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Esu Speaks on Religion
and Emotional Confrontations

By Jess Anthony
June 2, 2008

Esu, I ask for information this evening. I ask for comments on religion and what the root problem is. I ask for an explanation of the changes that stasis will bring with its cleaning out. How much will the awareness and raised vibration of energy affect the current thinking and attitudes that lead to argument? My impression is that people will be more aligned and the petty issues that plague us today will be overcome? Is this correct?
Jess, let’s speak briefly on these issues.
The stasis effect will be one of cleaning and removal of disharmonious vibrational patterns. This is the synchrony of matching vibrational frequencies. This will have various effects on the remaining inhabitants. Many will be removed, and others will “wither away” in a sense that their body structure is no longer capable of adapting to the new vibrational regime. You are correct in that there will be more unity and more understanding of compromise and tolerance. The evidence will be clearly factual and visible. This example will cause more reversal of thinking that any other factor.
I don’t expect the range of thinking will be all resolved and brought to an understanding, but I do expect that much of the pettiness as you describe it will no longer serve any purpose. People will see an open perspective that supports new attitudes.
My role will be to enable the religious traditions to view each other as equally viable. None of this current warfare or elitism. No belief is more correct than another. All are expressions of man’s thinking and reactions to his circumstances. Religion becomes the solution for political injustices. Power is created away from the physical social construct. Power is labeled morally justified because it seems called for by the accepted belief structures. Sin, in this situation, is not accepting the dogma.
Sin is, in fact, an awkward word to use, but it carries an importance that belies its judgmental suggestion. Sinning is purposely ignoring the leadership of others more fully invested in the light of the Creator and taking it upon themselves to consciously work against it.
This is enough for now.

June 3, 2008
Esu, I ask to continue this commentary. I also ask about confrontation and engaging with others in emotional disagreements.
Jess, I do wish to continue this conversation—as one-sided as it may appear to be. Your comments and questions go unstated, but they are there and I feed off them in forming my responses to you.
My role after stasis will be to present the unity that is at the core of all religious belief. There is one truth and all will have to come to accept that. There can be no alternatives in terms of Universal law and intent. The story of my role is told many different ways and I will have reflections of many expectations. This will be part of my service to Earth this second time. I have come to be a representative of the Creator’s idea of creation in visible form. I will represent the manifestation of the logos and guide Earth inhabitants to the level of awareness that will lead to the next phase of ascension necessary to move into a higher dimension of light and life.
My public persona will take the form of people’s expectations. I will look as they expect to see me. I will act and speak as they anticipate. However, I will temper this expectation with the clear truth of the reality of Christ Michael’s Universe and the Earth’s place in this design. Earth will have a Second Coming of sorts, but it will be an informed appearance with true teaching and clear guidance.
I will speak now about the questions you suggested. Everyone is conditioned to have emotional responses to situations that rub against their preconceived comfort zone. This immediate reaction acts in conflict with reasoned discernment and examined interaction. Too often emotional responses are not considered to the full benefit of the person. They commit a person to a course of defensive action that often is not necessary.
Once a response is generated, however, the incipient conflict becomes energized and the emotional dialogue is started. This is often not for the best in terms of personal awareness and growth. At least it is not for the unchallenged course of self determination. The conflict creates a block that then must be resolved. Once this is created it becomes the person’s reality, and the solution of that reality becomes the next step in the life progression. One is not judged better than another, only more and less complicated. Lessons can be learned either way, and it is an individual’s decision which they choose to pursue.
It is one’s decision which reality they wish to connect with. Learning about a situation creates a level of connection that has to be resolved. One’s choice then becomes how much more they wish to invest in the resolution process. The more one interacts, the more complicated the situation becomes.
Again, this is not judged—only observed and supported to the extent you ask for it to be. Each decision is a chance for Christ Michael to learn and experience this particular situation through you. Each personality is distinctive and unique, and the reaction a person has to a particular situation is a unique juncture with that nexus of energy that explores that particular reality. He uses each person as his extension to create the experience for him. They are him and their reactions are his.
It is not significant that one wins or loses a conflict or interaction. It is important that one assumes full responsibility for his actions within the situation—whatever they turn out to be. The extent of responsibility one accepts in himself determines the nature of his action and response in any given situation. The choice for action determines what the result will be. This has to be accepted to accept full responsibility. A person must not shift blame or seek escape for a situation he has allowed to happen to him. He must always choose to behave in his best interest by weighing the options
I think this is sufficient for this evening. You can edit as you wish and post as you wish.

Jess Anthony



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