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This is a series of lessons that is intended to cover many of the aspects of Ascension.  These lessons will be taught by female Ascended Masters of various Orders.  Although all of these Masters are balanced in the male and female aspects of their personalities, these individuals have chosen to manifest female bodies during this time in the continuum of All That Is. Please join us for our weekly lessons.

The following lesson was given on March 30, 2006 by Spider Woman:

I am Spider Woman and today I would like to speak to you about trust.

In these days upon Earth, mankind is finding it very difficult to trust...trust in their government; trust in their own instincts or gut feelings; and even trust in their family and friends.  But most of all, humans are finding it very difficult to trust in Creator God and to trust that all will work out eventually for the best.  In other words, they don't trust the spiritual process of ascension.

On Earth today, many think that they must force someone else into their way of thinking; force nature to flow according to flawed science or stopping the flow all together by building great dams; or buy off or blackmail the leaders of Third World Countries to do the bidding of a few who are only interested in power and control over the many.

What does all of this have to do with trust?  Everything!  True trust is a knowingness that once we as individuals have intended what we want our world and our future to be, that it will actually happen.

Most of those who are serious about their spiritual unfoldment and ascension know that once a course is decided that they must step back from the wanting...the desiring...the planning, and just allow Spirit to work.  That is trust.  That is trusting the God process, that was put into place when this cosmos was created, to manifest all of our desires and our experiences.  The system works!  It has worked for eons and eons of time and it works even above space and time in the great continuum.

Many or even most of us lose patience and want to rush the results, of everything we desire enough to help manifest into our lives.  One can't rush Spirit!  It will manifest our desire once every single piece of the puzzle necessary is in its place, and not before.  This is when we really need to trust the process.

The spiritual student knows after years and even decades or lifetimes, that if anything is ever rushed, that it is imperfect.  It is rather like the farmer who plants a seed, waters it then every few days pulls it up to see if it is growing. 

We must trust the process.  We must trust that Creator God set this world up in a perfect way and that IT knew, and still knows, what IT is doing. 

All one has to do is study human anatomy and they will see how wonderful a creation it is, from the DNA to the way the heart beats and the lungs clean the blood, to how perfectly the glands were created to secrete specific hormones and how one can taste and smell and see.  The human body is one of the most wonderful creations that Creator God ever manifested.  Can you imagine what we would look like if someone or everyone involved had rushed the process?  Perhaps we would have glands or organs on the outside of our bodies instead of inside, or maybe we would have had tails.

I know, when someone has hurt you, it is hard to trust that person or even other persons like them in a similar situation.  Often it gets so bad that the injured party withdraws and refuses to trust anyone or anything.  Now, where did that come from?  I say it comes from aberrant expectations that one has about someone they are dealing with.  Perhaps that expectation shows its ugly head because you read a book one time and that's how the hero handled a similar situation.  Perhaps it stems from a preference you have about how a person should act. 

What I am getting at is that almost all emotional hurt comes because we have set ourself up for it by expecting others to act as we think they should act.  Now, whose fault is that?  The one who was said to have hurt you probably didn't even know all of these thoughts were being manifest in your head and you were reacting to them.  In other words, it's YOUR problem, not theirs.

There is an old saying that goes, "If you react, it is your problem.  If they react, it is their problem."  To me that keeps things pretty well straight in my mind.  I know that if I'm getting upset about something and no one else is, that it is MY problem, not theirs.

I also often hear someone say, "I don't trust myself around them" which gives me the impression that they are looking for someone else to blame for their own desires and perhaps, indiscretions.  Why don't you trust yourself?  Has every decision you've made in your life been a bad one where somebody got hurt?  Didn't you learn something valuable every time?

So, I think it is time to start trusting again.  Trust Creator God knows what IT is doing.  Trust that your friends and family are doing what they think is right for them to do.  And most of all, trust yourself.  If you make a decision to do something, then realize that you thought it was a good idea at the time you made that decision and live with it. 

Don't live in fear!  Fear is a great way of rapidly creating and bringing into your life that which you fear.  Want to be rich?  Truly and sincerely fear money and those experiences it will bring into your life and you will be rich.  You can trust that what I say is true!

To sum it up, all of the experiences that you create for yourself and that are created for you by way of karma, are for your personal and group ascension and to add to the wisdom of All That Is.  So trust that you are on the right path.  Trust that your life is going along in the way that you planned it and trust that you will one day once again experience the Oneness that is All That Is.  What a wonderful reward for just trusting.  Relax and enjoy it!

I am Spider Woman and I thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts on this day.

This may be shared freely as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.

Dhyana Markley


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