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Christ Michael Speaks on Election and Future Events


By Jess Anthony
Nov 5, 2008, 17:01


Christ Michael Aton, I ask for commentary on the events yesterday, and I ask for insight into the events that will be forthcoming soon. Much has been said and much has been in disagreement. Speak this evening on the sequence of events and what will cause them to begin. Speak with specifics and clear guidance to those anticipating these events.


Jess, I will speak to you to set the record straight as to what has occurred and what I plan to initiate. I will not announce the changes in global governance until the time is appropriate for me to do so. This has to do with removal of the miscreants that have manipulated the election to make it appear as if a new, fresh candidate has been elected your leader. This was a selection that caused a dissatisfied populace to flock to a candidate designed to appeal to their most unfilled needs according to their own perceptions. The solutions offered were superficial platitudes that didn’t address the reality of the issues, and did not focus on who was to blame for them in the first place. The typical causes touted by the media are not those that are at fault. The serious problems the Earth finds itself entangled with are those caused by the handful of powerful people at the expense of many others.


My perception of the direction Earth will move will determine how I can join in. My presence is naturally more encompassing and more insightful than man can comprehend. I have determined the nature of the problems you are having, and I understand how to resolve them. For that reason, I have stepped back and allowed man on Earth to search for solutions based on his understanding and creative ability.


You ask why I have done this. I have been exploring how man is able to function with little awareness of my presence. Man in his incarnation on Earth is the determinant of his actions. He chooses the path he wishes to follow, and this is by my design for those living on Earth. This explores the capacity of free will choice, which will be the indicator of an individual soul’s grasp of his ascension process. Man’s experiences here have pushed the concept of free will to an extreme I had not anticipated when I created this experimental planet. I have learned much, and man is awakening to his possibilities as he begins to regain his balance in the equilibrium that is his chosen experience of incarnation. He is finally able to see the nature of his status and how he can change it.


The nature of this change is determined by the extent of his recognition of the degree his previous choices have aligned with my fixed Universal law. The degree of his nonalignment indicates the extent of the journey he must take to become one with my purpose. Many on Earth are at odds with Universal law. The lightworkers by their example and intent show an alternate way to self-realization. The political turmoil that has come to a head recently is a visible image of the selfishness and lack of a sense of equality and compassion for all. Man categorizes these actions as evil and judges them as suitable for punishment. They are only attempts to avoid being unified with my universal ideals that are inside each individual I have created. I judge them as aligned or not, and I determine if actions require punishment.


This punishment is uncreation. Until an individual chooses this option, they are still experiencing the path they have created to examine their life purpose. They are my creations still, with a spark of me in them, however much it is ignored. Rather than judge and call for separation based on his personal set of rules and expectations, man should first ask if I have a plan for how their actions fit within the parameters he has chosen. He should also ask if his parameters are following the path most effectively before he declares someone else’s action are wrong. They may be wrong in his view, but they are another option in mine. I love all my creation equally, although much does not return my affection. This is frustrating and disappointing.


It should be remembered that my love for my universe extends beyond Earth and the immediate concerns of those choosing to inhabit it. My vision and plan encompasses much that Earth does not comprehend, although Earth is a significant piece in the cosmological structure. My plans for Earth are connected to my plans for the ascension of my Universe. My plans for Earth’s progression are locked into my vision for the ascension of the solar system Earth exists in, and the quadrant of Nebadon that your local section occupies. The Universe moves in its own sequence, and Earth must accommodate the schedule of its progression.


You see the progress being made on other planets, if you look beyond the official government news releases. They are quickening in their own vibrational frequency and beginning to restore their natural features that had been lost or intentionally destroyed many eons ago. This cycle of resurgence includes the changes that should happen on Earth. Man has destroyed so many of the natural elements on Earth, however, that its ascension needs assistance. Man is not able to tackle these problems fast enough alone to be able to assist Earth to progress in sequence with the rest of the solar system. That is why there was until recently a decision to allow the poles to reverse naturally to wipe the slate clean and enable the planet to be reborn on its own.


The wishes of enough of Earth’s inhabitants intervened to cause those overseeing Earth’s progress to change their opinion and allow Earth to pursue a new option for ascension that would allow man to participate. This led to a re-thinking of the geophysical parameters that could take place and still allow man to survive. This re-thinking has necessitated Earth being helped with off-world assistance to steer the direction and intensity of the changes that are continuing to happen.


The notion of what you now call a “stasis” was formulated three years ago by your time to provide a window of opportunity for major reclamation and cleaning that man was not able to do on his own. The cultural attitudes on Earth toward open galactic assistance still are largely antagonistic and in opposition to this type of help being provided. Those in control of the governing decisions are the ones most opposed to this new reality being embraced. For this reason, we have been working on many fronts and assisting in many ways that are unknown to the general public in opposition to those publicly opposed to us. This has grown to hundred of thousands of galactic forces working within the structure of the opposition.  They are the ones who have guided the decision making process that has led to what happened yesterday.


The candidates running were not the means by which these changes are being made, but the ideas being discussed. These discussions and investigations are causing a whole new sector of the public to open their eyes to a different reality. The intent for change was reflected in the election results. This level of intention was necessary to guide the visions into manifestation. It was not an intervention, but a steered series of choices that were based on clear insight and factual information.


This election was the necessary step along the path Earth’s inhabitants must take to realize the unity and broader vision that characterizes a higher level of spiritual development. This is not leading to the “promised land” overnight, but it is laying the groundwork for more awareness and personal insight.


I have not spoken of the sequence of what Earth should expect to happen, although elements of this progression have been suggested and described in some fashion. The Magisterial Mission overseen by Monjoronson has begun and it is laying the groundwork for evaluating the preceding cycle of duality that was the characteristic trait of the 3rd Dimension that Earth had existed in for nearly all of its recorded history. He was sent from the Central Universe with the charge of guiding Earth to its next level of spiritual awareness. His announced presence and recorded teachings have initiated this shift in direction. Monjoronson is focused on guiding man into this new level of awareness and he is not preoccupied with the actions taking place to bring closure to the cycle that man has created up to this point. He is looking at the larger picture of where Earth is and how best to move away from this perception.


I am concerned with moving Earth into the position where Monjoronson’s work can begin in earnest. I coordinate the process this uses. This is a very complex game plan and the variables at play are beyond your comprehension in terms of their complexity. The financial debacle is but one aspect of this tangle of created ideas. The defense posture is another, with man’s culturally ingrained fear of the unknown and his emotional preference for violence and attack. The political structure is a means to allow these concepts to flourish, and this governmental system is controlled by only a few with access to the one thing that drives all of Earth’s decisions—its money.


These elements are what must be changed and removed in order for man to realize his place within the universal body that is connected with the Earth. He has been prevented from recognizing his true identity and hearing the guidance I provide to allow him to exist in harmony with his surroundings. Man must be able to do this to ascend with Earth.


To that end, I have determined a sequence of events that will take place. As man begins to assimilate the concept of change he has triggered with the election, he must be conscious of how this starts to be structured. He must exercise his awakened ability to discern his own path and actively seek to implement these ideas for change. He cannot again fall asleep, or his intention will not be realized.


This groundwork is the necessary foundation man can provide to assist with the events that will be taking place to Earth and with the help of Earth. His intention for change brings him into alignment with Earth’s desire to change. In order for Earth to change, however, there has to be a physical reshaping and a massive cleaning and raising of its natural vibrational frequency to synchronize with what is happening in the solar system and in the galaxy.  Earth is already being bombarded by energy from the Photon Belt and from increased energy reflected through the sun. This is raising Earth’s frequency by increments, but it is being obstructed by the lower level of energy vibration created by the manifested ideas that have attempted to counter alignment with universal frequency. These heavier energies caused the events and physical realizations that have shaped your past history. These must now be removed to allow Earth to progress with ascension.


This was the reason a stasis event was determined. This pause in man’s activities will raise the energy level of Earth enough to allow the galactic workers to resolve some of the major problems quickly. Those continuing with Earth’s ascension will be taken to other sites for training and reconditioning. This will not be just a “sleep” but a change in internal vibrational frequency. It will start with a group of ships circling the Earth and beaming energy at a particular vibrational level that causes higher level mammals to pause in their organic cycle by retuning their natural frequency. This causes Earth inhabitants to be outside of the progression of time as they know it in a form of physical stasis. While this is happening, Earth will be allowed to undergo geophysical changes that must happen to renew the planet’s structure. Those ascending inhabitants in stasis in those areas will be taken to safety.


The other major event that has been spoken of is turning Jupiter into a second sun. This will indeed happen during the stasis event. The ignition of the planet will cause havoc on Earth if it happens without some barrier preventing much of its burst of energy from reaching this planet. This is planned to happen when Jupiter is behind the sun in January.


The reason for this ignition is to provide the additional energy needed to continue to raise Earth’s vibrational level to bring it up to that of the other planets in this solar system. The others are already functioning at a higher frequency of energy circuitry than Earth, and in order for Earth to move to that level quickly, additional energy must be sent from a second small sun. This also sets up a higher frequency of energy interaction within the whole solar system that allows it to synchronize with the higher energy frequency being introduced by the Photon Belt and other surrounding star systems.  The simple idea of two different energy frequencies synchronizing to the faster one is at the core of all these changes.


I have waited for a year to set these events in motion to see how man would cope with the financial revelations and the political realities that have been presented. The warning last year was in part politically motivated to spur on change faster. It didn’t work as successfully as it could have. Man’s desire for change was not triggered sufficiently to cause the cultural shift to take place in their ideas and intentions. The results of the election and the revelations of the fiscal upheaval are indications that man is ready to take the next steps in his progress of ascension.


Christ Michael Aton

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