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~ Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~

By Robert Shapiro

Co-operative Vision, Part 1

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Have you ever seen, in the distance approaching, a bird off in the distance but headed in your general direction to fly over you and beyond.

The feeling associated with this, if you're really looking at that bird, is something that almost allows you to identify with the bird. It doesn't take too much imagination to imagine riding with that bird and looking down at the ground and seeing yourself and that which is around you. Today I'd like to expose you to the possibilities of doing just that with a bird or some other form of life but not a human being.

This is what I suggest, and it doesn't require that there be a bird. Look around where you live. Look specifically towards that which is natural around you - a rocky outcropping, anything like that.

There may be birds there, there may be squirrels there - some other form of life - perhaps just a beetle. Something that you see with some regularity.

If you see some creature like that and you look at the creature for a moment, ask out loud - whisper if you like, "May I see what you are seeing?"

You're really asking to look through the eyes of that being. If they stay where they are this is an acknowledgment - yes - unless they are doing something specific where they have to stay there but if you cannot see them doing something specific where they have to stay there, such as a bird feeding her young in a nest, then the fact that they stayed there means that that permission is granted.

Then imagine looking through their eyes. Don't look at them in that sense...don't imagine what it's like being them. Just imagine their perception. What do they see. Don't get attached to what science says they see and how they see, in the case of a fly for instance, just imagine what you would see if your eyes were there and you were looking out from their perspective.

You may live someplace where animals in the free are not available, perhaps not even a moth. Then look for a tree or any rocky outcropping and imagine yourself there and look from there and see what you can see. You may not know what this is about but I'll build on it later.


Co-operative Vision, Part 2

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Last time we began by creating a different point of view - being able to see from a direction where you could not normally see.

This time I'd like you to look a little farther away. This will remind you perhaps of our Long Vision or Long Touch work we've done before but the whole point here is seeing at a distance.

Last time many of you started with an animal, a creature of some sort but some of you had to use a rock or a tree. This time I'd like you to look farther in the distance. Remember, don't use a human being and don't use anything built by human beings such as a building.

If you can, look well off in the distance as far as you can see. It might be a rocky ledge, it might be a tree way off in the distance. If it is a bird that you can see flying way off in the distance that's alright too. Again ask your question, "Is it alright if I look from your perspective to see what you see?" Then do that.

You understand this is something where we are using your imagination. In a way you're making your best guess of what you would be able to see if you were there but you're also working with the rock, the tree, the bird or whatever being you're engaging with. This is a form of co-operative vision - something we're studying here now.

Again look in the general direction where you might be so you could imagine seeing yourself from a distance or seeing the terrain around you or somewhere near you. As I say, look where you may be.

After you have done this work looking at yourself from a distance that way then we will go on in part 3 to do a little more but what I would like to suggest is that you do this from at least two or three different positions so you can see yourself and your surroundings at a distance.


Co-operative Vision, Part 3

Monday, April 28, 2008

Last time we continued on with our co-operative vision. This time I want to go a bit farther - maybe you might say quite a bit farther.

This time I'd like you to imagine yourself on the Moon and look back towards the Earth. Of course you won't be able to see yourself but you could imagine yourself seeing yourself from the Moon.

Picture yourself on the Moon and feel the ground under your feet. I know you cannot do it physically but imagine it. You can sit down on the Moon if you want to and feel the dusty crumbly soil of the Moon. Then look back at the Earth. You will be able to imagine what it looks like because you have seen pictures.

Look back towards the Earth - imagine yourself looking up towards the Moon on the Earth and try to imagine what that looks like. If you can't imagine, ask the Moon to help you because the Moon "sees" the Earth all the time and for all we know might see individuals.

Try this at least once and then if you wish you can imagine yourself being on Mars and doing this all the while looking back towards the Earth and imagining yourself looking towards that planetary body.

I'll say more about this in about a week but for now co-operative vision is something that will be very important for you in the future.


Posted by Robert Shapiro at 3:36 AM

"Greetings, my name is Robert Shapiro. I have been a Professional Trance Channel, Mystic anRobert Shapirod Shaman for many many years now.

During this time I have been able to produce, either in whole or in part, over 30 books - most of which are published by Light Technology and most of which are still in print.

Now I would like to say a few things. For many years there has been a trend for just a few people to be noticed in New Age circles. I would like you to pause and make a 360 degree turn if you are able. Let your eyes fall on others, the trees, nature and so on.

It is important as always to pass on skills as I have been attempting to do on my blogs and other places so regardless of who I am, what I've done, where I've gone, etc. I want you all to look to yourselves for being not only those who will carry on but also for being those who will inspire, encourage and otherwise assist others on their pathway to a more benevolent world."
Robert Shapiro




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