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by Karen Bishop


BEFORE WE INFUSE our energy into human form, we carefully
choose the situations and vibrations we will be exposed to that will
best support the purpose or "mission" that we intended to accomplish
during this particular experience.

Part of the vibrational environment we choose involves our parents
or individuals that we will find ourselves being influenced by the
When we are still only in our mother's womb, we begin to absorb her
vibrations as well as the vibrations surrounding us. We are also
influenced by the vibrations in the sperm of our father. This is why we
may carry the traits and behaviors of our parents, even if we have not
been exposed to them much while we were growing up.

The same is true for transplant patients, etc., who now embody the
vibrations of a new organ which carries the vibrations of its donor.
But as for our parents or significant caregivers, this vibrational
influence is much more pronounced and intended to assist in forming
our own unique and special personal vibrations.

These parental vibrations affect us in several ways.

I know a man I will call Dean. With his permission I will share his
story. Dean was born into poverty and the only child of an abusive
father and very caring mother. Dean's father ridiculed him, ignored
him, continually told him that he would amount to nothing, and never
kept his word where Dean was concerned. Very arrogant and
domineering, he ruled the house with an iron fist. Always busy and
accomplishing things, he was also very disciplined.

When Dean was 14, his father told him that if he saved up enough
money, he could buy a car. Dean worked and saved his money, and
when the day arrived to pick out the new car, Dean went to his dad to
tell him his great news that the time was finally here. His father only
looked at him and said, "I don't know what you are talking about. I am
not going to help you find a new car. Leave me alone and get out of

Around that time, Dean's mother began to encourage him to leave
their home. Although a very loving and nurturing woman, her energy
told him in many ways to "get out," and that he was not wanted there
anymore and unwelcome. She began as well to shoo him away
whenever he came near her.

So at the age of 15, Dean left home, began sweeping out pool halls
for some change, and thus began a new life supporting himself.
Dean's destiny (birth) number in numerology is an "8." Eights are
here to offer their special gifts of manifesting (especially money) and
making things happen. Dean's expression number is a "2." Twos are
here to be the diplomat and to create peace and partnership through
their non-confrontational energy of love and support.

Has Dean created the life he came to create and has he
accomplished what he came to do?

Dean is now a self-made millionaire. He is the close soul friend that
I mentioned earlier who helped me through the ascension process with
his gifts of financial support. Being born into poverty created the
desire and contrast needed to spur him on to create something different.
Through discipline and desire to prove his father wrong, he fulfilled
his intentions of becoming an amazing manifester. Through his
experience with his father and the car, he also became a man who
always kept his word. Dean is one of the people I know who always
does what he says he will, is always there when needed and who stays
steady and reliable. To this day, even after knowing him for ten years,
I still speak to him several times per week.

In addition, Dean has a special gift of being close and of connecting.
Although "eights" can at times be domineering and judgmental, Dean
balances this with his desire for harmony through his "two" energy.
He strongly desires union and partnership because of his mother
(and his father) demonstrating to him the opposite through their

Shortly after I met Dean, his mother's spirit appeared at the foot of
my bed one night and asked me to tell Dean something. She wanted me
to tell him that she shooed him off because she wanted to protect him
from his father. It was an act of great love on her part. And at soul
levels we souls know exactly what we are doing in order to assist the
souls we are connected to for their greatest benefit.

This is why we experience so much contrast to what we are wanting
on a global level. Our government and many current leaders here in the
United States are demonstrating huge amounts of contrast to what we
are wanting so that enough individuals will wake up and want to create
change. These beautiful souls are supporting our evolution in
monumental ways by serving as beacons of embodying what we DON'T
want in order to create in enough of us a desire to create and manifest
what we DO want. They are waving great red flags, trying to get enough
attention in order to create change and growth.

At soul levels, we are all always going in the same direction and
wanting the same things. We dearly love each other and therefore
continually offer to those in our arenas the contrast needed to assist
them in their growth so that they can become who they came to be and
create what they came to create. All is always in divine perfect order,
just as the cracked pot demonstrated at the beginning of this module.

When I used to give soul readings, a common theme was for one
partner to create a situation by leaving the other partner, usually
through an unpleasant experience. These clients were always very
distraught about the abandonment and rejection, but what was
actually happening was a great act of love. At soul levels, the
"abandoner" was most always leaving in order to offer their partner an
opportunity to advance and move ahead with their plan. If one partner
was lagging behind, they would usually leave the other in order to free
them up for a new and better experience. It was a beautiful and loving
gift, very similar to Dean's mother.

How else can parental vibrations affect us? Our parents or primary
caregivers also offer us their gifts and talents and we embody them as
well with the intention at soul levels to bring them up to even higher

Dean's father had the gift of discipline and action, and he passed
these on to Dean who used them beautifully to create his money and all
his holdings. Without discipline, "eights" do not get very far. It was
an important ingredient for Dean's success.

Dean's mother was very loving and nurturing. Dean has always been
a caring man who continually takes his friends and clients out to
dinner, always making sure that they have enough to eat and are well
taken care of. He also focuses this ability on himself and since I have
known him, he has always made sure he is nurtured, well-fed, and
takes the time out needed for brief rests. He could not have gotten
where he has without these abilities and traits he received from his

As he is here to make things happen, Dean is also an amazing
inventor. When he couldn't count on his father regarding the situation
with his new car, he learned to take things into his own hands. And
because he had so little when he was a young boy, he had to create
things from what was on hand. Over and over I have seen him solve a
dilemma or create something from what appeared to be absolutely
nothing. With the mind of an engineer, he can pull things together that
he finds in a barn, for instance, and invent a process and piece of
unusual equipment that serves a purpose. These are gifts and talents
that he will use in the New World as he creates inventions that serve
New purposes yet to unfold.

As we embody the special gifts and talents of our parents and
caregivers, our intent before birth was to bring them to even higher
levels and to apply them to a New and higher way of being.


May the offerings from What's Up On Planet Earth? serve to light
your path, validate your experience, and remind you that we are
all one. Thank you for your continued interest and happy reading!
Karen Bishop
What's Up On Planet Earth?
P.O. Box 386
Ramah, New Mexico, 87321 USA

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In 2000, Karen Bishop began an intense, accelerated and vivid ascension process of her own, which inspired her to create the What’s Up On Planet Earth? website containing information about ascension and the higher realms.

With an educational background in psychology, counseling, and law, Karen also has certificates in Career Consulting along with various other trainings in the metaphyscial arena.  Throughout her career, Karen has used her abilities in telepathy, clairvoyance and clairsentience to assist her in her work.  With a deep connection to the earth, she has had life-long inner knowing of future planetary events and vibrational shifts.
Currently, Karen resides in mountains of Northeastern Arizona, where she writes energy alerts for What's Up On Planet Earth?, and enjoys time sewing, painting, weaving, spinning, spending time in nature, communicating with and experiencing the higher realms, and working on her mini book series Life In The Higher Realms.



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