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Conversations Between Christ Michael and Evelyn
By Christ Michael and Evelyn
Dec 18, 2008, 13:24



Christ Michael through Evelyn Kümmerle

3rd December 2008

                               Let your heart create the wave you ride on,
but let your mind oversee where it’s leading you to.


John Denver  Leaving on a jet plane

(I copied this link in here, as this song – which I often sung when I was a teenager – does not only speak of good-bye, but also of coming home and of memories, and I remember that this song also fits for the situation in which we ourselves left our place with our star family – far away – to go on our mission on planet earth. And on Good-bye always follows an arrival at the new station.)

CM: Good morning, Eve, this is CM, who heartfelt thanks you for doing this piece on the Advent Calendar to fulfill my whish. [wish-D] I hope that you are not bothered now thinking “Oh, my God, CM again!”

E: No, not at all.


CM: I caught you thinking about time still speeding up and about how hard it feels to let a hand go that does not whish to be held and lead to safety. So many of you ground crew members are seeking with all their heart to hold hands to those who are still asleep. You are holding hands to precious seed that is somehow missing the rain to grow and bear fruit and you are so disconsolately trying to be all for them – the sun and the rain … but when the seed is somehow genetically influenced by “Monsanto & Co” it will never – at least not in this shape – come to be ripe grain in  the universal measure.

You, the bridges, are trying everything to make them grow but there has a time arrived where the distance is becoming that far that you simply cannot stretch your arms any longer while the seed is keeping glued into the ground like heavy metal without making any effort to grow up.

This brings you to a point where you have to make a decision of either letting the hands go or letting yourself being pulled down by the weight of the body belonging to the hand you’re holding.  We cannot afford to let precious awake pearls go down, so we gently tell you to let the hands go as the time of choice is upon all of you.

No more fences to sit on, dear ones. Believe me that I experienced what I’m talking about, not only by the father fragments of you folks. One of the most beloved hands I had to let go myself was the hand of a great being named Lucifer after the rebellion. I had offered him a shining bridge to turn to his father's house, to be welcomed there as the beloved son once lost.

What do you think how I felt when Lucifer rejected taking my hand. I had to accept his choice not to return. I had to look at my “empty” hand by which I had yearned to lead him home.  And I watched how he “set the bridge under flames” that I had built to bring him back.

Beloveds, you are surrounded by loved ones you whish to take with you by all means, so that they should be raised and lifted. BUT IF THEY CHOOSE TO REJECT YOUR HELP LET THEM GO WITH LOVE. Whoever is not yet on board of the ship will be left at the shore waiting for the next ship to leave. Whoever wants to join will simply by [their-D] own forces hold on to your hand.

Letting a hand go in the challenging time of good-byes has the potential to tear hearts apart. But we need you with solid hearts as rocks of Christ. So you must keep your preparation to leave the shore, looking forward to the open waters and if you find that the time is not any more sufficient to keep hands holding on, then you have to meet your decision to let the hands go.

Surrender these matters to the guides and to the universal wisdom, these souls will be cared for accordingly. You must set your engines under full power and you must lift the anchors and untie the ropes holding the ship fixed to the shore. Look forward with trust and faith and sail your ship home. The time to leave is NOW!

Eve, dear, did you get the message?

E: Yes, most likely.

Set your priorities well. Take also care of yourself. Time is not sufficient any more to settle all that you whish to settle. Let your heart create the wave you ride on, but let your mind oversee where it’s leading you to. Share this, please, and thanks again so much for supporting me. This is CM.

 Here is a small chat dated 6th December:

E: CM, how are you??

CM: Dearest Eve, ;-) I'm amazed that someone is asking me how I am as usually people are either simply not interested how their father is or so caught up in their own affairs that there is no room for this thought.  So, thank you very much for asking me, it's only very few people down there addressing that question to me.

Well, I'm in a  joyful mood and, like always, considering a lot. Me and the assistants of my inner team very close to me - like Esu etc. are working out several scenarios to find out which one suits best. I'm demanding a lot from my team, as the final deadline approaches without hold. There is still much down there with you which is anything else than amusing. The situation is still challenging, so to say. But we are on a speedy way forward and it won't be long now any more, beloved ones. 

I enjoy it very much when I get something else like claims, so thank you very much again, to all the dear supporters of our ground crew and to everybody committed to the light. Remember, you are on the road to freedom!    Yours, CM


 And here is an older one from October:

Christ Michael's way to drive his universe

CM through Evelyn Kümmerle


In the evening before, CM checked in shortly and asked for a chat. I promised him but then I was very tired and assured him I would be ready the next morning.


E: CM, here I am, as promised!

C:  I'm very pleased, Eve.  Quite some time has passed since we had our last chat.

         E: …and you are not wearing your sunglasses! ;-)

CM: No, not right now. It’s my gift for you to allow you a look into my eyes. :-)


E: Your mighty presence is shining in them so brightly!

CM: My presence is not regarded as that mighty by some of my colleagues ;-) and councils of the big universe. See, it's not that they would not love me, they really do and respect and honour me, but your perception is correct, my high risk allowance in my universe and my very unconventional ways of handling situations and stepping into them seems to the universal councils some kind of exotic and from time to time they simply shake their heads.

I always try to be "among" you, dear ones.  When I am your father, I am not the kind of father on a far distant throne.  I'm the kind of father going on excursions with his kids, to the soccer ground, etc. I whish to be touchable for you. Right now there are some among my kids that rebel a lot against their father -- with the intention to test whether they can dominate him.  Well, they won't come through with this. Wherever they go, there is no way to avoid passing and meeting me.


E: CM, why are you so extraordinarily different from other creator sons?

CM:  This is a question you must ask the Eternal Creator (smiles)


E: Do you think he himself might wonder what went wrong when creating you? ;-)

CM: (laughs loudly) No, surely not. Of course, I am a part of him, too, so I would say that this is due to the creativity and evolution of the whole creation. If you have an identical  concept as a basis for universes, these will in spite of this develop differently within a certain scale. It’s fascinating to observe what happens within the given frame, but the limits can clearly be recognized as they were set.

Maybe I am a factor giving evolution a leap forward, as a model and showcase for all. This is the fabrics I see as my personal identity and this is also the fabrics you are made of. This is the reason for the fact that you are here with me as team members and transformers. Very conservative team members would tend to hold back things. I need challengers and pioneers to operate in the scheme that seems to be adequate for me.

Some councils charge me to be too risky. You charge, councils charge. This is natural, as it’s a basis for meeting decisions and to make up ones mind. There is a difference between charging and judging. It’s like that: They see me moving the frame sides to a wider picture and some of them feel uncomfortable. They are somehow holding the hand in front of the eyes and say: Ok, for heavens sake, this is Christ Michael again. Well, good luck then.

Then there are observers who would never do something like that themselves, but they are interested – like you in TV shows you love to watch – and they are placing themselves in the first row to see what happens. They comment. Well, Christ Michael is always good for an exciting show.

And some of them – well, a few – are starting to ask themselves whether they carry some hidden CM factors inside. (Smiles) Just a few, dear.


E: CM, you were once talking about souls incarnate with the potential to once become creators of universes, too. This is unusual.


CM: Indeed. Remember, I am the explorer of a new way to go. The output of my universe is meant to be extraordinary and diamond like, strong  with love, reliable and unbreakable. This is the pride I have in my concept of creation and my focus. My fellows and assistants in this project must fit into this concept. I do not have any conservative assistants. Every single of you is enthusiastic about this expedition.

E: CM, you are a beautiful and brilliant mind. When do you think your mission has been successful?


CM: When I step in front of the Eternal Father of All That Is, presenting all the shining diamond souls, telling him: Beloved father of mine, this is what Nebadonia and me have created in gratitude, grace and love to delight you and to honour your presence as the Eternal Father and Prime Creator. But, see, I cannot do this without the precious pearls of my team!


E: CM, have you always been such a pioneer?


CM: Well, let’s say I was created with the potential to be one. It was my decision to explore this potential and this made me become who I Am. See, when you are reaching out to create a universe you have received education and information from teachers who are some kind of conservative. Then it’s your own turn to start and to collect experience. Every moving thing tends to start in a slow mode.

I started in a conservative way, but quickly discovered that the usual manners did not match my inner marker. I have  been developing new skills and handling tools and many watchers were astonished about when my creation turned out to be more risky straight from the beginning. The difference between “could” and “will do ” was quite clear to me.

This universe of Nebadon was the only one I had, so I had to meet a decision. It was a “will-do” decision and the reason why a team collected around me that was fascinated from the first universal “minute of creation” on. You went with me all along the way, I can’t put in words how many sessions we had considering existing potentials.

You have been in the mud for me so many times – and out of your purest love and dedication for me you said: CM, we will manage this for you. This has been so touching to my heart that I decided to go into the “mud” myself beyond of the usual measure. All of you – of my dear ground crew – have a “hands-on” mentality and I LOVE THAT.  I can’t tell you how much I love that. I love that so much that I want to demonstrate that I am AMONG you with my “sleeves” up, at work.

It’s a new way to demonstrate unity and this is seen in all the universes. I can do that without generating further problems elsewhere in Nebadon, as Gabriel of Salvington and all the rest are performing a brilliant backup for myself. All experience we have collected so far has acknowledged to me that I made the right choice by deciding the way I did.

Explorers always face doubters, but this is a natural way, even in universes. I cannot express with words the love that dwells among me and all of you, the longer the road has been that we walked together, the more mighty love grows. It’s love beyond any measure and even though there is sadness because of the rebels, I Am always seeking to gift you with opportunities to develop your skills and potentials.

I don’t mind if you are sending me protest emails out of your mind stating you were fed up and “where the hell” I remain. I AM HERE, folks, and it’s quite a road to go. This is the time where you must decide, or you will be made a decision.

Make known to your fellows that this is the time to either make a new 5D-contract for “renting” my beloved seed planet Urantia for the next cycle or to simply move out to another home in this universe where contracts for 3D renting are still available. And the ones signing the new contract will REDO the planet, as you would redo an apartment that has suffered from a long living in there. I will show you how to redo this planet and afterwards we’ll have a big party and celebration. Folks, I Am your Chief of redoing and I don’t care whether some councils laugh at me saying: Have you ever seen a creator son with a brush in his hand.


I love adventures. Many of you do, too. You attend rally’s down there. I attend the correcting time for Urantia. There are many gifts and surprises waiting for you along the was [way-D], for all my faithful ones that hold the line, who keep the light shining amidst the mud and who do this with a trusting heart  to manifest the Golden Age out of their love for their cosmic parents, for their fellows on the road and for the Eternal Creator of all that is. May I ask you to share this with the public and I’m now going back to my work of redoing my seed planet back into light and love. Thank you and Namasté, dear one. I Am Christ Michael of Nebadon.

 Candace: Little note. I have asked Christ Michael some time ago, if he had so do it all over again, would he allow the extensive free will and exploration in all his creations of Nebadon, would he do it all over again? The answer was YES. I have had lots of discussion with him on this, but always when I am out and walking etc. I have none of it written down. It is delightful to see that Evelyn did write it down, and in such a lovely way.

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