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This is a series of lessons that is intended to cover many of the aspects of Ascension.  These lessons will be taught by female Ascended Masters of various Orders.  Although all of these Masters are balanced in the male and female aspects of their personalities, these individuals have chosen to manifest female bodies during this time in the continuum of All That Is. Please join us for our weekly lessons.

The following lesson was given on July 26, 2007 by Ascended Master Lady Mary:

I am Mary and today I would like to speak about the rifts between peoples of the world.

Much of the power of today's controllers on Earth is due to their ability to create separation between people.  Examples are:  Democrats vs Republicans; men vs women; one religion vs all other religions; rich vs poor; whites against blacks or all other people of color; blacks against whites; you get what I mean.

If the people of Earth would just realize that separation is an illusion created by the dark ones to keep them apart so that they wouldn't realize how really strong and alike they are, all people would quickly see this wisdom and embrace change.

But how can one change when everything in the media, religion and even your schools promotes separation instead of Oneness?

May I suggest that you turn off your television and radio, throw away your newspapers and turn on your computer.  Then surf the Internet for alternative and self-empowering news of a political or spiritual nature.  You will rarely find information of "THIS" [Ascension Lesson] nature in any mainstream media report.

Yes, I know that there are lies on the Internet, but there is also truth.  However, there is very little truth to be found currently in your newspapers and on television and the radio. 

Even many books made available to you are filled with propaganda, though usually not on purpose.  The author has just been brainwashed, like most of you, into believing the published words of others who have a vested interest in keeping things the same, instead of doing the deep research needed to discover the real truths that ARE out there.

Another way of discovering truth is to look within.  Trust your body.  How does a certain statement or concept FEEL to you?  Does it cause you anxiety or distress or does it provide a feeling of calmness and reassurance that you have at last stumbled onto a truth?

But remember, sometimes learning the truth will cause you distress because you have believed the brainwashing and your mind is rebelling.  But this will be only for a short time if you remove the fear, the illusion of a threat to your being and instead open your heart, mind and eyes to the possibility of some truth in what you have just been exposed to.

Yes, it is a bit harder than just feeling your body in the beginning.  You must look within sincerely and be honest with yourself about "why you might be rebelling" against new and unfamiliar information.  But once you truly realize for yourself a truth or untruth, you will be more secure in your own knowingness from that moment on.

When I mentioned rifts being planned to keep people apart, I also meant ideas and concepts. 

Which is a better way of doing things?  Who should we include or exclude?  There are as many reasons to separate people as you will find people on the planet. 

However, the answer is not to look for more reasons to keep you separate from the other Souls who are EXACTLY LIKE YOU IN ALL IMPORTANT WAYS but to look for and embrace that which shows you and them and everyone just how much alike we all are!

How do you do that?  Look around.  Let's just start with humans.  Everyone, for the most part, has one head, one body with two arms and two legs.  Most people have hair (smiles), ears, eyes, a nose and mouth, hands and feet and well as all inner organs alike.  Of course, there are different sizes, colors, shapes and health in all humans, but for the most part, every human is exactly alike...right down to their Soul or Over-Soul.

Sure, some people have chosen to be more or less educated, more or less healthy, more or less attractive, more or less a certain color, but all humans in the most important ways, are exactly alike.  It is only the choice of Soul for a particular life experience that makes them appear one way or another.

Let's take it a step further.  All humans need water, air and love to live.  Of course some think they need food and shelter also, but that is not quite true. 

Many Breathairians, God Eaters or of the Ashwal Kanewal demonstrate that at least some humans do NOT need food.  Most people only THINK they do, so of course they do. 

What you think is what you are.

As for shelter, Mother Earth can provide that for you easily.  There are trees, caves, bushes and even holes in the ground that can provide shelter whenever it is needed.  Some people even find that they love sleeping under the stars without even a tent between them and that beautiful expression of All That Is.

What I would like to encourage all who are reading this today to do is to sit down and take some time to write out what you have in common with others.

Start with those who are humans of your same sex, then expand to those of the opposite sex.  After that write down what you have in common with land animals, sea creatures, insects, birds, trees and then rocks.

By the time you finish with this exercise, if you have executed it with true sincerity and a very open mind, is that you have more in common with all life than you ever realized. 

All aborigines, indigenous and native peoples have always known this.  This is why they speak to creatures, plants and even stones with love and respect.  They know that there is consciousness in all things and to communicate one need only to make a sincere attempt to do so.

Humans think that they are at the top of the food chain because they are the most intelligent.  This is not true.  Whales and Porpoises are both smarter than humans.  Their brains are not only larger but they use more of their brains than humans do.

I am also here to tell you that humans are only at the top of the food chain because they slaughter others to survive.  They need not do this.  Humans were not created to kill.  They were created to love.  They ARE love if they would just put aside all of the fear and rest in that love.  It's not a hard thing to do, once you have done it.

It is also known in the higher realms that animals and insects will stop killing once all humans have stopped killing.

Once you have put aside your fears and rested for even just a moment in the love of All That Is, you will not only realize that it is possible but that it is a desirable place to be... resting in the love of the Oneness of all life.

So, my Dear Ones, please carefully consider what I have spoken with you about today and change your lives by changing your attitudes about others.  See, feel and know your Oneness with all peoples and all things.

Everyone that you see as different from you today are in truth only different expressions of the same thing... LOVE.

With that I will leave you. 

I send my love to each and everyone of you, as well as my gratitude for your time and attention.

I am Mary.

This may be shared freely as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.

Dhyana Markley


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