear alerts; love awakens. One cannot have fear and a clear vision at the same time.

How the highest use of "non-power" reveals true reality

Non-power is the royal highway to Sugmad’s very heart. Its central beacon spotlights the core aspect and attribute of soul’s pathway from the chaos created in the lower worlds into the heart of love. Non-power connects hearts and pulses with energetic frequencies, which are pervasive and whole. When soul’s incarnated outer bodies align in non-power, they are jolted awake and cleaned and cleared of the debris which clouded soul’s vision; only then can the meaning and purpose of life become crystal clear. Non-power is the receiver, the receptacle of the Sugmad Power. To be in the core of who we are, at the center of our power where Sugmad plays us like a flute, we must remain neutral amidst the surging of opposing forces and remain in the nonpower of the greatest Power. This is true detachment with full love and awareness. To know the truth of this, one must experience it.

How the ego perpetuates illusions

The ego is confined to the lower body reality and aligns with the personality of the mind and protective mechanisms in the emotional and physical bodies. Ego’s purpose is survival. Too often ego is seduced by power. It does not discriminate between love and power and so must be balanced by soul to maintain a vision of non-power. Since reality is vast and far beyond the ego’s ken, and encompasses all Inner and Outer states and realms, ego cannot see and know the vast worlds beyond. For a visual representation, compare ego as a ping-pong ball to the Sun.

How "beliefs” and “faith" form present and future realities

Belief is a mental function, a solidified thought form sometimes confined to an individual, but more often held by a collective consciousness. Faith is an action one takes to rely with total trust in a belief or set of beliefs. As thoughts form and build one upon another, beliefs arise and steer the course of an incarnated soul by guiding present and future actions. These become the lenses through which a person views reality. Hence, once perceived realities are set in motion, a tremendous force is usually needed to change course, thus practically insuring a certain route and destination. Thus, the future of societies and religions become predictable based on a series of choices made and built upon fixed beliefs.

Why positive memories should be retained and others disregarded

The mind loves habit. Beliefs create the realities that bind souls’ actions. Therefore, the God seeker must choose to build upon positive memories Spirit has given, instead of holding onto rigid beliefs that lead to misery or staying stuck, in order to keep moving forward toward achieving and maintaining unconditional love, objectivity, neutrality, serenity, and surrender to Spirit’s gentle whisperings. Since life in the physical world is vital and changing, beliefs can easily become outdated and hold soul in a pattern that is no longer true or constructive to its movement toward Sugmad. Barring a firm foundation and trajectory toward Sugmad, memories that arise as thoughts and feelings can captivate the mind, hold it in negativity, and perpetuate destructive patterns. Focus and build upon positive memories from Spirit, instead of indulging in the negative results of events, or worse, on the sensationalism of modern media. This will bring happiness, because it is the attention and awareness which will continue to create a strong path in any direction that soul and mind chooses. Disregard anything that is not from the Light and Sound of Spirit, for all else is illusion, and leads in a spiral downward. Objectivity facilitates the awareness of truth.

A spiritual exercise to help God seekers set daily priorities

Start and end your day for the next week with the following: With an open loving heart and willing attitude, say the following as a reverent prayer/mantra:

“Show me thy ways, Sugmad. Lead and guide me to the best path for me to take in each moment today. Please help me set my priorities to best serve your will and bring me what I most want and need, for the good of all the people in my life, including me. I willingly and gratefully open my Inner and Outer eyes, ears, and heart to learn from my internal and external reality as it truly is, and not just as I erceive it. Allow me to maintain balance and objectivity as I grow to understand what it is you would like me to do.”

Be sure to record the intuitive wisdom that will begin to be revealed and build upon it. Spirit and spiritual masters will make their presence and wisdom apparent. Capture what you receive, because no matter how real and strong your experiences will be, they can easily be lost. Build on the positive memories Spirit gives you and disregard the rest with objectivity.

A spiritual exercise to help God seekers attain true reality now

At any time throughout the day, sing “HU SA VA” three times and say, “I can create anything I want. I create love and peace in my heart in every moment, joy and fulfillment no matter what I do, wherever I am or whoever I am with. Please reveal truth and help me perceive accurately.”

Focus on Sugmad is what counts and gives the energetic confirmation needed to align with the highest laws and intent of the Great One.

♥ ♥ ♥


Michael Edward Owens was seven years old when he began deSri Michael Owenscades of being tutored by over 300 Masters of the Sehaji Order.  In 2003 in the Valley of Tirmer, Michael received the Rod of Power of the Light and Sound and the mantle of Living Sehaji Master along with the spiritual name, Dan Rin.

Michael's outer life is similar to others of his age.  He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Philosophy and a Master's Degree in Philosophy and Education.  He is also the founder of The Way of Truth organization.  When not writing, he teaches and supports spiritual retreats.

Author of three published books: The Way of Truth Eternal, Book I; Babaji, The Beginning Has No End; and Ekere Tere, City of Light, which can be found on his website or Amazon.com/BookSurge, Michael has just completed his fourth book entitled: The Discovery of Self, Answers to Questions of the God Seeker.







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