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By Jess Anthony
May 24, 2008, 19:02

Esu, I ask for some clarification today. I understand messages are only parts of the whole scenario going on, but the posted ones are at such disagreement concerning the effects of changing frequency. Stasis or not, intervention or evacuation, first contact or announcements, delivery of funds or continued manipulations. Diametrically opposed comments. I trust what I hear, but I ask how best to reconcile. Are messages geared to preconceived expectations with the idea of moving ideas closer to unity? Are messages disrupted or false? I ask for clarity and understanding.

Yes, Jess, I can speak to you. This is Esu and I again will address the incongruity you read and hear.
This is a time of many alternative interpretations of what is happening. Most are predicated on existing belief systems or preconceptions. Messages take the form they do because the mental structure of the receiver receives the energy that way. I am speaking to you as ideas contained in streams of energy. Your body receives the energy and your mental apparatus stored in your brain organ assimilates the waves and patterns as an understandable construct of language and images that draw upon your own mental vocabulary of experiences and stored ideas for formulation. You determine the shape the ideas take as words and phrases. Your mind forms the construct of the message. Your preconceptions shape the color of what is expressed.
That is why it is pre-eminently important you clear your mind of as much “clutter” as possible before you ask to hear what we are “saying” to you. You want the receptors to be as clean and as responsive as possible. It is in fact your nervous system and your endocrine system that react and interact with the energy patterns we are sending you. This is the same receptor system that assimilates any of the myriad waves of energy that constantly come into contact with your aura and your physical body. The only difference is the structure of the wave pattern we are sending to you. It triggers specific physiological responses that take the shape of ideas and messages that you decode in your own vocabulary. This is why you should be as uncluttered as possible before your receive. You want to be able to hear the true message we are sending with as little filtering as possible.
Of course some filtering always takes place. That is why it is crucial the reader or hearer always weigh the form given the message by the words chosen. Does it resonate with you beyond the phraseology? Can you sense the energy causing the words to be chosen? The message itself is not what we are sending you. The energy is what the connection is and your physical construct translates the idea generated by the energy into a verbal form that is able to communicate to others.
Having said that as a preamble let me generally say that all the messages you read, despite their differences in form and content, begin with the information being expressed by the speaker being received. This includes only those messages that have some element of resonating truth in them in your perspective. Messages beyond the scope of your interest or discernment have no bearing on your own personal journey. They may have resonance with others who read or hear them, but that is not your immediate concern. You are following a specific pathway that utilizes your chosen life form to explore your distinct personality. Your issues are not the same as all others. They overlap with many, but others are not a factor for you. All that you do come in contact with at a conscious level must be factored in as information that you have become acquainted with. You must determine the effect it has on your own perception of yourself. You must discern the energy shaping the words—no matter what the words selected state—and decide if the information has a bearing on your path. Your way is not anyone else’s way, although many are influenced by their assimilation of the energy that comes to you.
That is why you share your personal messages. That is why others share their personal messages. They too feel their insight may be helpful to others beyond themselves. The problem you on Earth have with assimilating other’s messages and discerning the validity of the energy behind the phrases used is based on your emotional history and your ingrained system of measuring what is good or bad based on your own preconceptions. You make judgments peremptorily and you condemn anything that doesn’t fit your own limited perspective. You generally are unwilling to examine something out of your ken and determine whether or not it actually has some bearing on your own perceptions.

That is why there are so many variations of messages and why the bickering and labeling is so paramount. There are none that are the whole truth. There are none that are completely misunderstood, although there are many that are so misconstrued they give a false interpretation of the information the energy they are manifesting. Always look to see if there is some truth for you in the message. You probably would not have come across it if there were not some element that you needed to evaluate. Look positively at something new and don’t bring mental baggage to the initial reading that dismisses it out of hand before you even determine what is being said. This is an all-to-common occurrence today. Light workers are so divided into camps with their own favorite receivers they refuse to examine the words of someone outside their own small circle. This circle is drawn by limited perceptions and an unwillingness to constantly re-examine their assumptions.

 Reality is limitlessly varied and your version is different that everyone else’s. You create the form you need to explore your own path. They create the form they need to explore theirs. Neither version is all that reality is. Reality is in effect all of the versions you see individually. You must be always flexible and willing to adapt your own awareness to the continually changing parameters that you come in contact with. Your reality changes from moment to moment. The truth is you are infinite and eternal, and all else is an aspect of your finding your place in the oneness of the Creator First Source. This involves first an awareness that you are part of the Creator First Source. You are He and your form and personality is only a version of the Creator that He has designed to explore the scenario you are learning about. You are one of the infinite numbers of streams of the Creator that are all connected to the same truth that is his Creation.
There is no good or bad. There is only exploring and learning. This learning brings you ever closer to your awareness of your oneness.
This is Esu speaking today.

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