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This is a series of lessons that is intended to cover many of the aspects of Ascension.  These lessons will be taught by female Ascended Masters of various Orders.  Although all of these Masters are balanced in the male and female aspects of their personalities, these individuals have chosen to manifest female bodies during this time in the continuum of All That Is. Please join us for our weekly lessons.

Kuan Yin speaking at the August 28th [2007] Ashtar Teleconference
By Susan Leland:

"Greetings Beloved Family!  It is I, Kuan Yin, and I am most deeply honored to be here in company with you tonight.  And we have a sacred and solemn, if you will, event, or exercise, to create together.   But first, as  Beloved Ashtar has stated, I shall explain.  There is as part of the Ascension Process a need to balance that which you call the male, and that which you call the female.

We call it Yin and Yang.  You know the symbol, and we shall ask you to begin to focus upon the symbol, as we continue to give the information to you.  This planet has been led, controlled and governed, largely by the male energy, and it has gotten out of balance. 

"Now, those who are in resistance to the changes coming are obviously the males, who do not wish to come into balance.  They have fears of being submerged in the feminine energy.   And while these are unspoken, you may be assured that there is a great deal of male anger being made known, or coming up to the surface at this time, as these males try to adjust, and at the same time resist, because they are somewhat in between.  But not their entire selves are in this state.

"We are happy to say that the consciousness, that part which is largely unconscious to the conscious mind, is most willing to have this balance come into being.  But the male energy is found in women as well as men, and there are some women for whom the male energy is quite dominant. 

"They most often are leaders in some area of life, such as government.  Not all of them are, but they can be quite male in their outlook upon life, and in the way that they go about accomplishing their goals.  War is assigned the male identity, because it is a masculine way to resolve differences, and to gain what you call the 'upper hand.'

"Peace is assigned to the female aspect, because it is much more common for women to sit down together and simply communicate about their problems without coming to blows, as such.   The truth of it is, when male and female are perfectly balanced, there is neither a scarcity, nor an over-abundance of either, and that is the perfect meeting place.

"It is a place of Love.  It is a place for creation, and it is a place where all can come to that zero point, that bliss, that loving-all-equally-as-one, while loving self.  It is a point at which, 'Oh, I see now that the middle path is where I want to be', as opposed to being out of balance in one direction or other.

"Now, we shall take a moment to mention that we are not in any way at this moment discussing a person's sexual preferences.  That's not what this is about.  It is simply about thought processes.  It is about behaviors and actions, and words.  Now WE ARE NOT wanting to diminish one in favor of the other?

"No, we are wanting to come into balance in all.  There is a difference.  The male is not to be disempowered.  The male is simply to come into harmonious empowerment with the female.  There is a difference.  We are not saying it is wrong, or right, to be balanced in one way, or the other.  We are simply saying it is most ideal to be in balance, as opposed to being weighted in one direction or the other.

"Now what we are also saying is that this applies not only to humans, but it applies to the ways of all of Mother Gaia's kingdoms.  We are not suggesting that a woman give up her femininity, and we are not suggesting that a man give up his masculinity, but simply that there is honor and respect for the male and female in all, including one's own self.

"We are being somewhat long in our explanation of this, because we want everyone to be perfectly clear about this.  When the world can honor both male and female, when the world consciousness can see both as positive and beneficial traits and attitudes, and when the world can rise into the love of the male, and of the female, as opposed to staying in the third dimensional fear-based aspects of male and female, then that is a major, major, component of Ascension.   You see what we're saying?

"In coming into balance, it is also a facilitation of the Ascension Process, because there is no longer that ego-based program running that says, 'Let the male do his thing, and take over the world, and who cares how he gets it', or the female which might be a victim, or some other characterization.

"These are largely stereotypes.  These are largely falsities that were invented by humans for third dimensional experiences.  They will both be resolved, or what you might call transmuted, so that what remains is the fineness of the male and the female energies.  What comes in together is a harmonious balance now of all that is Love, and all that is Love-based in both. 

"So you see what we're saying?  It is a transmutation of sorts.  It is a bringing these energies together on a high path, and it has everything to do with coming together in oneness.  It has everything to do with focusing upon that oneness, and that Love, instead of saying, 'You're different from me.  I don't understand you.  How can I love you, because you're so different?  You make me afraid,' and all of those kinds of things, those little tugs of war that have been, in some cases, major wars throughout the history of planet Earth.

"And so what we are going to do is come up into the higher levels, or dimensionalities, and honor both the male and female in their finest, most loving forms, while at the same time bringing about a transmutation, if you will, of anything that is fear-based, whether it be male or female, in order to bring together the harmony of the one we all are.

"And so we shall ask you, as is customary, to close your eyes, and breathe.  Now we ask that you bring this breath right on down into your third chakra, your solar plexus area.  Do it to relax the ego, which is a part of you.  Do it to send Love to the ego, but nevertheless to let the ego know that you, and your higher self, with your heart and your wisdom, and with the company we are, are totally empowered to bring about this grand togetherness, this coming together in oneness.

"And let your ego know that it's done a great job thus far, but that the fears that are so often projected as part of the male or the female image are being invited to show up, to come forth, for what we call, the transmutational process, in order to bring about a higher harmony of the male and female within all, and honoring of all that is love-based, in the masculine and the feminine, and the bringing about of a perfect balance to do so.  This is the intent.  It has been stated.

"Now continue the breathing deeply, and get that third chakra solar plexus area to just relax, and expand with the breath.  Breathe it all the way down, and then let it go.  And do this several times.  This is preparation.  This is, if you will, setting the stage. 

"The intent has been given.  The breathing is taking place.  Just allow yourselves to see the color of the air, and know that it comes from the highest place, that is your Higher Self in company with all of the dimensions beyond that of the 3D.  And see the colors of Truth coming in, and see the colors of Love coming in, and see the gold of the male, and the silver of the female coming in, lighting up all of those places where the fear-based emotions have been dwelling.

"And just allow these wondrous colored airs, or Lights, if you will, because as you watch, it becomes Light.  And see the colors dancing, and swirling, and see it all come about.   And know that clearing is taking place.  And let your hands, your left hand, and your right hand, be open.

"And as you exhale, allow the air to bring up these fears, and deposit them right there in your hands.  They may feel warm, they may feel cool.  It matters not.   Let the fears associated with being Male, or Female, or both, come up.

"Let the fears associated with not clearly knowing the Male, or the Female, come up.  Let the fears associated with the sense of separation, with the sense of being different, with the sense of being victim, or abuser, with the sense of being in a war, or waiting at home for news of the war.  Let all of these different senses, (put some names upon them yourselves as individuals) let them come up, however deeply rooted they may be, however difficult they may be.

"Just allow these wondrous waves of energy that you're inhaling.  And know that you yourself are perfectly and divinely protected.  And know that as you let these fears come into your hands, you're holding them there.  They cannot penetrate your skin.  They are wrapped in these wondrous, wondrous, Lights that you're breathing in.

"You are fully protected, you are fully safe.  Give up your fears of coming into balance.  Give up your fears of any thought of losing a part of yourself.  You're losing your fears.  You're losing your sense of differences.  You're giving them up to be transmuted, as it were.  It is a joyful cleansing of fear.  It is a joyful, joyful awaiting for the transmutational process to take place.

"Keep on bringing them up until you feel that lightness, until you simply feel these wondrous Lights, swirling around in your solar plexus area, as you bring up the fears, and allow them to rest, fully encircled and enveloped in these wondrous Lights.  But just allow them to rest in your hands, which are open, with your palms extended upward. 

"Just allow them to rest there.  If they have been a bit heavy at first, know that as they rest there, the Blue Violet Ray of Transmutation is accompanied by the Blue Ray of Truth, the Pink Ray of Love, and the wondrously, wondrously, high frequency energies of the Male and Female, the Gold and Silver.  And just see as they wrap around and become even more brilliant in their Light.

"Look into the middle, and see that these spheres are joining the Lights.  They are becoming one with the Lights.  This is a most precious gift that you give.  You're really just giving up fear and using it, allowing it to be transformed into Love.   You provided the components.

"And the wondrous, wondrous, participation that you have given here is what has made possible this transmutation.  And notice the balance, and the symmetry now in these Lights.  And just see as the Lights continue to circulate through your being, see the balance coming into your third chakra area.

"See that your ego is feeling the pleasant warmth, or coolness.  How can you have warm and cool at the same time?  Call it bliss.   Bathe your ego in it, and allow your ego to feel the joy of this oneness, this harmony coming, and permeating your entire being.

"Just allow these wondrous Lights to continue to flow through every part of your circle of being, and to radiate, and to empower you even more in the oneness, in the great Love, and in the balance of Male and Female within.

"And when you feel ready, send it out to the world.  Send it to places where the Male dominates, and is so afraid of losing his ability to dominate, that he practices acts of cruelty against the women.  Send it out with the knowledge that it is not the way of Creator God.

"It is not necessary, because now all is coming into balance.  Men can exercise their feminine side as well, and they can join together with women to create this fabulous world of Peace
and Balance and Harmony and Oneness.   

"Allow this energy to go out to the women of the world, so that they are empowered and so that they can, as you might say, stand tall and rejoice in their new empowerment, even as they acknowledge that their femininity has ceased all need to behave, and to think, and to live as victim.  See it now this great coming together.

"See the Male and Female hearts joining together as one, singing.  Perhaps you may even recall the words of one or more of the poets, singing the songs of Love and Peace, without that divisiveness, but with perfect harmony between Male and Female.

"And know that you have indeed, in this generous sharing of these energies, created harmony upon the Earth, and that you have been instrumental in bringing about that glorious Peace, which is, along with Freedom, the empowerment of the Love that even now is prevailing in the consciousness of the planet.

"And even as you bring about this harmony for the world, feel it welling up inside of you more and more, this Peace, this Love, this Oneness.  You have allowed your own personal fears to be transmuted, and in so doing you have gifted the world with the Love you are. 

"The Lights shine even brighter.  Male and Female are splendid in your energy fields.  You are Love coming together.   You may even see the Silver and the Gold joining in some manner, so great is the passion and the sincerity with which you have engaged in this exercise.

"Yes, it is another 'Exercise of the Heart,' beautifully, beautifully given.  And powerfully, so powerful- feel it.  You who sit in what remains of the third dimension, have joined, and in so doing have lifted yourselves, and given the world a glimpse of what you are bringing with your passion, and your Love to Planet Earth.

"You are thanked beyond words.   And we invite you to revisit this exercise, if you so choose, in order to further assist your own Ascension, and that of the planet.   We honor you, and we love you infinitely, passionately, as the One we all are.  And so it is Beloveds.

© Susan Leland 2007.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

This may be shared freely as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.

Dhyana Markley

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