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Ascended Masters Speak is a series of messages given above space and time by various male and female Masters who desire to share their points of view regarding various subjects of their own choosing.  Please join them for a more direct experience at anytime, just by reading the following discourse.


By Sehaji Master Lady Kata Daki

via Dhyana Markley

[This is a reposting of a December 7, 2007 discourse.]

Dhyana:  I was recently reading the "Ringing Cedars" book entitled Co-Creation and found an idea proposed by Anastasia, that the women of the world could stop all wars by doing just one thing, intriguing.  I asked Kata to speak about it.

I am Kata Daki and as Dhyana mentioned, she has asked me if it is truly possible that if all females on Earth stopped having sex with violent men, that there would be no more wars.

My answer is YES!

One of the strongest and most inherent urges for all of creation is to multiply.  This is essential in the lower worlds of duality, though not as essential in the higher worlds where merging is for spiritual reasons. 
Let me explain.

Whether one lives upon a seed planet like Mother Earth or an planet with only a few species, there is a need to reproduce ones likeness for the continuation of life.

As with all locations, it is desirable to create community, whether of plants, animals, insects, sea creatures or humans, so that life is blended into a blessing of experiences.  The more individuals to interact with, the more possible learning there will be.

However, there does come a time when a planet, any planet or location will reach the maximum capacity for it to function with the greatest benefit to all.  It is at that time that everyone must play their part and reproduce only when there is a vacancy... when someone else chooses to leave life.  This is essential to keep a sustainable balance.

Now, this does not mean that one must stop having sex or merging in a spiritual way, it just means that it be enjoyed in a more responsible way.

To continue with Anastasia's comment about refusing to have sex with anyone who is violent in any way, shape or form, I will confirm that this is an excellent idea.  However, making this idea into a workable solution is a little more difficult.

Not only will all women currently living upon and within Earth need to be told of this possibility, but female children from birth must be trained to refuse the aggressive and violent actions of all males (and females I might add).  This is possible and we can all help.

As you know, everything is created by a dream that you have of the future... your future life and the people within it.  All everyone needs to do is dream of a world in which there is no violence of any kind.  No pushing, or shoving or hitting or kicking... violence of all kinds would immediately be reacted to by the perpetrator(s) being scorned by all females.  It wouldn't matter who started it... only who participated.

Now, one might think that this would just cause a male to seek solace and community with other males, and this might work for awhile, but unless one is homosexual, that probably won't work in the long run.  Homosexuality is a whole 'nuther ballgame and is a totally different experience of learning to balance the male and female within.

The sexual urge between males and females is undeniable and perhaps one of the strongest urges an individual will ever feel... especially if there is love and respect involved.  Sexuality can not be denied for long and the urge for males is usually much stronger than for females.

War will be impossible if warriors knew that even if they would win their battles, that they would ultimately lose because they would die without any off-spring to carry on their angry prejudices and points of view.  In other words, within a few years of his death, few would probably even remember his name, let alone the causes for which he fought.

What most people don't realize is that war does not make one a "man" and wars are not fought to save your family, friends and country but only to benefit the few and cater to the egos of a few powerful men.

In the movie, TROY, this is made clear when one of the Kings says that if it takes the death of 40,000 of his warriors to make his point clear to the opposing King, then it will be worth it to him.  Now that is an ego out of control!  What do you think those 40,000 men would think about that if they truly had a choice of whether to fight or not... to die or not?

Many men and even women today, think that they are fighting for a cause greater than themselves.  I am here to tell you, THERE IS NO CAUSE GREATER THAN YOURSELF.  There is no cause greater than your own personal upliftment of consciousness and the opening of your heart to the flow of love that permeates the entire Universe.

Peace is a different way of looking at things, a different way of feeling.  When one desires true peace in their life, every thought, every decision, every dream that one has will lead them to that end.

How much does peace mean to you?  It is more important than a "one-night-stand" with the local hero or famous man whom you just met who is known for his violent ways?  Would you rather marry a violent man because you feel ugly or unworthy without his advances?  Would you rather take a chance that an angry man won't take his anger out on you and your future children?  Is life alone, making a peaceful and productive life for yourself without such a man, such a horrible thing to consider?

These are only questions that you can answer for yourself.  I cannot and will not answer them for you.

Again, I am happy to leave you with important ideas to ponder.

I am Kata Daki and I thank you for spending this time with me.

This may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.
~Dhyana Markley~



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