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By Jess Anthony
Nov 12, 2008


Esu, explain to me who is right. Is there a right, or are all these opposite projections all part of a myriad of realities? This testing and now seemingly difficult future is bleak as presented. I feel the perception of light and greater spiritual insight is missing here when the future is discussed. Am I wrong?  Speak clearly to me about what is coming. Speak clearly about the most probable future you can foresee us creating.


Jess, I will speak to you this evening. Conflict is everywhere on Earth and the pervasive sense of uncertainty and disagreement colors everyoneʼs perceptions. No one is immune from the taint of manipulated news and biased information that is presented as the whole truth.


The real truth is a many layered composite of myriads of individual realities that reflect each personʼs unique psychic history. The progress of exploration each soul has taken influences the range of perceived truth the mind is capable of assimilating and discerning from.  The messages received and understood are conditioned by the receiverʼs mental vocabulary of expressions. An idea can only be actualized to the extent of that personʼs ability to see his personal relevance and connection to the universe. Each message received by a channeler or telepath is constructed in concrete form by the emotions, the experiential history, the insight, and the openness that personʼs mind has developed. No one is perfect. No one has complete insight. No one is unbiased in their comments and assessments. All are operating psychically within the mental framework their life has provided for them.


The conflict and disagreements between the public channelers and receivers are indicative of the personal attitudes each receiver operates within. All energy that is sent by guides and spiritual entities forms itself into perceptions and then into messages that are completely reflective of the mental style and awareness of the receiver. All those reading the various messages and arguing about the validity of some more than others should be mindful that all are only a slice of the full reality than can manifest. No one sees all the truth that can be grasped. No one on Earth is a complete channel of Universal knowledge.


Anyone who claims they are right and all others are wrong is deluded in their perception of their abilities. They may have formidable psychic powers, but they are not using these talents in a way that puts into action the truths they profess to see. The strength of the message does not need the ego of the receiver to prove its truth. Arguing that the interpretation you construct of the idea sent to you is more accurate than that of another is neglecting the need to focus on your own responsibility for validity.


Living in an awareness of your higher purpose and your connection with the Creator Source does not require proving your version of the truth. Your perception is unique and shows its truth when you seek always to consider your connection to the Universe. All your comments should be made with awareness that you are equal to others and that your perception is not the perception of anyone else.  Arguing that you are right and they are wrong, or that this is the only truth because you say so, is a limited perception of the layers of possible realities that are available to be manifested. Your version of the truth is no better than someone elseʼs version. It is different, and it is your responsibility always to discern what is applicable to you in everything you perceive or come into contact with. No one has all the answers. In fact, there are only questions that you can raise because you already know the answers. Your limited perception of your awareness causes you to view your insight incorrectly.


Manʼs higher perception of himself should be as an entity of unlimited abilities that recognizes his equality with all others through the inner spark of the Creator Source. Your perceptions are not better than others, they are only yours, and you must constantly seek to expand your knowledge base and your understanding of what you perceive. This gives you more awareness, not ridiculing or attacking someone elseʼs perspective. You have no way of knowing how they have arrived at that attitude, and what role that attitude plays in your own spiritual growth. Attacking and demeaning others is not characteristic of higher vibrational existence.


Manʼs task on Earth is to learn to overcome his prejudices and his misunderstandings of how and why others have certain opinions and attitudes. He canʼt have peace until he desires peace. He canʼt live in harmony with his fellow man until he wants to live that way. The chaos on Earth is because man doesnʼt recognize his limited perception of his place in the Universe. At this point I donʼt see him breaking this pattern until some global event shakes up his established frame of reference and forces him to re-evaluate his entire system of beliefs and preconceptions. Galactic forces are ready to guide his steps in a new direction, but they cannot have the realization for him that a new direction must be taken. Man must wake up from his cultural amnesia and seek a connection with the rest of the Universe.


This wooing of man has been going on for many years, in many different forms. He has struggled against an extraordinarily rigid system designed to prevent him from perceiving there is more beyond his existence on Earth. The insistence on manʼs part in this shift is crucial. The Creator Source determined that man would ascend with Earth as part of the ascension of the solar system, but the means for him to do so must follow the parameters of existence he has created on Earth. Man must coordinate the method to suit his own choice, and he must request assistance.



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