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Esu Speaks On Structure Of Transition


By Jess Anthony

July 28, 2008

Esu, I need some assurance and insight this evening. I would ask you to suggest the balance we should have between seeking information and looking beyond the chaos that is presented. How can we best be centered and remain an example to others? How can we participate in the ongoing activities and not be caught up in the fear and anger we see? Speak more of what will be the results of stasis, and how those entering the transition period will see the situation with new eyes. How will this affect commitment and participation? How will attitudes change? The situation appears challenging, but will we not look at this differently?


Yes, Jess, I am here. Let me speak of the difficulties that are looming, first. The predictions and the certainties are only one tangent of the possible realities that can be created. The fact remains that the Earth must be improved and that involves reducing the population. How this is done is a complex question. This is not a decision that is separate from the participants. Christ Michael is not going to determine the process the Earth moves into its transition phase. His way of persuading people to become aware and begin to work for change is through messengers and workers on the ground manipulating events so that they create a result that has a more favorable outcome in terms of educating the public as to the true nature of the events taking place. He is still a part of everything that is happening. It is his exploration of these paradigms through Earth and through the souls that have chosen to incarnate here to explore these paradigms in person for him.


You must remember that you all are part of Christ Michael’s experience of Earth. He is observing and guiding, but he is not predetermining how you will choose to work out your own karma, to use that word. It amounts to every one soul having a unique purpose and path for ascension, and each must create its own existence to work through its individuality. Some people have chosen to turn away from Christ Michael’s light. These you call the dark. They are more in opposition to the laws of the Universe of Nebadon that have been set in place as structure for creation in the first place. This action has independently developed a separate interpretation of the way the universe operates centered around the interests and attitudes of those who have chose to be in opposition. This has been happening for a very long time and has created an antagonism that is difficult and complex to reconcile.


The irony is that Christ Michael is still a part of all those who have turned aware from him. He remains just as open to them as to the so-called light workers. The lightworkers, however, receive his love and guidance additionally because they ask for it. More and more all the time are waking up and seeking to be realigned. Enough of those sleeping had realized their place in the Universe and desired a change to cause Christ Michael to rethink his established plan for planetary ascension. He decided to allow a uniquely different situation to work itself out on Earth, with the outcome that those who chose to stay would be allowed to do so without the typical destruction and cleansing that normally would happen.


It grieves him to be rejected over and over by his creation, and that is why the scenarios keep changing minute by minute to adjust to the fluid interplay of commitment and rejection. The chaos you see on your news is the manifestation of this fluid allegiance. Christ Michael is holding out to the very last second to say that this is enough of an object lesson for Earth’s inhabitants. Those who are going to learn, have.  It is important to look at this description of fluid potentials rather than at a vacillating series of indecisive choices. The structure of this change is in place, but the details of how this will come to be remain to be seen.


Let me speak of the trials and the transition period. There is a very good possibility that California will suffer debilitating earthquakes. There is a very good possibility the government will try to spring martial laws upon you. There is a good possibility the food supply and transportation to maintain this will be affected greatly. I will not make predictions because the variables that determine these events have not yet been lined up to cause them.


Let me just say that events on Earth are inevitable. There will be a cleansing and there will be depopulation. There will be difficulties in switching to a more sustainable way of life. These events will take place. The question is when, how, and where. These factors are determined by the relationships between people and their interactions with the environment. The chaos and turmoil in the news are there because the world’s population set this time in motion long ago. It is being resolved only now because of Christ Michael’s insistence. He is ready to move on to another level of information.


The people’s attitude to these possibilities is what determines the shape they take. The more the attitude is one of calmness; the person looking at events unraveling can work to take the “higher road” and view them objectively as events that have been selected to come to a conclusion. Emotional anger and frustration only connect you to the imbalance of the event itself and set up a circular response that prevents clear thinking and separation. This attitude is crucial for lightworkers of all stripes. Educating yourself on these issues is laudable, but these activities often produces reactions that prevent you from being objective and compassionate to others in the face of these impassioned events.


Stasis will begin to address some of these issues. The population will be a major consideration and a large portion of those who have not supported Christ Michael’s continued offer will be relocated. The attitudes and intentions of those who remain will be cleansed also, along with Earth herself. They will not be so apt to fall back into previous routines that don’t support the agenda Christ Michael has drawn up.


This will be the time Monjoronson speaks of an extended transition period. This state of the Earth is difficult to describe accurately.  There will be physical disasters, and there will be removal of many contaminating things. There will be some break downs in traditional modes of conducting commerce and travel. The stasis work will repair much that will be affected by Earth. The huge increases in photon energy and galactic information will cause those staying to be more conscious of their surroundings and the way they interact with each other. The living situations they find themselves in will trigger some emotional reactions, however, and many will grieve because they are preconditioned to do so.


It must be pointed out that no one is ever lost, and despite what the observed events seem to indicate, the individual at one time made a choice to play out that scenario exactly as it did. The circumstances of how the event happens are always dependent on the dynamics of life at that time. There is no fixed constant on how things happen. Just as there is no fixed game plan for Earth.


The comments by Monjoronson are authoritative. He is concerned with the process of transformation and the steps it will take to move ahead. He is not concerned with the way you must wrap up your current duality and move knowingly into the circumstances that will be available after stasis. Much will survive, but man’s attitude will be changed.


Jess Anthony



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