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By Dhyana Markley
20 March 06


Hello.  My name is Diana (Dhyana) and Ascended Master Djwhal Kuhl has asked me to speak to you today about bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds.

First of all I would like to say that to me the gap between worlds is an illusion.  If anything could possibly be a gap it would be between the vibrational frequencies that define each dimension or level of consciousness and since those frequencies are a flowing and growing, ever increasing and ever decreasing manifestation, there is no true "gap" between dimensions.

However, there is for most individuals who make their home in the lower vibrations, an inability to perceive that which exists within or upon any vibrational level except that frequency within which their most physical body vibrates.

Of course, most of you listening to or reading this know that even the above statement is only a partial truth, because everyone with a Soul has many bodies residing not only in the 3rd, 4th or 5th Dimensions but many, many other dimensions and worlds as well.

The question is then: "How can we bridge these worlds, that we find difficult or impossible to perceive, bring together our awareness or integrate all of these other beings who are us, and work together with all of the other beings of these worlds?"

Good questions!

For me the answers started manifesting themselves once I truly "intended" to find the answers to:  "Who am I?"  "Why am I here?"   and  "How can I gain the wisdom to truly understand?"

I figured that if I had the wisdom to understand  

Why 3-D physical life has so much pain...

Why I do the things I do the way I do them...

Why others who are so loving most of the time can sometimes be cruel...

then I could tolerate and perhaps even embrace all of the pain in my life and truly become the loving and compassionate being that I know I am and not a fearful individual who constantly feels the need to always react to protect myself. 

I was filled with fear... fear of almost everything most of the time!

Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) keeps us in lower vibrational experiences, IF we allow it.  So does anger and hate.  Dark entities know this and encourage these feelings because they feed off of strong lower emotions.  It gives them power... OUR power!

Love and heartfelt laughter make dark individuals so uncomfortable, they must leave areas of those vibrations or be transformed and forced by their higher selves to re-learn love and joy.  To me that is a great reason to love and laugh a lot and encourage others to do the same!

I knew I didn't want to stay on the lower vibrating end of the bridge.  It was interesting for awhile but it had gotten WAY too negative for my taste, so I decided (again I emotionally formed the intention) to lift myself up out of the lower vibrations.  I filled that intent with great desire then went about doing something about it.

I read books by people who said they had been able to break free; I wrote down my dreams and contemplated their symbology, their meanings; I talked with people like me who were questing and compared notes.  Then, when I was ready, a Master appeared.  Later two, three and more Masters appeared who took me under their wing and taught me.  They helped me to remember the vibrations of the higher worlds.  They told me I could travel freely within those worlds where I had earned access and I believed them.  As many of you know, Djwhal Kuhl is one of many Masters who will help you to achieve ascension, IF you will only ask.

Once I truly KNEW in every fiber of my Being that I could bridge the vibrational planes, I could do it.

What technique did I use?  No technique.  I JUST DID IT, instantly.  It never entered my mind that I couldn't do it.  I KNEW I could, so I did!

The only exceptions to that statement have been when, for some reason or other, I didn't truly believe that I could do something.  Perhaps I didn't feel worthy, that I hadn't paid my dues, so to speak, or that some ignorant Soul told me it was impossible just because they were not aware that they too could do it.  Those are tough hurtles to get over.  Thankfully, for me they have been few and far between.

My motto has been, "If anyone else can do it, so can I."

In fact, when one of those "I can't do it" episodes happen, the Master Peddar Zaskq often laughs and makes fun of me.  I am never amused.  I take my shortcomings very seriously.  However, his teasing does remind me that it is only a mental aberration that ever holds anyone back from experiencing anything...even the most astounding things...like walking among Masters as an equal.  Sure, a lot (most) Masters know or remember more than I do, but I KNOW WHAT I KNOW AND YOU DO TOO, even though we don't always remember everything.

Let's go back for a moment to the universal fear that we are not worthy to walk among the Spiritual Giants found in the higher vibrating realms.

First of all we live there too!  The higher realms are our true home.  We always go to the higher realms when we sleep and some of us go there during our day dreams and meditations too. 


All Souled creatures were made manifest by Creator Source and we are all, each and everyone of us, ITS children. 

To make it simple, we are all alike except for our experiences and some slight DNA or RNA changes that affect our color, skin type and general appearance.  Yes, there is a Big, Big, Big difference in appearances between various species and some of our aquatic and Galactic brothers and sisters but we all have Souls...are Soul.   Except for clones and a few other created species, we, as Soul, chose and continue to choose to look the way we do and to create experiences that will add to the awareness of not only our individual selves, but to various group consciousnesses and to Creator God's awareness of Itself as well.

We are all a team, working together to learn all that we can about everything we can even think or dream.  We are all "equally" important.  We just have different jobs.  Some of us play the good guys and some of us play the bad guys, some of us male and others, female.

Thinking of them helps to manifest experiences in your life.  Adding emotion to those thoughts helps to manifest experiences in your life even faster.  And when the experience is over, my advice is to express your gratitude for the lesson to the All That Is and everyone involved, then never think of it again.  Because if you are always thinking about the past, even if it is only for a minute and the past was only 10 minutes or an hour ago, you are still weakening the power of your moment, your Now, to truly exist and manifest in your moment in the fullest way possible.

Children are great about living in the Now.  Everything is new and exciting and they don't usually hold a grudge until some adult tells them or shows them how.  Be like the children.  Live in the Now.  Enjoy in the Now.  Love in the Now.

KNOW that all things are possible.  Truly KNOW that and you will fearlessly bridge the gap of illusion between all worlds, all dimensions, all realms.  You can do it!  I KNOW you can do it because I use to doubt too and now I can do it.

It is our destiny to experience anything and everything we want to experience then return on the in-breath of All That Is and share all that we have learned.  We cannot fail.  It is written in the Divine Plan.

I'll see you on the other side of the bridge.

I am Diana (Dhyana) and I am grateful that you shared your time with me today. 

Thank you very much.
Permission is given to share this as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.
Diana/Dhyana Markley




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