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This is a series of lessons that is intended to cover many of the aspects of Ascension.  These lessons will be taught by female Ascended Masters of various Orders.  Although all of these Masters are balanced in the male and female aspects of their personalities, these individuals have chosen to manifest female bodies during this time in the continuum of All That Is. Please join us for our weekly lessons.

The following lesson was given on November 28, 2007 by Sehaji Master Lady Kata Daki:

Good day.  I am Kata Daki and today I would like to speak with you about trusting the God Source within.

In this turbulent time, it is not only desirable but absolutely necessary for everyone to be in constant touch with their God Source within.  I am talking about that spark of God that resides within each and every souled being.

It is easy to be frightened if you have not developed a working relationship with your higher self or with the Angels, Guides and Masters around you.  They are there to help you get through anything, any situation in your life, but you must ASK them for their help and you must listen to their advice if you want their help. 

As with any communication, if you ask for help then constantly ignore good advice, the adviser will stop making themselves available to help.  Some people just ask for help because they want the attention.  It is a way of manipulating people.

That being said, the purpose of this lesson today is to encourage you to start acting like the Masters you are and start taking responsibility for your own life... spiritual life as well as physical life. Neither the Masters nor the members of the Galactic Federation will do the work that you came here to do, for you.

One of the first and most basic steps is to make the effort to communicate with your higher self and others telepathically.  Now, I don't want to hear the words:  "I can't do it."  "I don't know how."
Yes, you do!

It is as easy as talking with your mouth open.  You did it when you were a child, before your parents or someone told you that you couldn't possibly be doing that, you can do it now.

You must make the intent.
You must make effort every day to manifest this ability.
Perhaps you can get a friend or two and start with a deck of cards and ask that each of you in turn "guess" what the card is that the other two are telepathically trying to tell you it is.  Get creative!

Practice with children.  They are much more receptive to the idea of telepathy than most adults.  And why not?  They more recently came from an area in the other worlds where they always spoke telepathically.

And I don't want to hear your fears about telepathy.
"But someone might send me messages and try to take over my mind!"
How would you ever know?
Most of you who would drum up a fear like that are already under mind control from your televisions, music and advertising. 
I'm trying to get you to be in control of what goes into your mind and eventually what comes out of it.

Now it IS essential that you develop your psychic skills, the natural skills that you were born with but which the churches brainwashed many of you into believing were evil workings of the devil.

First of all, there is no devil, there are only people who "choose" to express their energy in a negative way or a positive way and usually it is in both ways at some time or another.  We all do that.  That is how we learn.  So if anyone is a devil, we all are, and that includes all of the priests and clergy who told you that poppycock.

The churches don't want you to have any psychic abilities like telepathy because you would quickly surpass their ability to hide the truth from you.  In the higher worlds everyone is telepathic and no one can hide anything from anybody.  Everybody's clothes are hung out on the line to dry, panties and everything.

So you see, what you will be doing when you make an effort to develop your own natural spiritual abilities, is getting yourself ready to be an honored member of the societies of the higher vibrational realms.

Honesty is the name of the game.  There will be no more lying or deceit.  A liar will not only be spotted by his or her sneaky thoughts but also by the colors in their auras.

It is time to get busy, my brothers and sisters. 
This time is like no other.  In past times you could wait to take your next
step.  You could delay things, sometimes for years.  That was then.
This is NOW.
Now things are different.  If you fiddle faddle around too long now, you might get left at the train station.

Again, I come back to "HOW?"
Get a friend who is like-thinking and create some situations where you agree to communicate telepathically.  In the beginning it is good to be physically together.  Later, as you get better at knowing each other's vibrations, you can try long distance telepathy.  You will learn that it is no more difficult than short distance telepathy.  The key is locking in on a person's vibration... getting to know what they "feel" like vibrationally.

Start simply.  Don't make it too hard or complicated.
Set up a regular day and time to do this work.  After awhile your body will come to "expect" that you are going to telepathically communicate and it will start the process early.

If you are late for work or a party or meeting friends, send them all telepathic messages that you will be running a little late.  When you do get together with them, see which ones got your message.  They would be good ones to ask to work with you and develop your skills.

Dhyana would like to share some of her experiences with telepathy.

When I first started being actively telepathic, I found that I would think the words I was going to say before I telepathically thought them to a person.  Of course, the person I was talking to would tell me that I already told them that a moment ago.  I was so use to monitoring my own spoken words, that I kept doing it for awhile when I no longer needed to or even could.
I found also that I needed to BE a better person by thinking more kind thoughts than I was as a speaking person.  Now, when I am not kind or think unkind thoughts, the Masters always understand why, always before I figure it out for myself.
Okay, back to Kata.

Thank you, Dhyana.
She made some very good points.  We are very understanding of the fact that you do not always think or act in a kind way.  We know that many of you are frightened by the way you treat each other in your world and you can sometimes lash out or lash back at those you think are unkind to you.

Also, there is a learning curve when you realize that you no longer have any privacy about anything.  All of those religious and social no nos that forbid you to dance, enjoy sex, pick your nose or whatever, will go right out of the window.  They are only used to control you. 

Perhaps there was a time a few million years ago when souled beings were out of control or didn't understand much of anything, but that is certainly not the case now.  The only people now who don't know anything are the people who don't WANT to know anything.

I would also like to point out to you that you were made out of Love and Love is what you truly are.  Your most natural state is to love and trust of  each other... not fighting and complaining that you aren't getting your way in every situation.

When you really start working on being telepathic and connecting not only with your higher self but with the higher self of others, you will find that you will correct those self-indulgent thoughts, words and actions that you use to allow yourself, because you just wanted to and because everyone else did.  That is no longer a good enough reason. 

You are a Lighted Souled Being and it is time you acted like one!

It was okay for you to be a bit asleep until now, but things have changed and it is time for you to step up and fulfill the obligations that you signed on for.  We expect it of you and you will be very disappointed when you pass over to the other side in death, if you did not at least make a good effort to accomplish your Life Plan and its goals.

With that, I have given you enough to ponder for awhile.
I, as well as your other brothers and sisters, your family, look forward to being with you again, whenever destiny provides.

I am Kata Daki and I thank you for sharing this time with me today.


This may be shared freely as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.

Dhyana Markley


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