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This is a series of lessons that is intended to cover many of the aspects of Ascension.  These lessons will be taught by female Ascended Masters of various Orders.  Although all of these Masters are balanced in the male and female aspects of their personalities, these individuals have chosen to manifest female bodies during this time in the continuum of All That Is. Please join us for our weekly lessons.

The following lesson was given on April 5, 2006 by Sehaji Master Lady Lemlet:

I am Lady Lemlet and today I would like to speak on the subject of fear.

In society today, not only in the United States but in many other countries around the world, fear is used as a tool to manipulate and control the masses.

Fear is programmed into the masses by way of television, radio, newspapers and even over the Internet.  In this way the controllers of Earth can manipulate peoples into actions against each other, causing chaos which diverts everyone's attention away from what the controllers are actually doing, probably to harm the masses in some way.  This is a an ancient technique Magicians use called "Slight of Hand".  In other words, one hand keeps the attention of the audience while the other hand hides something in the Magician's pocket, or hat or sleeve.

In fact, the more one watches television, reads or listens to media presentations without discernment, the more one is programmed to watch what the Magician's distracting hand is doing, therefore missing what is going on of more import.

What does this have to do with you today?  Everything!  Turn off your televisions, except for a few of your favorite programs, and the same goes for the radio.

Instead return to the peace and quiet of nature, of meals with your family talking about the events of the day.  Write your own books about your experiences in life and what you have learned or read what others have experienced and learned.  These things will lead you to Self-Realization and God-Consciousness.

I must add that you probably won't find much that will lead you to God-Realization in the churches on Earth either.  I know this will raise some brows but it is the truth. 

One will not find God within or without if one continues to give their power away to others, be it spiritual power, emotional power, mental powers or any of the basic power to express your free will in any and all situations as long as it does not harm another.  Personally I would add a bit more "as long as" and that would be as long as it is in the name of Sugmad  [a name for the God of this Universe]  and is for the good of the whole of Creation.  In that way you are not wasting any of your time and attention that might create karma, good or bad, for you and you can be assured that your actions will benefit All That Is.

Many religious leaders of today will tell you that you must follow their dictates because it says so in their holy book, sometimes written in a language that many of the followers cannot even read.  This is to insure that you believe everything they tell you and ask of you and to insure that you give your power over to them and do not ask too many hard questions or think too many things through by yourself.  If you do, they know they will lose their power over you.  And when you take your attention away from anything, you take your power back, and money is power and it, or they, will diminish.  If enough people withdraw support from them, they will literally disappear from your life.

What is interesting about that is that your actions of taking back your own power creates fear in those who were using fear to control you.  Talk about a balancing of karma!

Some say that fear is False Events Appearing Real and for the most part I agree with that statement.  However, I might add that there is an emotional energy that is created when something fearful is presented, that adds much power to the event.  It is that power that the manipulators feed upon.

My stenographer [Dhyana] was reminded just now of when she worked at a couple of the movie studios in Hollywood.  It was not unusual for her to see a monster sitting in the commissary eating lunch, especially when the makeup and costume took many hours to apply.  When faced with fearful monsters in her dream state, she used to remember that they were only false illusions and told them that they were a good monster but that they needed, perhaps, a little more blood or drool flowing from their mouth to be really scary.  In that way she was empowering herself.  She had seen through the illusion and was no longer fearful.  You can do that too. 

See through the illusions and look for the causes of why they were placed in your path in the first place.  Could it be that someone is using "Slight of Hand" on you and trying to use or misdirect your attention and power away from something they are trying to hide?

Perhaps your next question might be "Why?".  "Why should I get out of my easy chair and care about what is going on the in world.  I have no real power to change anything.  Besides, I'm getting up there in years and I'm too tired to fight the establishment."

I am assuming that if you are reading this lesson that you want to experience ascension while still living in your physical body.  This answers the big "Why?".  This opportunity has probably never or rarely been presented to you as an individual Soul, in any of your lives since leaving the Heart of Sugmad during the original Creation by Creator Source of All That Is, that is this Cosmos.  You are being presented with that opportunity NOW!  Are you going to let this grand, once in a lifetime, [multiple lifetimes] opportunity pass you by just because you want to watch hour after hour after hour after hour of television?

Ascension lessons can also be found within your relationships, all of your relationships, be they social, business, personal or even with acquaintances.  One need not go to great extremes, like travel to Tibet, India or South America, to have spiritual experiences.  You can have them here and now, in your own home, office or yard, even on the streets of a large city. 

Masters are everywhere just waiting for you to ask them for their help in guiding your next step.  [They will not help unless asked.]  A true Master doesn't want your power.  In fact, he or she will refuse it if you attempt to give your power away to them or worship them in any way.  That is how you can tell if you are working with a true spiritual Master. 

True Masters have their own power.  They don't need yours.  They are already connected to the great creative All That Is and want for nothing.  They have no fears so no one can intimidate them.  They have no needs because they can instantly create anything that they need.  They have no guilt, because they understand the roles they have played and the lessons they have learned in their own ascension process and forgiven themselves and others for perceived harm to them.  This has brought them wisdom and ascension and they are grateful for those lessons.

Not everyone wants to ascend and become a living Master, but for those of you who do, I respectfully suggest that you turn off your negative news, harmful music, radio and television sets and get back to focusing on your family, your friends and your own spiritual unfoldment.  I also suggest that you eat foods that are better for you, but that's a subject for another day.

With that, I bid you a good day and thank you for sharing your time with me.  I am Lady Lemlet.

This may be shared freely as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.

Dhyana Markley


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