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Carolyn Williams is an Angelic Reiki Master, a Priestess of The Divine Mother, and a powerful conduit for angelic healing and communication, and offers courses and healing in London and Surrey.

~Archangel Melchizedek~
~Archangel Azaniel~
~Archangel Raphael~
~Archangel Metatron~
~Archangel Hophriel~



Channelled by Carolyn Williams

I am Melchizedek, the Archangel of Communion, the angel of connection to the Divine Source, and of connection to your Source, your Soul, your Higher Self, that which remains in the higher realms connected to the Divine, providing you with connection to the Divine, the Oneness, the Source of All.
Your realms have been connected and showered with Michael’s energies for quite some time, that angel who is of my energy but at a different vibration. He it is who has been readying you all for the times ahead – bringing you fiery inspiration and passion and transformation in these changing times. Now it is my turn to kindle sparks of enthusiasm, energy and love in your hearts, for the times are advancing and mankind is advancing in their paths of evolution and ascendancy and mastery – and it is mastery of the spirit to which I refer, mastery over the personality self that has been dominant in so many for so long.

And the spark of spirit that I kindle and urge to burst forth into a flame is deep inside the heart of each and every one of you here on the earth plane. And my love and my energy swirls around and into the heart centre urging it to connect with and commune with the Higher Self and the Divine Self and the Divine Source, the Source of all there is, the Source of all there is.

For truly this is the great truth, all is One and One are All. And the Plan is for all to remember this and re-connect to this and BE the Oneness, and the All-ness in all that they are.
My energies come as the shades of the rainbow and as the rainbow itself. And even as you read these words they will be swirling through the ethers to you, and into you and around you, to calm, soothe and energize and inspire. So take yourself now into a place and space where you can feel and sense and be at one with the rainbows so close to you; so you can take in the pastel hues that your energy body seeks for sustenance, growth and acclimatization to the changes occurring in your planet’s energies, and gradually in your energy body itself.

Many are tired, so so tired, and if you could see what we see, you would wonder that you have ability at all to do all that you physically do, whilst your energy body does what it must do – bend, and weave, and interweave, and alter shape and colour and frequency for all the changes ahead.
So "energy body breathing" is very vital for you all to engage in – taking in fresh air with focused intent that you are taking in just that which your bodies need (and “bodies” here are YOUR bodies, your subtle bodies, your many layers of energy rising upward and outward from your physical layer).

Focused intent is so... so very vital now that your thoughts are so much more powerful than before. So engage your intent, engage your physical mind with what it is you need your bodies to receive. And ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and ye shall find what you need.

I am known as King of the Angelic Realms, and my energies link with those of my angelic brethren and these energies link with your realms, and pour down to all of you, that which you all need – WHEN YOU ASK FOR IT TO COME! Ask us, ask us, ask us, we long to provide for you what you need at these times of tiredness and confusion and turmoil.
Each of you is a child of the Divine, a vessel that can be filled with the essence of your own Divinity, the love of your Soul. But what kind of vessel you are, depends on what you choose to be filled with, or indeed whether you play any conscious part in choosing what you want to be filled with.

So many are filled with horror at atrocities of your world, or indeed of your so called “entertainment” industry. So many are filled with “food”, that is not food in the true sense, that clogs your body and mind and heart and spiritual connection. So many are filled with grief or sadness or resentment over past things. But these are just as they are described – PAST!

Be in the Now, be in the Oneness, be in the Light of the Now. And the unlimited potential of the Now will amaze you once it is allowed to manifest.
Many of you are striving so so hard to be of the Light, and you are the ones who find it most hard at these times of change and regeneration. For you are awakening to all that you can be, and attuning to that which your Soul would have you Be. But you find yourself swamped by those around you and their sorry states of cynicism or bitterness or unknowingness. And I ask you to do at least two things when you are at such a point. I ask you to look at these dear ones as gently as you can, and see that what they lack at these moments is the Light and inspiration that you have allowed into yourself to awaken and spur you on into greater Light and inspiration.

The spark of Divinity is still there, always there, in these dear saddened hostile ones, but they are so much more separated from it, it cannot make itself known to them to encourage their optimism. But my Light can, through you, if you wish it to.

My rainbows are the signs of hope and help that have inspired countless humans through countless eons of time. And you as a vessel can be filled with their colours and can, in your proximity to these dear unknowing ones, flood their auras with that which represents hope and help and change for the better; that can transmute grayness in their being, into the shades of the rainbow that slowly and gently and subtly begin to touch their heart and mind and Spark of the Divine, to allow it to flare a little more brightly and strongly and reconnect them to the Oneness.

Call on me and let my light flow through you.
Think of the smallest patch of water that lies in the mud on your earth. Think how it is unnoticeable until the sun comes out and shines upon it. Then it reflects back just exactly what it is receiving – the light of the sun, often as a sparkling rainbow. And what joy and fascination it gives to the viewer in that short space of attention. You can be as this patch of water. But not as a holder of water, but as a holder of Divine energy that reflects the light of the spiritual sun, the Light of All.

So the second thing I would ask of you, is to call upon my Energy of Communion, call upon my presence and love - silently, mentally, calmly - and breathe it in and let it manifest inside you as a rainbow beacon that begins to bring change for the better into that situation, that person, that grayness, that cloud that mars the brightness of the reality that all are One and One are All, and All are Love and Love is all there is, outside and inside this physical illusion.
I am there for you.  I am part of your connection to the Divine, and part of your path back to the Oneness.



Received by Carolyn Williams
January 2008

I am Azaniel, custodian and guardian of the Apatite Ray. It is time for me to be more widely known of on the earth plane in this present era. Apatite crystals are known to be stones of manifestation, and this is indeed true also of my ray of apatite blue – it is a ray enabling manifestation of spiritual power.
This then is one of the reasons it is seemly and timely for my power and presence and my ray’s power and presence to be called forth in this Year of Divine Manifestation, in 2008.

Many Lightworkers on the spiritual path believe that they are steadfastly on the spiritual path, and much of the time this is true. But never underestimate the power of the personality to impede or thwart the progress of the Soul’s descension into the physical form. For the personality on some levels and in some of its multidimensional layers does not welcome this decrease of its hold, and power, and level of leverage within the physical mindset of the human vehicle.
So, procrastinations, doubts, fears, and anxieties can arise at certain times and stages of spiritual development and potential progression, to hinder the possible growth and progression. These emotions are indeed at times difficult to interpret accurately. Are these feelings and emotions a part of the intuitions accurate warning system? Should they therefore be acknowledged and heeded and followed, and certain actions or intended courses of action halted or stopped for safety? Or are they personality procrastinations that should be ignored or overridden because great spiritual growth is possible as a result of them?
Some people are very quick to attribute such occurrences as a sign that something was “not meant to be.” Specific here are health or emotional issues of tiredness, weakness, headache, depression, heartache or sadness or anxiety. The personality is very able to manifest any of these things as a frightened child would manifest these things when something new, unknown or uncertain was on the horizon to be encountered.

Powerful possibilities for change and growth can be engineered by the Soul & the Guardian Angel – through enabling interactions with individuals, or meetings with spiritual teachers, or facilitators at talks or events. But as the appointed time draws near, the personality can manifest the previously mentioned symptoms of exhaustion or malaise that then encourage the individual to avoid the meeting – and the potential for spiritual growth is then delayed.
I detail these things to you here because these are instances when my Apatite ray can be called upon to facilitate clarification of the reason for the symptoms occurring.

It may well be that the body is suffering from a virus or condition that would render it foolish to ignore the symptoms. But it may well be that the presence of the Apatite Ray could dissolve psychologically created conditions or emotions – enabling the individual to push through the personality’s fears and enable the spiritual progression that the Soul hopes and longs for.
The personality must be treated with love and respect at all times – it is to be thought of as a little child – for it is your Inner Child that so many speak of. Its fears and doubts and anxieties need to be acknowledged, and understood and respected. They need to be unwound and unpicked and studied at their core. It is all about making time to go within and listen to the voice of the Inner Child.

Calling the Guardian Angel to you is a powerful and helpful starting point towards gaining clarification of the reasons behind behaviours and emotions. Then you are invited to offer your hands uppermost to connect to the Divine Source, or cup them as a receiving bowl or chalice, and speak words along these lines:
"I call upon the Apatite Ray.  I call upon the power and presence of the Apatite Ray of Archangel Azaniel.  Mighty Azaniel, may the Apatite Ray flow down into my hands, my mind and my heart, and my solar plexus too.  O' Ray of Apatite blue, wash through me on every layer of my being, cleanse away all shadows and weakness sourced from my personality at this time.  May my intuition and my heart be filled with knowing and filled with Truth.  Come in the most appropriate level of intensity to enable my Highest Good I pray.  I thank you.  I thank you. I thank you."
Then let the contents of your hands glide down into the places you feel to be blocked or in need of cleansing. Sit and let this effervescent blue haze wash through you and cleanse you, and clear your heart and mind and emotions, and see how you wish to react to the events or situations of your day. Then affirm you are disconnected to the ray itself, and ground yourself back into your physical reality in a refreshed state of positivity or understanding about what it is you have been experiencing.
I wish you well, and I bid you farewell, from the Heart of the Apatite Ray, until you call upon me in your times of need.
I am Azaniel.


through Carolyn Williams

Breathe calmly dear ones, fill yourselves with my light, my light from the realms of the Angelic Kingdoms and from the Heart of the Divine.

The antagonisms of the world have been disturbing the sleep and peace of many and I come to help you to help others, to restore the inner peace and balance and tranquility that can waver at times like these in your world.

Hold the blue tints and shades of the Agate stone firmly in your mind and breathe it into your mind and heart like a mantle of blue, healing balm. Let it ripple and cascade over and around and through you, washing away all antagonisms your body has been experiencing. Let all tensions dissolve within this shimmering blue cascade that comes from me and has great power to heal and cleanse. Let your body relax. Direct your mind to relax and let go of everything, into this healing shower of blue nurturing protection.
Breathe long and deep and cleanse every cell... for any cell may have mistakenly taken hold of some negative energy or tension that has entered into your body during these times of upheaval in your world.

All will be well again in time to come within your world, but mankind must first re-attune to his sense of peace within. And this will take time, whilst for some the sense of peace is so hard to find at present. But mankind will find this peace once more as a collective, once sufficient individuals are registering harmony and peace, to tip the scales away from the fear and negativity that is so sadly rife in places at this time.
So I come today to urge you to be at one with peace and to be one of those who tips the scales back into the realms of bliss, peace, harmony and tranquility.

I am the Angel of Communication and I come to communicate to you today the importance of positive communication. I urge you to find your peace within and communicate it out of your heart – calmly and gently – as often as you are able. This is not to say that I would have you all sit as those in closed orders, sending peace unceasingly. What I ask of you is more tricky than that in many respects.
I ask you, I urge you, I suggest to you, that if you will commune with the light and love and peace of the Divine early on in your day, and register Its presence, beauty, strength and magnitude and breathe It into your heart centre, you will be beginning the day in a very simple and positive manner.

But then what I suggest and invite you to do is, that you attempt to go out into your world, your job, your commitments and your functions, acting at all times with this Divine love and peace uppermost in your thoughts and words and actions.
Your world is a busy, bustling place and there are sadly so many who rush and rant and rage in their haste. I urge you to be a Ray of Peace amongst those bustling, stressed-out characters who have forgotten how to be at peace. I urge you to be as a little flicker of light in their gloomy rantings of darkness, fear and gloom. I urge you to be a spark of love to the touch-paper of their spirit and their Soul’s Light and connection and Divine Blueprint.
At present it is extremely difficult for these individuals who are not in touch with their Soul’s Light, for they have no open, functioning, point of entry for their Soul’s Light to flow into. And so, when the media’s words and pictures of communication flow into their physical brains, it lights the touch-paper to shock and woe and panic and fear – as well it might at these times.

But for you dear ones, in touch with your Soul’s Light, things need not be so bad or so bleak. For you are the awakening seekers of the light, the ones whose Soul’s Light CAN flow into their hearts, because you seek to allow it, because you seek its presence and its connection. Letting the Soul’s Light in, is what mankind’s existence is all about - a chance to remember the Soul from whom you have journeyed away from – at your Soul’s bidding.
There is always potential for good in all things and there is always potential for negativity in all things. It is the truth of Yin and Yang, the dark and the light. So I urge you to be the spot of light in darkened places or darkened, fearful groups of people. Gently focus on your heart and ask for my help and it will always come. It is the Divine’s will and rule that we the Angels bring the Light and manifest the Light and carry the Light to you all when you ask for it.

And when you call, we are there.
So call on me, and then quietly wait for inspiration as to how to speak and act with the Light when others are caught up in words of negativity. For extreme anger or harsh words of criticism only sometimes will help such situations or conversations of negativity.

Communicate to their hearts with your heart, send my love, the Divine Love, from your heart to theirs and say simple, calming words to begin to tip the balance back into the realms of calmness and serenity. Then their fear can become the black dot in a swirl of white Light once more, instead of the reverse, the white dot in the swirl of dark or pessimism.
You can help to turn the tide of this exhausting communication of your media in the same way. I am not urging you to stand like Moses commanding the waves to halt. I am urging you to be as a grain of sand that adds its weight to the mass in the hour glass that gently slips and slides itself away from the confines of fear, and takes its place at peace, at the opposite end.
These then are my suggestions as to how you can help yourself to remain in the Light, and to keep your words and actions of the Light. And if you will help your brothers and sisters out of their fears - just by your gentle smiles and words of encouragement, a change for the better will come all the faster for your world, because energy follows thought. If your thoughts and words are of the Light, then the energy behind your Light will be my Light, and behind my Light is the Divine Source, the Light of All.
Let us work together and help all back into the One Light of peace and truth and love.

Look for me in the sky around you.
Notice me in the air around you.
Feel my presence in your ever awakening heart of love.
Be of love like your Soul and your Source.
I am Raphael.



Through Carolyn Williams
February 2008
Angelic Connection Meeting
St. Michaels Sanctuary, Ewell, Surrey

According to information received by Edwin Courtenay, Archangel Hophriel has the power to restore hope and implant it into the heart of darkness or despair, with his symbol being the Dove of Peace.

Archangel Hophriel is coming forward to anchor the vibration of hope here at St. Michaels, for future times when people come in times of need, enabling them to draw on this as a Well of Hope.
He manifests as shimmering white with tinged light blue edging – the space he occupies is filled with white light with a gleaming light blue circle enclosing it. As he manifests and the image grows stronger, he is seen to be holding the Dove of Peace at his heart, which he offers to you to take.

Carolyn then received the following meditative visualization from Archangel Hophriel:



Through Carolyn Williams

Relax down into your chair, and hold the intent that you wish to link with Archangel Hophriel. Let your breathing be long, slow and deep, and acknowledge to yourself that you are open to receive the most beneficial and appropriate intensity of love and energy from him at this time.
Sing or whisper “Hophriel, Hophriel, Hophriel” and see manifesting before you a gleaming, shimmering, dazzling, form of white light. Know that this is Archangel Hophriel. Greet him in your mind, bowing before his majestic white brilliance. Breathe in the essence of his incredible energy of peace and light.

His dazzling form continues to grow in front of you, and you begin to see also the pale blue edge to his outline. Continue to link with his presence and his power as you continue to breathe slowly and deeply. It isn’t possible to see his eyes but you know his face is smiling and welcoming and radiating such love towards you.
Deep at his heart you see the Dove of Peace that he carries, and you know that he offers it with love to all in need, once you have asked to receive it – or once you ask for someone else to receive it for their highest good.
Invite him to come closer and to step into your auric space and to bless you with the most appropriate intensity of his energy and love…..He glides towards you, smiling, loving, so gentle, but so powerful.
He holds the dove up towards his face, kisses it with such tenderness, and offers it to you. As you breathe in, your heart opens a little wider and the dove sinks slowly inside, causing a glow of warmth and peace to begin to sink into your heart chakra at the centre of your chest.
Keep breathing in, letting the dove’s strength and peace permeate more deeply through the layers of your heart and the layers of your being……
The dove’s strength grows and grows, circulating around your chest:  breathe it in, feeling it filling you entirely until your aura is tinged with the pale blue light that you previously saw encompassing Archangel Hophriel.
Luxuriate in this embrace until you wish to return. When you do so, thank him and bid him farewell, and feel his energy gradually drawing away from you, leaving the dove’s peace, strength and love flowing and ebbing through your body, mind and spirit.
Know that you can draw on this visualization at any stressful time in the future, and the dove’s energy, anchored now, will always be a positive presence to reassert calm, and peaceful balance within you.




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