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Ascended Masters Speak is a series of messages given above space and time by various male and female Masters who desire to share their points of view regarding various subjects of their own choosing.  Please join them for a more direct experience at anytime, just by reading the following discourse.


By Mary

via Dhyana Markley

June 20, 2008

I AM Mary, known as the Mother of Jesus.  Today I would like to speak of The Truth About Truth.

Now, to most people, when you say that something is a truth, or someone is speaking the truth, you assume that one truth is just as good as another... that all truth, if it truly IS truth, is the way it is.
I am here today to tell you that there are many forms of truth.

For many people, everything that they have ever learned at their Mother's knee or in their Father's arms is truth.

For others, everything they ever read from their holiest of religious books is the ultimate truth.

Still others believe everything they see on television, read in books, or experience in their life is an ultimate truth.

None of the things I have mentioned are 100% total truth!

Why?  Because truth changes as you grow in wisdom and knowledge and what was a truth for you yesterday will not be a truth for you today or tomorrow.

An example:  In high school a young man or woman will declare that they "love" a certain person or even a public figure like a movie star.  Yet ask them 10 or 20 years later who their favorite movie star is or who they actually married and probably eight times out of ten they will not be married to their high school sweetheart and they will have a new favorite movie star.

The same goes for any of the sciences.  What was impossible a few years or decades back, is now not only possible but common place.  Thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope you are now learning things about your Galaxy and beyond that astronomers only dreamed about fifty years ago.  The same is true for your new knowledge of DNA, Quantum Physics and recently discovered new truths in every science.

Now to approach the subject most are dreading to hear... the same lack of total truth includes all, and I mean ALL, of your religious texts, new and old.  Therefore, it is finally time to look on ALL religions, religious teachings and their written texts, traditions and beliefs with a more discerning or even critical eye.

I am NOT saying that these writings have not served as valuable sources of information for you in the past, because they have been important in your spiritual growth to get you to the place where you are in this Now... ready for the next step to even higher truths.

 Many of us are soon going to physically walk among you soon and it would be very helpful if you were to approach us and the ideas we present to you as truth, with open eyes, an open heart and open mind, all the while knowing that there is always another step to even higher truths.

A kindergarten teacher does not start her students off with Calculus or Chemistry or even historical facts or fiction.  A teacher will slowly and steadily build a firm foundation of information which will aid those trusted to her care, in learning that which society deems necessary and important, at a level and within an environment where the student can easily learn and retain that learning.

We all know how, as we grow and mature, our education is made increasingly harder until such time as we emerge as a relatively confident and informed adult.  I could further explain why I said "relatively confident and informed adult" but I will leave that for another discourse.

I am certain you are aware of flaws in most educational systems due to the perpetuation of lies, such as "historical" facts which are always written down for posterity by the "winners" and rarely contain any truths or insights from the "losers", as well as the lack of money to promote good education and through purpose or lack of opportunity, failing to teach the most advanced discoveries of the moment in your schools.

Children are taught to memorize instead of how to learn.

One great truth that has been hidden from you is that once you learn how to learn, you will not always believe what you are told by somebody else who wishes you to believe them instead of yourself.  A person who knows how to learn, knows how to research and investigate, ask questions and deduce logically and follow "gut" feelings of knowingness until a reasonable result is reached which satisfies that which prompted the quest in the first place, is a dangerous person to a tyrant.

In today's world, you have far too many distractions that easily draw your attention away from learning truth, to browbeat you into believing that you are too exhausted from your work and family activities to have time to sit down for 15 minutes of contemplation to center yourself and find love and peace within, so that you can radiate it out into the worlds.

This brings me back to the fact that it is much easier to believe what your government or church leaders or sacred books have told you than it is to get on the Internet or into your libraries and read some of the Dead Sea Scrolls, conspiracy ideas (many of which are true) and with more maturity and discernment, reread and question each and every line of your "sacred" texts until you understand and either agree or disagree STILL with what it says.

Keep a record of what you have found through your research; where you found this new information and other articles, research which back up your new found theories; or new research which validates the old theories.

People, YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN WORK!  Dhyana is fond of saying that "you can't get to heaven on someone else's back."  Well, this is very true.  If you don't do the work, you are nothing more than "sheeple"... people who don't think for themselves and are forced through fear by the "sheep dogs" to go in the direction that the sheeple herder wants you to go.

I know that none of you think you are sheeple, but please consider how much you are influenced by the media:  television, movies, magazines, radio, print media and ask yourself if you believe something just because a famous newscaster said it.  Ask yourself if you believe what you hear on Fox News?  Do you believe something just because it was in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal or People Magazine?

Do you use even a few "name brand" products instead of more generic brands; ask yourself if you feel you must wear the latest fashions; the latest hair-do; carry a cellphone, iPod, Blackberry or drive the latest popular car.  How many brand name beers do you drink when you watch a ball game?  How many Cokes and Pepsis, which have been shown for over a decade to be dangerous to your health, do you drink?  Would you rather read a book that stimulates your imagination or watch television?

Where do you go to find new research, new ways of looking at things and discover some of the answers to my questions?

Just ask someone who doesn't seem to be as affected by all of the nonsense going on around you.  If that person can't give you but one answer that satisfies you, I'll bet they can still head you in the right direction to find your own answers... your new, higher truths.

With these words, I hope I have stimulated you to be more questioning of any and all "truths" told to you (even those from me) and to be more discerning in your thoughts.

Be not afraid to question the previously "hands off" areas of your life.
Be not afraid of seeing or hearing that which is new and different.
Be an explorer and discover worlds previously unknown to you.
Become a higher truth and reflect that out into the world.

I AM Mary and I am grateful to have spent this time with you.

This may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.
~Dhyana Markley~



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