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Master Kuthumi
25:5 Key Activation Christ Light Channeling

Channeled through Michelle Eloff
Johannesburg~13 May 2008

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of trust, truth and totality.  Greetings, beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, it is no secret that the world is undergoing the greatest change of its time.  The evolution of humanity has come under a completely different magnifying glass.  This is the time where the evolution of mankind is being addressed from a different perspective so that people can in fact see that the emotional self, the human as an emotional being has in fact made very little progress in the evolutionary department.  Your world has grown technologically and scientifically, the external world has developed and regressed simultaneously.  By this we mean that with all the technological breakthroughs and scientific discoveries that you have experienced, your earth is still taking an immense amount of strain.

This particular activation brings the core of humanity into the heart of what we call the Christ Light. Most of you have heard of the Christ Light and what it is, is the Essence of Truth, the Essence of Love embodied within a creation that assists those who seek it in discovering the inner self, the inner truth.  This process triggers an accelerated process of emotional evolution.  The breakthroughs that many of you have been making over the past while, is evidence of what I am speaking of.  However, there is still the majority of humanity who needs to make this discovery.  Needless to say there are many who won’t, and this you know already.

The clearings related to earth changes have already increased in their manifestation as you are witnessing.  As the light of the White Flame and the fire element of love breaks through the darkness and the light that comes from the Golden Heart Chakra, it has activated the breaking and the cracking of the old foundations of the old world of illusion.  Some of you who have followed the messages from the alchemy tour in Egypt will recall my words when I stated Asia would undergo massive change and it is through this point that the children of your world will reclaim their power. 

Take a look at what is happening in Asia.  Take a look at what has happened in that part of the world over the past few days.  Beloved ones, these energies are real and when we speak of the changes that are to be expected, it too is real.  The external breaking down, the external
destruction is a manifestation of the internal changes, and Mother Earth is purging herself of that which no longer serves her, just as most of you have done, and are doing, and for some soon will be doing.

As the child consciousness is liberated and each of you reclaim the truth of your Golden Child you will discover yet another level of freedom and what it means to express your voice of innocence. The authentic voice is one that breaks down barriers and moves obstacles that previously appeared to be completely stuck, unmovable and each of you have found a way to make that change.

There are a number of catalysts on the horizon, not just for the physical earth but, for people in general.  On an individual basis people will find that there are times where sadness overwhelms them, a sadness that cannot be described.  This sadness is the inner mourning process that is unfolding, the mourning that is coming to the surface related to your time of bidding the old world farewell, all the old paradigms of your consciousness.  The outdated and limited aspects of self that lived the pathway of ignorance have done their time and completed their cycle.

This deep sense of grief and sadness is part of your process, allow
yourself to experience it.  Other people are finding that it is almost unbearable to physically remain in situations, be it a relationship, a career, a way of thinking, a philosophy -- these are just aspects of the greater change.  The subtleties are necessary to begin with but as each day passes the process accelerates and intensifies, because each day brings you closer to the ultimate destiny that you created for yourself prior to your current incarnation.

All of you are upon a journey not only of self-discovery, but of collective understanding.  The more you understand how collective consciousness works the easier it is for you to unhook yourself from that grid.  It is very easy for you to get sucked back into the grid of the collective consciousness, as well as the unconscious and subconscious aspects of the collective consciousness.  It is your duty to keep yourself informed, in terms of your own needs, so that you can do everything in your power to bring about the change that will help you understand what it is that influences you. 

Because the energies are so supercharged at this current time and because most of you are very sensitive you will be prone to taking on the negative emotions and projections of the collective consciousness.  It is vital that you protect yourself on a daily basis.  By doing this you stand in the fullness of your almighty I AM Presence and are able to hold your center.  From this point you are able to observe that which is unfolding within the collective consciousness and you are empowered by the cognizant self to understand what action needs to be taken, if any, and how to deal with that which you face.

Communication has been distorted in a number of ways.  These activations are very much revolving around communication. Today's particular one is the subtle communication that comes from the emotional body; the projections of energy that are communicated through the etheric vehicles, through the etheric web that influences everything and everyone in its environment.  The atmosphere in which you live carries these fine filaments of information.

The emotional body must be strengthened, and the way you do this is by stepping more and more into the power of your authentic self, bearing in mind that the authentic self is the part of you that will not be silenced, the part of you that knows what your truth is and there is a great difference between the lower ego and the authentic self. 

Your authentic self will not act or think in any way that would harm another or do anything to deliberately deprive anyone of anything in any kind of manipulative manner. The authentic self always holds integrity high upon its list.

The authentic self is confident in its ability and power to set firm boundaries, to love unconditionally and to honour the truth of self.

The authentic self does not sacrifice its truth but will not tolerate anything else or anyone else demanding that of it.

So, beloved ones, I ask you now to imagine yourself encased within a vibrant light of any colour you choose and to imagine this light filling your emotional body and extending the energies of your authentic self into the world that surrounds you. 

Imagine your authentic self, possessing hundreds of thousands of tiny, very fine, very sensitive extensions of energy, like feelers, and each of these fine sensitive strands of energy can receive and transmit information.  Many of these extensions of energy were severed in your earlier years, which created a kind of numbness in the emotional body. This altered your pattern of thinking, and your ability to observe and perceive the world around you.  Through this process you became emotionally more and more numb until you were stuck in a state of
arrested development.  And so your physical body matured, your intellect matured but emotionally not much extended beyond that point where you became frozen in time.

As each feeler of energy was severed a part of you withdrew, for some, shut down completely, and this journey is now not only a time of remembrance but, in fact, a time of resurrection.  This is your time of rising above all of that which brings you down; rising above all of that which cuts you off; all of that which stifles your voice; disregards your needs; ignores your questions, your requests and your pleas for assistance, support and anything else that you require.

Over the next sixteen weeks you will undergo an incredible time of reactivating these energies, and that which has been in a state of dormancy for all this time will be revived and Goddess Ishtar and Lord Hilarion will continue in their role of assisting you and facilitating the unfolding of this exquisite process.

As the Golden Temple teachings are re-emerging, the Golden Light inside of each of you re-emerges and for the duration of the month of June you will feel the warmth of Father Sun shining brightly from within you. The White Fire Element will make itself known to you in a variety of ways.

Upon the time of the Solstice on the 21st of June through to the 26th of June there will be a sequence of activations conducted which will not only support the emotional body of your planet and that of each individual upon it, but accelerate the process of breaking the icebergs that have held the emotional consciousness of humanity as a collective grid frozen in time.  As the ice melts and the feeling comes back much water will flow, do not hold back your tears.  Whether they be tears of joy or tears of sorrow it matters not what is important is that you do not stifle the emotion that rises.  The lesson throughout this time is for you to remember how to manage the energy of the emotions and utilize the power of the emotional body and its ability to communicate to its environment.

Manage your emotions like you would manage your life and if you are not very good at managing your life right now, then you have a very good idea of where it is you need to begin in terms of making change, so that you can best manage that which is a part of you; that which influences your life and the world around you. 

Humanity absolutely has to mature emotionally in order to be ready for the levels of change that are flooding in.  An emotionally immature or ignorant person will have great difficulty understanding what will unfold in their life if they choose to ignore this time of change, and these changes are not limited to affecting the lives of Lightworkers, these changes affect every single person on earth.

Your world is shifting in its duality, you are growing in wisdom, you are being presented with powerful lessons, lessons in discernment, lessons of trust and most important, the opportunity to learn everything that there is about yourself.  If you do not know yourself you will never know life in its fullness.

So know that as these extensions of energy feel their way around the environment within your energy field and the external world, information is being received and transmitted and every time information is transmitted it alters the vibrations in your environment, and every time you receive information it alters the vibrations within you, therefore it is vital that you are discerning of that which you are receiving as much as that which you are transmitting.

We are still in the process of laying the foundations of light for the Golden Temple teachings on earth.  It is almost complete.  Three more days and it will be complete.  After that point there will be an immense amount of new light filtering in.  This light embodies many of the qualities of the White Fire Element and will deliver yet another dose of its power clearing the illusions, melting the ice around your heart, and the ice within the Sacral Chakra so that love may flow, creativity, intuition and the feminine love that exists within you.  This opens the space for you to receive and conceive of the newness that awaits you.  Remember, beloved ones, that everything that comes your way is an opportunity to gain wisdom. Do not step into self-blame or project blame onto others. Everything simply is as it is.  The reason is not always that important.  What you extract from the experience; what you gain; what you learn; and what you teach is the true value of that which comes to meet you.

See life as a two-way street.  It's a dance and it always takes two to tango, beloved ones.  Therefore, remember life always meets you halfway.  So, whatever it is that you put into your life, life will meet you halfway on that which you are focusing upon... and may that be another reminder to you to be clear about that which you focus upon... and to allow yourself to open up and receive the bold, the beautiful; to receive that which may even appear to be too good to be true.  This is a very important time of raising your standards, addressing, and the value of your life in terms of what you deserve and to step it up a notch.

The colour that you have drawn into your emotional body will remain in place over the next sixteen weeks.  It is the colour that nurtures your emotional body most.  It is the one that anchors and soothes your emotional body the most. Trust this divine time of reformation and see that the revolution that is taking place within you is bringing about an uprising, one that is being projected from the Golden Child; from the authentic self and all the parts of you that have had to shut up, sit in silence and have patiently waited for this time to come.

I, Kuthumi, walk the pathway with each of you, protecting you, assisting you and guiding you in the best way for you that is.  Trust that everything coming your way is for a purpose and serves a divine purpose.

 Acknowledge this activation as being a treasure in terms of the gift of discovering wisdom is concerned.  Wisdom frees you to make different choices in the future.  Wisdom frees you from guilt, judgment, fear and anger.  Wisdom shows you the power of discernment, the power
of patience and the power of action.  It is a tool that serves you for life and beyond the life you have chosen.  Make it your closest ally. 

For love and wisdom combined are the greatest powers on earth and that, my beloved ones, is the core essence of the Golden Temple teachings.  It is the core essence of my energy as Kuthumi, the collective energy of everything that I am, which is why I serve as the Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom.  It is for this purpose that I come forth as the world teacher to teach you the art of mastering love and wisdom.  I bring to you the formula for the greatest wealth on earth that exists - love and wisdom, and I bring you the key to freedom; the key to the universe - love and wisdom. Make it a point to learn and teach through love and wisdom in all that you do.

Beloved ones may the power of love and wisdom always be by your side, may it always be inside of you, before you, behind, above you and beneath you, for it is these qualities that will show humanity the truth of everything, and it is through the Rays of Love and Wisdom that one discovers the key to truth which sets all free. 

As you step into the kingdoms of heaven embrace the lessons they present; accept the opportunities to walk as a teacher, a catalyst, a student and a master; and know that you are successfully changing that which you choose to change, and the pathway you have chosen is one that is fulfilling the destiny you have chosen.

May the light of this truth nurture you, motivate and inspire you.  Therefore, beloved ones, know that the inspiration that fills you and motivates you comes from the essence of the Infinite Supreme Being of All That Is, which is Source, and may that source be the source of your motivation. Be at peace, be calm and know that you are never alone, always protected and guided. We are with you in always, in all ways.

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love.  Adonai.

Michelle Eloff



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