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This is a series of lessons that is intended to cover many of the aspects of Ascension.  These lessons will be taught by female Ascended Masters of various Orders.  Although all of these Masters are balanced in the male and female aspects of their personalities, these individuals have chosen to manifest female bodies during this time in the continuum of All That Is. Please join us for our weekly lessons.

The following lesson was given on June 1, 2006 by Lady Master Quan Yin:

I am Quan Yin, and today I would speak to you about the Music of the Spheres and its effect upon all that it touches.

Everything is Light and Sound.  Light in its various expressions and many colors make up the manifestation of physicality.  However the sounds or Music of the Spheres carries with it the true voice of All That Is, also known as Sugmad.  Within this music can be found all of the truth that is available to be tapped within the realms that carry this music.

Light and Sound together make up the totality of manifestation in all of the worlds of Sugmad.  They work together and can be considered one, yet appear separate because their work differs.

Within the Music of the Spheres comes forth the wisdom and knowledge that Soul seeks to maintain Its path of service and learning.  It is ever moving and growing and flowing within and without All That Is, in an effort to blend its various tones and cords into an ever greater symphony of sound.

It is true that many people think of music as discordant in this day and age on Earth and for many that is true.  Music can damage as well as heal. For the one who listens to the Sounds of the Spheres, the music truly is heavenly and healing and not something one would hear on your local Hard Rock Station.

People often ask me what the Music of the Spheres sounds like.  My reply is usually...the sound of insects singing on a Summer's night; the clear, warm sound of the single note of a flute; heavenly voices blending singing with joy that fills the heart; or even a bag pipe's song.  It will be a bit different for each individual because the music that IS that individual differs from all others.

How can you hear the Music of the Spheres or your own cord in today's noisy environments?  I recommend ear plugs.  The orange ones that hunters sometimes use are very effective since they can be pushed deep into the ear canal and will block out most exterior sounds.  You might then be able to hear your own heartbeat or the flow of blood through your arteries as well as the Music of the Spheres.  Impossible?  I think not.  Not if you listen closely.

Once you hook up with your own inner music, you can become at one with it.  You will find that by listening to your own music, you will quickly come into balance and harmony.  Especially if your cord is complete.  If it is not, sing a note that will complete the cord.  It will be the note you automatically will sing.

Balance and harmony for each individual is essential now and will become even more essential in the near future on Earth, once all of the major changes start to happen.  I am not necessarily talking about Earth changes, although some of them will be happening soon too.  I am talking about changes in global finances, churches and governments around the world and methods of looking at and dealing with your Earth Family.  Everyone on Earth is a part of your Earth Family and soon it will become obvious that the ones who have will be called upon to share with those who have naught.

This brings me to the subject I would like to address at this moment, which is compassion.  Too often government and church leaders make someone outside of their realm of influence the enemy or bad guy that needs to be crushed or taught a lesson. To maintain the control they have over others and increase that control if possible, it is in their best interest to keep people thinking that anyone who is a bit different than they are, might be a danger to them.  Those controlling leaders will often hire their own "guns" to prove their point and further frighten their followers.  I am thankful to be able to say that this is finally becoming more and more rare and obvious as people wake up and become cognizant of this manipulation.  What is now called for is compassion for anyone and everyone who appears to be different from you...different in appearance, financial status, religion or nationality, as examples.

The coming changes may be shocking to many and I am certainly not encouraging anyone to go out and kill or even hurt anyone who appears to have betrayed you or done you harm.  Be grateful that that individual or situation helped you to awaken. 

I am suggesting that you withdraw your monies and energetic support from such deceitful or criminal agencies or companies though.  When enough people awaken and withdraw their money and attention, therefore personal energetic support, from those controlling factions, they will wither and die from lack of interest.  They feed on fear and control.  When you no longer feed them your fear and no longer allow them to control how you think and feel about any subject or give them your money, you starve them to death and free yourself in the process.

Time is one of those funny ways of marking progress in ones life and measuring how much one has accomplished.  However, time also is an illusion.  The only true movement is the movement of intent in action.  As the vibrations of an individual and even the planet speed up or raise, any illusion is easier to see and identify, thereby giving the viewer a greater perspective and understanding of the entire situation...whatever it might be.

Many think that moving into a higher vibration means that they will totally disappear in 3-D.  For example, when they move into the vibrations of the 5th Dimension, they will no longer exist in 3-D.  This will not happen in this way.  The higher the vibration you live within, the slower any action will appear in the lower dimensions because the perspective of Soul is all encompassing below that dimension.

 5-D is like a giant viewing a wide landscape, then slowly moving a finger to touch a flower petal.  Because of his high view, the giant can easily see where the flower he or she wants to touch is, in a field of flowers, and can move with certainty directly to that petal.  Were the giant in 3-D instead, it would only be the size of a normal man and have to search through tens of thousands of flowers in the field to at last reach and touch the "one".  This is what it is like to live in a higher consciousness.  One has a much broader view of what is happening and can make wiser choices and accomplish things with much less work.

Masters in the higher realms also have the advantage of remembering their many lives and many experiences in them, so that they do not repeat unfortunate experiences.  However, that in itself is rather misleading, since true Masters know that each moment is unique in itself and that it is a mistake to place the expectations or restrictions of a past situation on the NOW situation, because NOW is truly a different time, a different space and its outcome is by no means guaranteed.

Therefore, to read into a situation the end result is almost impossible and in actuality undesirable.  For to place any expectation on any moment is to manipulate that moment so that it will be forced to manifest that which is expected.  I say it is undesirable, because in some moments it is good to let manifest what will be, because the Light and Sound of the spheres is creating in its fullness, that which is for the good of the whole at any given moment.

Still, we are co-creators with Sugmad and if that which we help to manifest is for the good of the whole, then it is understandable that we form intent in some of those moments, to manifest that which we desire to see and experience.  This can easily be done by hooking up with the Music of the Spheres and residing within that music as much of your day as possible.

It is difficult to hear the Sounds of God when the television or radio is blaring or your inner voice is drowned out by the roar of the crowd at a sports event.  Everything has value in moderation, but it is difficult to even hear yourself think if the environmental noise is too loud and for too long.

So today may I encourage you to go forth into nature and find a pleasant place to take off your shoes, feel the energies of Mother Earth enter your body, then listen to the Music of the Spheres and let it fill your heart, body and mind, allowing your spirit to fly free into the higher realms of Sugmad and find its way back to the Heart of God.  Once there, you will always know what to do in your next Now.

I am Quan Yin and I am very grateful that you have taken a few moments out of your day to share my thoughts.  Until next time, I bid you a delightful day.

This may be shared freely as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.

Dhyana Markley