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This is a series of lessons that is intended to cover many of the aspects of Ascension.  These lessons will be taught by female Ascended Masters of various Orders.  Although all of these Masters are balanced in the male and female aspects of their personalities, these individuals have chosen to manifest female bodies during this time in the continuum of All That Is. Please join us for our weekly lessons.

The following lesson was given on October 17, 2007 by 
Sehaji Master Lady Lemlet:

I am Lemlet and today I would like to speak to you about the horrors of war and the dark side.

Please do not think that I am asking you to give your attention to the dark by reading this article.  Dhyana has already told me that she will delete it if she feels it will create fear and give the dark power.  But I would like to more clearly define the dark so that it can be better understood for its role in the lives of those living in the lower worlds, below the First Grand Division.

Believe it or not, the dark play a very important role in the education of All That Is about ITself, by way of you, those sparks of God who do the actual experiencing and learning so that Creator God might better know ITself.

War is horrible.  There is no question or debate about that.  Yet, much is learned about the Self and man himself by way of wars.

Examples:  There are many things worth fighting for, such as peace;
An individual will often find themselves doing heroic things when challenged in a wartime situation;
A Soul who as always been peaceful might feel it needs to experience the other side, the side as a warrior; etc.

Since each individual is unique, the lessons learned have been almost endless just from the creation of wars. 

However, the time for wars is now at an end.

All of the lessons have been learned regarding the dark on the out-breath of God, and it is now time to return to the Heart of Creator God on ITs in-breath.  The return does NOT include many more wars, at least not on Earth.

Sure, there will be some small skirmishes around the Universe before all are once again secure within the Heart of Creator God, but these will be minute as compared to the wars of the past.

The dark has served an important role and I ask that you consider expressing your gratitude to those individuals who have, it may be considered, sacrificed themselves to help give you these many, valuable lessons that only a true antagonist could give.

Some of the individuals of the dark have totally forgotten that they too have that spark of Creator God that connects them to the light.  Can you imagine how much fear is created within them?  The dark minions are even kept in tow by their superiors by fear.  They are threatened with loss of loved ones, health, life and finances all of the time if they do not do what their dark leaders demand of them.

Now, I am not asking for sympathy for them.  They took on these roles with at least some degree of awareness.  But I am asking that you be compassionate and understanding.  As a creator yourself within the Group Conscious of this planet and within the lower worlds, your thoughts, actions and inactions have helped to create the world in which you live by letting this happen, wars I mean and the tyranny of the dark.

As many of you are starting to realize, it is essential to forgive so that healing may happen.  And one thing I think we can all agree on is that Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants, especially the humans, need to be healed.  Once humanity is healed it can help heal all of the rest.

Healing old patterns and ways of thinking and acting must happen before true ascension can fully happen.  You must get rid of the old that no longer serves you, before you can be empty enough to receive the new.

Now, I am NOT saying to kill or harm anything or anyone in your process of ridding yourself of the old and no longer useful, but I am saying that you may have to walk away from a job, friend or even lover or mate who is not going in the same direction as you are.  Judge not where they are but allow them to be that which they need to be so that they too can ascend, each in their own way.

Each individual subconsciously knows what he or she needs to do to continue on their individual road to ascension, so there's not even any real reason to be sad at your parting, if you find you need to part with someone.  If you choose, you can meet up again at some other time, possibly in some other dimension, and laugh about how seriously you took your relationship breakup that lifetime back on Earth.

So, no one is going to be left behind, no matter what some of the doomsayers tout.  Each individual will find him/herself exactly
where he/she needs to be. 

So don't worry!  Sit yourself back in your chair and smile!  Everything really IS in Divine Hands and everything IS going to turn out great!  It can't help but turn out great because we are all now riding upon the In-Breath of Creator God.

And, as I said, believe it or not, the dark has helped all to ascend.

I am Lemlet and am very grateful that you have shared your time
with me this day.


This may be shared freely as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.

Dhyana Markley


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