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This is a series of lessons that is intended to cover many of the aspects of Ascension.  These lessons will be taught by female Ascended Masters of various Orders.  Although all of these Masters are balanced in the male and female aspects of their personalities, these individuals have chosen to manifest female bodies during this time in the continuum of All That Is. Please join us for our weekly lessons.

The following lesson was given on September 27, 2006 by Ascended Master Lady Spider Woman:
I am Spider Woman and today I would like to speak about the disreputable beings who are allowed by all humanity to serve in positions of power.
Many beings have come to Earth for the experiences to be had by way of polarity and separation.  These lessons are very important for an ascending Soul because it forms a foundation of knowledge that is essential in the higher worlds.
What do I mean by this?  I mean that what one learns in the lower worlds is remembered in the higher worlds.  When one has, let's say, a negative experience yet comes through it having gained greater wisdom, then one will be less likely to negate or be frightened of "negative" experiences in the future, because that one situation turned out to be a good learning experience after all.
If Soul has several of these experiences in a row, it is easier to see the connection between the experiences one has and the wisdom gained from it. 
It is essential in the higher worlds to be aware that negative and positive, although appearing to be opposite, are actually from the same source, Creator God and All That Is. 
Having gained this understanding, then it becomes apparent that it is important to view these experiences from a more detached point of view and to reflect on the wisdom gained from them.
In other words, it is important to learn to love your own dark side
and the experiences that it provides, as well as to love your own light side
and the experiences that it provides.
Now, I am not saying that to love your dark side means that you should purposely do dark and mean things.  Most Souls do not do things like that on purpose.  Only Souls who are assigned to play certain roles by the Grey Lords, which provide the catalyst for change and growth, actually do dark deeds on purpose.
My statements are mostly directed to those of you who feel that you wish you were more perfect.  But then I might ask, what is perfection?  If you were perfect who on Earth would be able to relate to you?  No one else is.  What growth is made available for a person like that?  If you were perfect, you would NOT be living on a 3D or 4D or even 5D world. That would be a waste of energy and Creator God is much too efficient in Its methods to waste anything.
So, again, I direct you to the possibility, the intent of learning to forgive yourself for not being "perfect" and then taking it a step farther and learning to forgive others for not being perfect either.  All of you are doing the best that you can in any moment, doing your best to follow the guidelines that you and your guides set up for you to learn and to serve in this lifetime.  So, give yourself and others a break.   Please!
I don't have much else to say today.  I just want everyone to take a step back, take a deep breath or two and relax.  You don't have to solve the problems of the world.  You don't even have to focus on those problems if you don't want to.
Instead I would like to suggest that you focus on the wonder that you are creating in this moment.  And it is your choice whether or not the moment is one of laughter, reflection, love, anger or whatever.  It is your choice and your moment and guilt should not even be considered.  If you eat that extra piece of pie and you gain an ounce or two, who cares if you truly found joy in that.  Walk a few more blocks during your day or climb a few stairs.
Yes, it is important to honor your physical body.  In fact, it is important to honor all of your bodies, but to feel guilt just because you think you're fat or someone else thinks you're fat is, to me, ridiculous.  Just as I think that if you tell your mother or Aunt What's Her Face off for getting in your space, you need not feel guilt.
It is important to be kind, thoughtful and considerate, but who is to say that telling off someone who is out of line and invading your personal space is not the kindest thing that you can do for them.  Perhaps that is exactly the motivation they need to have an "ah ha" moment of realization of what they have been doing that hurts others.
Much is learned from inter-relations, whether between peoples, animals, companies, nations or even worlds.  I agree that if words are spoken with anger, they are usually disruptive.  However, sometimes a person won't hear words that are important to their spiritual unfoldment unless they are said with some energy.  Some Masters call this "mock anger", but whatever one might call it, sometimes it is necessary to get your point across.
So, again I say, learn to love and forgive both sides of your nature because everyone in the lower worlds has a dual nature.  Then, once you've forgiven yourself, forgive everyone else.  Okay?
I am Spider Woman and I thank you for sharing your day with me.  AHO!

This may be shared freely as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.

Dhyana Markley

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