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Ascended Masters Speak is a series of messages given above space and time by various male and female Masters who desire to share their points of view regarding various subjects of their own choosing.  Please join them for a more direct experience at anytime, just by reading the following discourse.


By Gopal Das

via Dhyana Markley

June 27, 2008

I AM Gopal Das and today I would like to speak about the trust one must have in The Divine Plan and The Continuity of Life.

It is said that one must first experience life to know life... that one cannot read in books all that one would need to know to cope in a world of illusion that is set up as a training ground for spiritual giants.  In my experience, this is true.  That is why the lower Worlds of Duality were created and why they are kept functioning in one way or another.

Many have heard of The Divine Plan yet few can give many details about such plan.  Why?  Because it resides in the Dream of the Ultimate Creator of these Universes and is ever changing.

All right, I can hear you now saying, "Well, what kind of a plan is that if it is always changing?"  My answer, "A Divine Plan" that is the most current, the most up-to-date plan that is created and recreated every moment by adding those experiences that you and I are having in every moment, along with the input of every other Souled being in this grand creation.  That is the BEST plan!  A plan that has a specific and wonderful outcome but which is fluid and flexible enough to incorporate the latest information which might just help everyone reach the ultimate goal, the ending, in a faster or easier or perhaps more interesting and informative way.

The GOD of All Gods, the Ultimate Creator is, one might say, all LOVE and CURIOSITY.  IT is and was aware of ITself and ITs powers and place in the higher scheme of things, but did not know everything that IT was capable of, so IT sent bits and pieces of ITself into ITs created Dual Worlds to learn.  The plan was always for everything to return to LOVE once ITs Curiosity was satisfied.  Then IT could ponder what IT learned and eventually share this information with others.

This is where you and I come in.  We volunteered to help Ultimate Creator with ITs project.  IT then created forms for us and gave each of us an extremely small part of ITself so that we could always find our way back Home.  Some of us IT did not create directly, but had one of ITs higher management team members do it, like Creator Source or Creator God.  This does not make you or I any less than they are in importance to the Ultimate Creator, however some of them might have a larger piece of a spark of GOD than others.

Each and every one of us are essential to the success of The Divine Plan.  As you can imagine, if one Soul expressed in only one life at a time were to live life and give feedback to Ultimate Creator, it would take "forever" and longer to ever learn anything.  Even if there were only 1,000 Souls interacting and living a life that would take from 6 months to 1,000 years, just think how little would be learned and how long even that would take.

Now, from my last statement, you probably realize that just creating a few Souls to experience everything is not very efficient or desirable, so the Universes are teaming with quadrillions (and more) of Souled beings so that Ultimate Creator can learn as much as IT can as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For the most part you have been created into Families with whom you agree to play various roles so that you all learn together.  When you are finished learning with one group, you MAY switch to another group but it is more likely that you will be reabsorbed into your OverSoul and continue learning in another, perhaps higher circumstance.

It should be obvious that this method of expressing The Divine Plan allows for a Continuity of Life which encourages even more unique experiences and opportunities for greater wisdom and knowledge.

This is why it is so essential that you understand that you have a valid and essential place in the scheme of things and that you have not just been placed here on Earth or anywhere in the Universe without careful consideration by your Higher Self, OverSoul and family members who agreed to help you learn and experience, so that ALL could learn, for the ultimate benefit of All That Is.

There need be no fear, no doubt that you are as essential to the whole plan, the entire experiment or experience as the next person... the next animal... the next tree...  the next living thing.   AND each of these conscious creations have just as much right as you do to exist and contribute to the ever-growing consciousness of All That Is.

So relax and enjoy the ride!

Man, Earth human especially, has had it in his mind for centuries... thousands of years is more like it... that s/he was the only truly conscious or sentient being upon the planet and therefore was Lord over all.  Of course, that often meant taking a false position of superiority over humans of different races, colors, sizes or even economic standards.  Mankind through his own actions lost his/her connection with all of other life by creating a pedestal to stand on so s/he could pretend to be "better than..." in some ridiculous way.

 This self-created illusion of separateness is not just a lie, but has created horrible results or outcomes.  All you have to do is look around and see what a mess this type of thinking has done to Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.

There is an island of plastic floating in the North Pacific which is larger than the State of Texas because unethical people have promised to safely dispose of "your" trash and you never followed up on them to see if they were doing the job they were paid to do.  This same practice has created extremely dangerous dump sites filled with hospital contaminants and toxic chemicals.  Now all kinds of drugs are entering your water sources, because they do not just disappear when they leave your body.  You are all killing yourselves and you are all responsible.  You took the easy way out and now you must pay the price.

What will you do about it? It IS a part of The Divine Plan, you know.

Remember, you are still creating the route to the conclusion of The Divine Plan and you can create one that goes in circles or spirals or one that is more of a straight line.  Which will you choose?

It is your responsibility to clean up your own messes before you can go back Home.  That's part of the deal.  Are you up to the challenge?

I AM Gopal.  Thank you for considering my words.

This may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.
~Dhyana Markley~



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