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Ascended Masters Speak is a series of messages given above space and time by various male and female Masters who desire to share their points of view regarding various subjects of their own choosing.  Please join them for a more direct experience at anytime, just by reading the following discourse.



via Dhyana Markley

May 9, 2008

This is the first discourse in the AMS Series.

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen.  I AM Saint Germain.  Tonight I would like to speak to you about relationships.

Everyone has relationships, be it with business associates, family, friends, animals and even mates... especially mates.  Relationships can be very confusing.  You know that you care about this person, but when they act in a way that confuses or upsets you, you begin to wonder if it is worth all of the trouble.  It seems like some relationships are a LOT of trouble.

Now, believe it or not, I am about to suggest to you that it is probably those uncomfortable relationships that will be the most important ones in your life, because they will teach you many of life's lessons... the big one, how to get along with someone who looks at life differently than you do.

For some, this might be a great adventure.  For others it might be an extremely painful experience.  Whichever way an individual chooses to look at or feel about a relationship, is how they will experience it. 

If one feels that they are always unhappy in the relationship, they always will be until THEY decide not to be.

If one looks upon the challenges of a relationship as a great adventure and learning experience, that too will be their experience.

What I am getting at here is that it is important for each and everyone of us to work on making all of our relationships harmonious.  If you think it is difficult coming to a consensus of thought with a person of your same race, age range, religion and income bracket, imagine how much more difficult it might be if there were even more differences between you.

Now, another relationship situation that I would like to highlight here is the one between a male and a female.  These can be friendships or family, work relationships or intimate ones.  However, it will become more and more apparent in your near future, that it is essential that the sexes stop fighting each other and start to form harmonious bonds of love and trust.

As you can imagine, for some this will be easy, for others a very difficult challenge.  A lot of the success or failure will depend upon the past experiences both individuals, or all individuals, have had with the opposite sex.  If one has been raped or beaten, trust will be more difficult to give.  If one has always been lovingly treated, trust may be too easily given and given perhaps without discernment.

So, the challenges we are speaking about ARE challenges and not just an easy walk in the park, but they are going to be presenting themselves in a more "in your face" way than they have in the past.  This is because it is time to heal all rifts between the sexes so that all can come together as One, once again.

Yes, you were One once upon a time.  This is not a fairy tale.  And, you will be One again.  This is your destiny.  This is my destiny and I find the prospect most exciting.

Upon 3-D Earth for the past several thousands of years, mankind has been lied to and seduced into thinking that their race, their religion, their education or their position in society is of greater importance and of greater value to life itself, than are those of other races, religions, education or positions in society.  This was done on purpose so that people would be kept fighting, kept in chaos instead of finding peace and therefore able to look within and discover the truth... that we all are One.

It is time now for all of us, each one of us, to change that old programming of self-destruction and set our feet upon a path toward harmony and equality amongst and between all beings, especially those of mankind, whether one is male or female, both or neither.  Yes, soon you will meet individuals who might be considered both male and female or neither.  How exciting that will be IF you decide it will be.

 In your not too distant future, most of you will have opportunities to meet and get to know beings from other Planets, other Solar Systems and other Galaxies, perhaps even other Universes.  When that happens you will discover that not all sentient beings are humans or even humanoid, for many designs were used to enable various species to exist and prosper in many different environments.  For some, relationships with these different beings will be an adventure, for others a major challenge.  Again, your attitude will have everything to do with how you experience all of the coming changes to your life.

To wrap it all up, this message is to remind you that life as you experience it is up to you and how you experience it will have a vast effect upon all other life.  So, please be kind to each other.  Realize that everyone is trying just as hard as you are to do the right thing and don't forget to laugh.  A few giggles, smiles and belly laughs can turn many a dire situation into one of pure enjoyment for everyone involved.

I am Saint Germain and I am grateful to have shared this time with you.

This may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.
~Dhyana Markley~



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